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Maintain your assets easily with one of the best ERP software for Asset Management

ERPNext is a one-stop solution for managing all your assets, be it IT infrastructure, purchase of equipment, disposal of equipment etc. all these can be managed in one central system. ERPNext provides you with a feature-rich experience so you can manage your assets effortlessly. 

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Asset Lifecycle Management

Asset Lifecycle is one place where you can find all the information that you need w.r.t to an Asset. When you purchase or receive an asset the lifecycle for that asset will be initiated and the asset lifecycle will have all the information you need for that asset like, status, custodian, location, warranty information, insurance information, depreciation schedule, asset transfer information, scraping, selling of asset, asset movement etc.

Asset Lifecycle Management ERP Dubai - ERPNext
Asset Inventory Management ERPNext Dubai

Asset Inventory Management

ERPNext has integrated asset inventory management features where all the information about your assets can be managed easily. Whenever you purchase an asset the system automatically creates an asset record based on the information from the item master. Information stored in the asset record will be used for data-driven decisions based on availability, location and much more.

Asset Purchases

Asset procurement happens through purchase receipts or purchase invoices. ERPNext automatically creates a record for each asset based on the information that is stored in the item master. Asset procuring and managing is simplified with one-time configuration and all the asset details like schedule, insurance, depreciation methods can be updated with a few clicks.  

Asset Purchases ERPNext UAE
Asset Selling ERPNext Peniltech

Asset Selling

Asset selling is made easy with just a few clicks. The system will create and maintain all the journal entries quickly and seamlessly when an asset is sold and avoiding the overhead of maintaining accounts.

Automated Asset Depreciation

ERPNext’s asset management software provides you with capabilities to configure depreciation schedules for different asset categories. Once configured the system will do all the depreciation amount or dates calculation and create asset accounting entries removing the effort of manual entries.

Automated Asset Depreciation ERPNext Dubai
Asset Scrapping ERPNext UAE

Asset Scrapping

Our Asset Management software will allow you to scrap an asset that is no longer needed with just one click and also maintains the accounting entries for them.

Asset Value Re-Adjustment

Whenever there is a sudden rise or drop in the value of an asset, Asset Value Adjustment feature will record it and create journal entries for them. Depreciation amounts for the asset will be recalculated based on the new re-adjusted values.

Asset Value Re-Adjustment ERPNext Partner
Customize On-The-Fly ERPNext Dealer

Customize On-The-Fly

ERPNext’s allows you to create your custom open-source asset management software, where you can have custom fields and forms to map the data that is important to you. With a single line of code, you can customize the behaviour of the forms through auto-populating values, hidden fields based on user roles.

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