Top & Best Property Management Software in UAE 2024

Our market-leading property management software in the UAE is a tried-and-true solution for large, small, and medium-sized real estate enterprises in Dubai, with more than a decade of real estate company expertise and thousands of satisfied customers.

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All-in-One Tenant Management Solution

The Software helps property management companies become more efficient and profitable by ensuring guaranteed ROI and allows you to define a workflow.

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We have recently purchased Property Management Software from Penieltech, really very nice and friendly customer service
Aug 10, 2018
Makes the implementation easier and more accurate. Good team with great experience and the best after-sales support.
Aug 10, 2022
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Property Management Software Review
The customer service is very helpful and supportive. Also to add that they were quick in their response.
June 28, 2022
  • Easy

    1. Usability

    TMS is the best property management software. There is no need for pricey training, and it is simple to learn. The tool is adaptable enough to meet all the current needs of property owners or landlords.

  • Highly

    2. Scalable

    It is a potent property management tool in the UAE that enhances your property administration by eliminating manual processes. It includes features such as Dashboard, check-in and check-out, report, reminder, expense entry, master, etc.

  • Advanced

    Reporting and Analytics

    With the help of this software, you can provide data to produce timely, useful reports. We provide specially made software. It makes it easier for you to design your unique report.

  • Possible

    4. Integration

    TMS offers the ability to integrate with other tools. With this integration, you may also update your tenant or property data in our system.

Best Real Estate Property Management Software in Dubai, UAE for 2024

Our priority is our clients and always has been. Clients prefer Peniel for the excellence of our products, the folks behind those products, and the solidity of an experienced company. Our pioneering enterprise solutions are succeeded in today's complex business needs. We at Peniel continue to grow and develop products to match the client requirements and the ever-changing technology landscape along with helping you to achieve your goals.

If you are a real estate expert looking for an innovative technique to manage your rental business, expand your portfolio, and streamline your operations, we at Peniel offer you such software that can endow you with a huge benefit. Ask Free Demo of the Best Real Estate Software in Dubai, UAE. Elate Real Estate - Cloud-Based Property Management Software in Dubai, Ajman, UAE for real estate businesses. Best Property Management Software in Dubai, UAE.

Perfect Real Estate Management Solution!

Real Estate Software Dubai

With more than a decade of real estate business experience and thousands of happy customers, our market-leading Property Management software in UAE is a proven and trusted premise to large, small, and medium-sized real estate companies in Dubai.

Our tenant management system Dubai is a powerful application that enables property agencies and agents to expand their business swiftly by hunting and handling perfect clients.

Our software is purposefully created to market, systematize, and manage business processes flawlessly involved in the real estate industry. It is extensive software that can commendably support your business and intend cost-effective solutions.

Property management software Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain UAE- Save time and effort with our best property management software and CRM property management solution.

software for real estate Dubai, UAE

Complete Property Management Software Dubai

Complete Property Management Software Dubai Our Property Management software UAE guarantees company growth and is organized to meet the requirements of real estate activities of your organization that can be fine-tuned to perform from anywhere in the world. It comprises Property Lease, Financials, and Asset Management, specifically intended and developed to overcome the dynamic dilemma faced by the Real Estate sector.

TMS (tenant management Software UAE) features an exclusive data structure that acclimates to your business with potent web tools allowing organizations to drive online in the shortest timeframe with the most cost-effective model. We at Peniel Technology LLC comprehend the worth of your valuable data hence we architect our solution to ensure your information resides at your premises.

It also compromises a quick and reliable platform to accomplish analytical requirements and report when required. You may Ask for rental property management software at the best price in UAE.

Tenant Management System Dubai, UAE

30% Off - Leading Real Estate Property Management Solution

Dashboard of TMS

The Tenant Management Software dashboard provides you with a search view where you may look up the building’s size, and types. Additionally, you will learn the percentage of occupied and unoccupied space. Additionally, the dashboard provides a detailed overview of all payments, including those that are pending, bounced, on hold, cleared, and canceled.

Along with this, the dashboard has a section for reminders where you may discover sections for notifications, contracts that have expired or ended, and check-out requests.

Our software was specifically developed to promote, organize, and flawlessly manage business activities related to the real estate sector.

Tenant Management System Dubai


TMS has a component for tenant checks-in, where you may choose the tenant, building, apartment, and receipt date. You can also provide the referrer number, the dates, and the total rent.

There is also a section for payments where you can choose the type of payment, the mode, the date, the name, the cheque number, the bank, and the amount. and you may use the attach file option to upload any image there.

It is a comprehensive piece of software that can admirably support your company and aim for low-cost fixes.

Tenant Management System UAE

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Best Residential and Commercial Property Management Software in Dubai, UAE

Check Out

You will see fresh check-out requests in the TMS’s checkout area. You can choose the renter, the requested date, and also the check-out date using this option. Since there are two boxes for total rent and rent received, any unpaid balance will be displayed in the payment area. Additionally, you can choose an additional payment option and see its kind, description, and amount.

For the final payment, an additional column is provided with four sections, including the payable amount, receivable amount, paid amount, and the amount received. You can select options in the clearing mode such as payment clearance, final bill and clearance, unit inspection, and landlord NOC. The remark can also be added in the remark area.

best property management software in uae

Expense Entry

With the help of TMS software, you can make an expense entry. In the expense entry area of TMS, you can choose the building, unit, tenant, date, as well as expense types (maintenance, insurance, utility charges, and taxes).

Moreover, you will get the expense amount along with the remark section to add the remarks. You can add the expense where you spent it with the aid of this software. Recording all the expenses will be simple.

best property management software in dubai


This software has a reporting tool that allows you to create reports for tenants, buildings, units, and other entities. You can create tenant-wise, building- or unit-specific reports here.

Here, you can record the beginning and ending dates of the rental agreement. It will also display the total amount of rent due as well as any outstanding payments. You can submit a report by choosing a building, tenant, or unit.

From there, you can enter the tenant and the apartment, as well as the rent amounts that are due and owing. Once you have entered the payment information, the balance will be displayed.

Additionally, Our tenant management system in Dubai is a potent tool that enables real estate brokers and agents to quickly grow their businesses by managing their clients.

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All-in-One Real Estate Property Management Solution

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Master - Buildings - Units

Buildings: This section will help you to add the information for a new building in the master area. You must include the building name, location, and address, as well as the flat and premise numbers. You can use this function to enter the information of any new building if you need to provide that building as a rental.

The master feature has two options: new buildings, where you can add information, and all buildings, where you may access information about all buildings.

Units: You can add information about new units using this option. By entering the address and location, you may add it here.


You will be reminded in the reminder section of any expiring contracts, expired contracts, or check-out requests. Along with the dashboard part, there is a reminder portion.

Any notification you have received is seen here. In the appropriate column, you can see contracts that are ending or have expired along with the tenant name, date, and unit.

Commercial property management software

Master - Tenant - Expense types

Tenant: You can manage the details of new tenants by adding their names using this master option. With the use of this program, you may manage every renter and their data without having to keep track of them all by memory.

Expense types: Property management expenses include property management, taxes, maintenance, insurance, and utility charges.

They also include costs incurred in managing the underlying asset. In this section, you may keep track of all these expenses.

Property management software for small landlords

Easy & Smart Property Management Software in Dubai, UAE

Property Management Software in Dubai, Ajman, UAE, PMS in UAE, PMS Dubai Property CRM Software Dubai i.e CRM for Properties is a Property Management System in Dubai to manage all kinds of properties like apartments, villas, hotels, land, and building. Leading Real Estate and Property management Software in Dubai, UAE and all over the Middle East.

Customizable & easy to use Property Management Software for landlords & real estate agents. Manage property rentals, sales, tenants & maintenance Manage properties the way you want with all in one property management software. Rapid start. Flexible. Easy to learn and use. Data consistency. Industries: Retail, Commercial (commercial property management software), Industrial.

Elate TMS is a cloud-based property management system.

  • Do not miss the notification of any ending or expired contracts
  • View the detailed payment overview.
  • Observe the ratio of occupied to vacant space.
  • Check-in details of tenants.
  • Check-out information.
  • Records of pending payments.
  • Records of expense.

Our market-leading property management software in the UAE is a tried-and-true solution for large, small, and medium-sized real estate enterprises in Dubai, with more than a decade of real estate company expertise and thousands of satisfied customers.

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Property Management Software for Small Landlords

With the appropriate property management software in Dubai, UAE you would be manage security deposits, tenant payments, tenant documentation

Real Estate Software For Construction Companies And Property Owners In UAE, Elate PMS/TMS – Real estate management software in UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi) with comprehensive advanced modules. Real estate software allows owners to manage accounts, contacts, leads, sales orders & many more things.

CRM Software in Ajman

Trending Tenant Management Solution For 2024

How The Real Estate Management Software is Benefitted?

We are trustworthy suppliers of all sorts of accounting software in UAE, Oman, Bahrain, and all over the Middle East. Our main objective is to organize, strategize and implement solutions to your business with Tally Prime ERP 9, Intuit QuickBooks UAE, Sage 50 US, Sage 50 UK, Sage 100, Sage 300, Elate CRM, Elate HRMS, and Elate POS, ERPNext, Property Management Software etc. We are the exclusive distributor of Elate HRMS in UAE, Oman, and Bahrain. Here are some of the Best Property Management Software in the UAE

Easy and Flexible

Tenant Management Software UAE is easy to learn and there’s no requirement to have expensive training. The tool is flexible enough to bump into all the present requirements of landlords or property owners

Real-Time Precision

Property management software Dubai boosts the mode you commune with your tenants. It enables you to allocate information with them swiftly and evidently through communication tools both automated and manual.

Quick Access

The software is crafted with quickness and a database that can accommodate any bulk data to assist you better without conceding the quality of work.

Highly Security

The most required characteristic in real estate management software in Dubai, UAE is data security. The software has access authorization in order to avoid information disclosure.

Customer Support

Our professionals will resolve your problem and direct you throughout the process. At your ease, email us, utilize the chat facility, or call us on the support number. We promise to support international standards and integrated technical support all through the problem to resolve your issues anytime.

Trended as the Best property management software in UAE, Dubai and all over the Middle East for 2021 & 2022. Looking for Property Management System in Dubai? Our Property Management software will help you to manage all kinds of properties as well as third parties for buy, sell, rent, or lease.


Know more about Property Management Software
Property Management Software is a Software using in Real Estate business sector by Property Management companies and Landlords. This software helps to manage the tenants, occupant & Vacant Flats or Properties ,their expenses, Income etc and also various reporting and accounting tools are available in such softwares.
Property Management or Tenant Management Software are the major software using in the real estate Industry. Elate TMS is one of the best software preferred by UAE Property Managers.
Landlord Software is nothing but a Property or Tenant Management Software. Elate TMS & ERPNext Property Management are the most preferred Property Management Software in UAE and Middle East.
In order to avoid complex & time consuming process, Managing Tenants, addressing tenant’s issues and Tracking cost it is a great idea to having a Property Management Software. Elate TMS is one of the best selling Property Management Software in UAE
  • 1. Self storage Management is an industry that rent out storage spaces such as rooms, lockers, containers or outdoor space. It is also known as "storage units or self-service storage ," to tenants, usually on a short-term basis often month to month.
  • 2. Commercial Property Management: A commercial property manager handles non-residential properties like offices, retail spaces, warehouses, shopping centers and industrial buildings.
  • 3. Recreational Property or land management: This includes the management of properties such as resorts, sports fields, marinas, RV parks or Caravan Park, campsites, and more.
  • 4. Asset management: Asset Management is a process of operating and managing physical assets.
  • Elate Property Management Software is the perfect solution for property management with better user experience and high security.
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