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Patient Repository

In Healthcare ERP System, you can generate a patient folder for any individual who opts for your healthcare services. It saves essential information for every patient and can be handy to everyone in one place.

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Healthcare Practitioners

ERPNext allows you to form numerous practitioners that include doctors, nurses, etc. These can be linked to their apt access permissions. Each person can be linked to their employee records, which allow employees access to their leaves, payroll, and other important data.

Practitioner Schedule

Configure the accessibility of healthcare practitioners with the help of ERPNext's physician schedule. Block the patient’s appointments within each practitioner's schedule.

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Patient Appointments

You can eliminate the error of double booking as it offers visibility of every practitioner's schedule. Automate notification emails can be sent to the patient after booking a consultation.

Document Storage

It is necessary to preserve various reports, notes, and data for each patient. In spite of using third-party storage apps, you can utilize ERPNext's file attachments to accumulate multimedia documents with different formats such as text, PDFs, and reports to images or videos.

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Patient History

You can easily see the lifecycle of a patient’s records with the patient history report. Easily access primary details, allergies, past medications, patient interactions with doctors, and much more.


You can send an email to your patients about their schedule, medication, or follow-ups. The response will be automatically obtained into the email thread that keeps all communication in one place.

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Patient Encounters

You can record every encounter with patients using ERPNext Dubai. You can generate a patient encounter, depending upon the earlier booked appointment, or by straight away creating a new patient encounter. Every patient-related detail will be automatically occupied, along with the most recent essential signs, patient records, and other significant information.


ERPNext's configurable print format builder makes it simple to format the prescription. It is stunning, perfect formatting at your disposal with this effortlessly configurable tool.

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Clinical Procedures

ERPNext UAE helps you in plotting clinical procedures such as injury cleaning, ultrasonography, endoscopy, or surgery. It allows you to preconfigured clinical process templates by setting up default properties like consumables.

Medicines and Equipment

ERPNext offers a real-time outlook of availability, stock levels, stock relocation, and more. You can scan barcodes for fast search through your stock of medical apparatus, drugs, resources, and more.

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Billing and Pricing

Process the bills faster with custom print format templates with the help of ERPNext. You can easily send payment requests and email or SMS notifications to the patients.

Automated Stock Replenishment

Track an item's reorder level so you never go out of stock. ERPNext will automatically create a material request when the stock level goes below the reorder level. This assists you refill inventory at the right time and diminishing the odds of stock exhaustion.

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On-The-Fly Customizations

You can create your own healthcare ERP software and record the essential information by creating custom fields in your forms. You can modify form behavior by automatically fetching values, hiding fields depending on user roles, and generating custom print formats with no single line of code.

Supplier Self help Portal

Through self help portals suppliers can submit quotation requests, access their purchase orders and receipts for their ongoing order. You can also verify and approve the invoices raised by suppliers for completed orders.

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