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Hardware & Networking Services

Hardware Services Dubai, UAE

We provide the Hardware Components and Installation for your office needs. All the hardware needed for your office to work smoothly will be provided by us and it will be maintained also by us. Any hardware ranging from laptops, IP phones, laptops, monitors, graphics cards will be provided and installed by us. You can also opt for an annual maintenance contract from us by which we will do regular visits to your office for your desktop maintenance. We deal with a wide variety of products like Desktop PC, Laptops, Keyboards, Mouse, Projectors, monitors, printer, printer cartridges and toner, IP phones, routers, servers, VPN hardware and many more.

Get the best laptops/ Desktops which are customized to your needs. You can contact us with the details of the

  • Your Brand preference
  • Processor model (e.g. Core i3, i5, i7, i9, Ryzen 7, etc.)
  • HDD, SSD, NVMe m.2 (storage preference)
  • Ram size
  • Graphic Cards (NVidia, Radeon) with its model name and size (2/4/6/8 GB)

We also have provided good support, pre-installation, and post-installation. As Computer Hardware Dealer in Dubai, we set up the whole system, do the needed installations and wiring and make sure that you are prepared for the business landscape. Being a Computer Distributor and Computer accessories distributor in Dubai, any problems faced by you after installation of the hardware will be solved by our support team swiftly. Get Best Hardware and Networking Services in Dubai, UAE.

Hardware Services

Get in touch with us to buy the latest computers, laptops, printers and other peripherals.

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Server Installation

Server Installation Services Dubai, UAE

Easily set-up your server at your office with the help of our engineers. With the help of our highly experienced technicians, we will get your servers running. Providing server solutions in UAE and Dubai like server installation services for small business and medium scale business who don’t have experienced workforce for server installation and management, we set it up for you.

Peniel Tech also helps you manage your technology expenses with a variety of flexible service options for your desktops. Services include hardware maintenance & support, software support, new technology deployment, remote office support and more. We also offer Annual Maintenance Contracts.

The world now revolves around the pulse of the web world and so even if your site went down for a few minutes, there are chances that you will lose a potential customer. And recurring server downtime will drag away your existing customers to your competitors.

  • File Server
  • Program & Database Server
  • Active Directory /LDAP Server
  • Email Server
  • Cloud / Virtualization Server
  • Backup / Redundant Server
  • Antivirus Server
  • Storage Server
  • Server and firewall solution in Dubai
  • Server and Storage solution

We also give Server Setup & Configuration in Dubai, Network server setup and configuration along with other services.

Setting up your office network and server is just one click away.

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Networking Services Dubai, UAE

The IT infrastructure in your office plays an important role in your business, in other words, computer networking is the core of your technology infrastructure. Peniel Tech, the best network solution company in UAE, offers you a highly secure and reliable IT infrastructure at an affordable price. Our well trained and highly qualified professionals integrate advanced technologies and make your network faster, stable and security

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Networking Services
Printer Dealers in Dubai

Printer Dealers in Dubai

We are printer supplier of all brands and types across Dubai and UAE. If you are looking for a Dubai Printer shop online, then we are the right company and we will give you the right price and quality product. We deal with printers of all brands and types like LaserJet printer, inkjet printer, color printers, and Black & White printers. We supply printers in wholesale value for organizations and institutions. Along with the printers we also give Printer Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) and other value-added services. As Dubai printer supplier, we will help you get the best models at reasonable prices and quality products.

We deal with

  • HP Printers
  • Epson Printers
  • Xerox Printers

You can get these printers for your business organization now. Printers that are ideal for large scale printing, office printing are available. We also provide printers that are fast in printing, able to do cheque printing, be silent at the same time and connected to the local wifi. The toner or the ink cartridge of the printer also will be supplied by us and maintained in the AMC.

We also give

  • HP Printer support
  • Epson Printer Support
  • Xerox Printer Support

To avail of the support and benefits, contact us now. We will ensure that all your printing issues and requirements are satisfied.