Best ERP Systems for the Agriculture & Farming Industry 2024

Manage your fields with the complete ERP software solution for Agriculture Industry

ERPNext features for recording and tracking crop cycles, locations, diseases, and fertilizers can help you manage your agriculture business.

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70+ Analysis Criteria

ERPNext includes various criteria for analysis and reporting such as humidity, precipitation, mineral levels, and temperature.

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Manage your crops

You can record all responsibilities associated with managing your crops. It can include large tasks like plowing to picking and minor but essential facts like crop and row spacing. It can describe the timeline for each activity and then accumulate the resources essential and by-products formed as a result.

Crop Cycle

Produce custom cycles, whether for planting, irrigation, or reaping. You can add locations where every cycle is taking place. It can note any diseases and the actions to fight them will be fetched into the crop cycle.

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You can easily outline your fields and record the whole region of the field and the land will be visible on the map. You can also generate parent locations such as states if you do have lands in numerous locations.


Diseases are avoidable while cultivating crops, but they happen at times. Taking suitable measures to control them quickly is essential for a healthy yield. With the help of open-source agriculture ERP software you can swiftly record all the tasks to be done and the time required.

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Fertilizers are essential to cultivating a high-quality yield. You can record all your fertilizers and their elements with the help of Agriculture ERP Software in UAE.

Plant Analysis

Record the collection, testing, and result time to analyze the crops in the specified location. It can also record the plant contents with definite, least, and maximum values to sense any variance.

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agro wateranalysis erpnext dubai

Water Analysis

You can effortlessly track water analysis in ERPNext. It helps in recording water contents with the collection, testing, and result time. You can also record definite, least, and maximum values to sense any variance.

Soil Analysis

Open-source agriculture ERP offers to track soil analysis. It can record soil gathering, testing, and result in time, then plot soil contents with definite, least, and maximum values.

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Soil Texture

Whether you plow sand or mud, soil or loam, document the contents of the soil in your terrain. You can have the minute information like organic substance content and thickness.


With the help of ERPNext Dubai, you can record the field temperature, degree days, pressure, dampness, rainfall, and other aspects for all the locations.

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agro sales purchase erpnext

Sales and Purchase

Manage your buyer subscription billing life cycle with ERPNext. By invoicing your clients you can track receivable payments with payment requests through email and SMS reminders. You can also generate custom print templates for bills and set up defaults to routing the transactions quicker.

Billing and Pricing

The agriculture business is not just about the fields. You can use our selling and purchase modules to document sales and purchase orders and bills..

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agro customize erpnext dubai

On-The-Fly Customizations

You can create your own agriculture ERP software and record the essential information by creating custom fields in your forms. You can modify form behavior by automatically fetching values, hiding fields depending on user roles, and generating custom print formats with no single line of code.

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