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Dedicated Server Hosting in Dubai, UAE.

Easily set-up your server at your office with the help of our engineers. With the help of our highly experienced technicians, we will get your servers running. Providing server solutions in UAE and Dubai like server installation services for small business and medium scale business who don’t have experienced workforce for server installation and management, we set it up for you. We also provide a dedicated server in Dubai for various use.

We provide Dell Server in Dubai, HP server in Dubai

We also give Server Setup & Configuration in Dubai, Network server setup and configuration along with other services.

  • File Server
  • Program & Database Server
  • Active Directory /LDAP Server
  • Email Server
  • Cloud / Virtualization Server
  • Backup / Redundant Server
  • Antivirus Server
  • Storage Server
  • Server and firewall solution in Dubai
  • Server and Storage solution
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Dedicated Server provider uae
Networking Services in Dubai, UAE

Dell & HP Server Distributor in Dubai, UAE

Peniel Tech also helps you manage your technology expenses with a variety of flexible service options for your desktops. Services include hardware maintenance & support, software support, new technology deployment, remote office support and more. We also offer Annual Maintenance Contracts.

We also provide Firewall protection for server in Dubai and in UAE. We will configure the server for various functions with the firewall configurations and other security features.

The world now revolves around the pulse of the web world and so even if your site went down for a few minutes, there are chances that you will lose a potential customer. And recurring server downtime will take away your existing customers to your competitors.

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