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ERPNext software for the manufacturing industry simplifies the manufacturing cycle, assists in tracking material consumption, displays schedules, takes care of subcontracting, and much more!

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Bill of material (BOM)

A bill of material is at the core of any cloud manufacturing software, and a precise BOM guarantees robustness and exactness. ERPNext's BOM is categorized, with the completed product at the top. It also comprises product codes, part descriptions, capacities, prices, and added specifications.

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Shop floor management

Operations and workstations feature help you automatically capture everyday activities on your shop floor. Analysis of the real-time status of the work being done to create products, the site of every workstation, employee assignments, and each order's existing status and awaiting steps.


Does your business engage in outsourcing processes to a dealer? The subcontracting feature in ERPNext delivers and tracks raw materials and operations with ease. Finished goods are valued on the grounds of the price of raw materials and procured services.

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Item variants

ERPNext for the manufacturing industry stores the primary item as an item template, and every variation is stored as an item variant. It stores any feature, such as color or shape, for every item variant.

Batched inventory

You can manage batched items easily with ERPNext's integrated inventory feature. Its real-time outlook of product accessibility maintains batch manufacturing dates, ending dates, and other details. You can smoothly scan products barcodes with your gadget camera to swiftly search through the stock and make a data-driven conclusion.

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Serialized inventory

ERPNext UAE will automatically create serial numbers to uniquely identify units for new stock. You can even scan product barcodes through your device camera for trouble-free search through all your supply.

Material resource planning

ERPNext will show every feature of your MRP for work orders against sales or material requirements. You can also track material consumption of sequential or batched records to limit expenses and attain nill wasted resources.

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Capacity planning

Enhances your workstations based on the resources available for open production orders. Recognize and eradicate bottlenecks at the shop-floor level by generating a capacity plan. Maintain and manage planning schedules for a predefined period of time with the help of ERPNext Dubai.

Multiple units of measure

Want to measure materials exactly the way you want? You can set conversion aspects in the Item master itself and enable smooth sales, purchase, and stock dealings.

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quick stock balance report

Speedy stock balance

Access stock balance report quickly to accomplish stock audits to verify stock at the warehouse for warehouse management. Simply scan a barcode with any device and start counting.

Stock renewal

You can prevent the out-of-stock issue with the help of ERPNext. By tracking an item's reorder level, you can get to know the stock level. ERPNext will automatically generate a material request by replenishing inventory at right time and diminishing the chances of stock collapse.

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