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Manage sales orders, stocks, Inventory levels, Customers, dealers, shipments, and deliverables with an open source Sales & Purchase Management ERPNext.

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Item Variants

ERPNext enables you to manage various products with different keeping the primary variant as an item template and other variations as item variant.

Item Variants - ERPNext Dubai
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Keep Track of Serial Numbers

An easy Inventory Management with Serialized approach by ERPNext. Keeping track of product availability and stock comes in-handy. End-to-End solution for all Inventory Management Problems. Make it quick and easy with barcodes scan for fast search and track the complete lifecycle.

Integrated Inventory Management

Set-up a hassle free integrated Inventory Management through ERPNext. Maintain and analyse the date of stock and expirations. Automatic batch naming enables stress-free inventory maintenance.

integrated inventory management erpnext dubai
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Cross-Platform Operation

Manage Sales through integrate ERPNext with third party sales apps. Set up with just a 4-click configuration for smooth and easy sales.

Custom Print Formats

Create robust sales quotations by keeping documents flawless and consistent. Get custom print format templates with one-time configuration.

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Reliable Marketing Tools - ERPNext Dubai

Reliable Marketing Tools

Reap the benefits of target marketing with granular analysis by email campaigns through our open-source CRM tool. Lead your lead to closure.

Easy Track on Balance-sheets/Payments

Hold a risk free balance sheet to avoid mismatches while closing accounts. Control your cash flow and track your income and expenses by setting up notification for period closing. Also, record and reconcile your advance payments.

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sp accounts receivable erpnext uae

Supports Accounts Receivable

Maintain the track of sales invoices sent to your customers. Using Opening Invoice Creation tool you can import the accounts receivables details.

Better Customer Experience

Give a full-fledged, flawless experience to your customers using ERPNext Dubai. A comfortable customer access to support your clients with not just the status view of the project but also raise issues. Keep everything recorded for a hassle free access.

better customer experience erpnext dubai
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Email tracking

Be it external clients or team members from internal projects ERPNext ensures a smooth communications with all the stakeholders by maintaining a unified trail of all correspondence and auto-replies for incoming emails and by syncing your email accounts in ERPNext you can avoid stranding of important emails.

File Storage

Not just storing files/documents, access to these files/documents when needed is also important. With ERPNext’s built-in capabilities for uploading and sharing files you can upload files directly and share the web link to those who need to access it.

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Automatic Item Reordering ERPNext Dubai Penieltech

Automatic Item Reordering

With ERPNext’s automatic material request creation capabilities you can ensure that your inventory gets replenished automatically whenever the stock level of an item goes below the preset reorder limits.

Promotional Schemes

Promotional Schemes enables large scale distributors and retailers in managing discounts and profit margins on items through pricing rules that keeps changing automatically.

promotional schemes erpnext dubai penieltech
Supplier Management erpnext dubai penieltech

Supplier Management

ERPNext UAE has the capabilities to manage all you currency conversions and exchange rates between you and your vendors and ERPNext also includes options to warn or prevent RFQs and POs.

Supplier Self help Portal

Through self help portals suppliers can submit quotation requests, access their purchase orders and receipts for their ongoing order. You can also verify and approve the invoices raised by suppliers for completed orders.

Supplier Self help Portal erpnext dubai
Invoice and Payment Tracking erpnext uae

Invoice and Payment Tracking

Manage all your payments and invoices in a single tool. Track your payment due dates, generate reports, manage your payments entries and you can also import your existing invoices using Opening Invoice Creation Tool.

Automatic Invoice generation

Using Subscription you can automatically generate renewal invoices for subscribed orders every month.

Automatic Invoice generation - ERPNext Dubai
multi currency accounting erpnext dubai

Multi Currency management

Online Sales software provides you with the capabilities where you can raise invoices or add expenses in any currency and the software will convert these transactions to your base currency along with reporting of all the financial transactions.


Create your own custom forms with custom fields that match your data. You can customize the behavior of the fields based on the role assigned to a user and also generate custom print formats with a single line of code.

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