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This application uses integrated inventory management to offer a real-time vision of product availability and help you handle stock levels, stock transfers, and much more. You can even record the batches of received products, along with their manufacture and expiry dates.

Stock Management ERPNext Dubai
multistore management erpnext uae

Record Multi-store management

Helps in registering new divisions of your company with a few clicks so that you can start performing immediately. You can organize dimensions for every division and analyze expenses, stock activities, profits, and losses to derive the overall productivity of your business. Quickly get the real-time shipping rates and in-transit information of foremost shipping carriers.

Item variants

Managing thousands of product versions in different colors, finishes, forms, and lengths is not easy. But in inventory management software, the prime product is stored as an item template, and these variations are stored as an item variant.

stock variants erpnext dubai penieltech
automate stock replenishment erpnext pos uae

Promotional schemes

For large-scale retailers and distributors, overseeing discounts or margins based is never an easy task. With a promotional plan, you can deal with item discounts for diverse parties or conditions. These promotional plans will by design change the valid pricing rules.

Automate stock replenishment

Handling stockouts is a difficult task. ERPNext will automatically generate a material request when the stock level goes below the reorder level. This assists you refill inventory at the right time and diminishing chances of stock exhaustion.

automate stock replenishment erpnext pos dubai
integrations multi channel sales ERPNext Dubai

Multi-channel sales

With the help of ERPNext, it is easy to integrate products, customers, and sales orders with third-party sales apps. It just takes a 4-click you can plan for making sales smoother and easier.

Multi-currency accounting

Managing a business in diverse currencies can be made simple with our distribution software. You can easily send invoices and add expenses in any currency and convert them to your own currency. Financial transactions and reports in numerous currencies can be accessed easily.

Multi-currency accounting ERPNext UAE
Billing and pricing ERPNext Dubai

Billing and pricing

Acquire the receivable payments with payment requests and email/SMS notifications by invoicing the customers.

Credits & receivables

To run a successful business you should know to manage your customers better. Form loyalty programs and pricing plans in minutes. Uphold credit limits, analyze receivables and total billing, and view average customer income with reports. Easily access complete sales transparency through the customer portal.

credits and receivables erpnext dubai
On the fly customizations erpnext dubai

On-the-fly customizations

With the help of ERPNext, you can create your own distribution software. Store your most essential data by adding custom fields in the forms. It offers customization by auto-fetching values, hiding fields depending on user roles, and generating custom print formats.

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