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ERPNext software for educational institutes and schools. It assists schools of every size to handle students, teachers, courses, and academic programs with a unique portal built on our platform.

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Student Applicants

You can manage applications in one place with ease. Whenever the student applies to any program at your institute, you can produce a student applicant record. If you permit the student, you can add them to student master and start off emailing them with the help of ERPNext.

Student Information

The Student doctype in ERPNext preserves information like individual information, date of birth, photo, address, guardian, and siblings. You can easily attach necessary documents such as photos, educational certificates, and much more.

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ERPNext Dubai

Document Storage

Accessing important documents in a large educational institute for each student is very time-consuming. ERPNext Dubai allows you to upload and share multimedia files such as videos, images, and documents directly or through a web link.


ERPNext helps you to schedule a course to link it to the right instructor and students. While building the review plan for students, it can be linked to an instructor as the examiner or the supervisor for that assessment in particular.

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Program Enrollment

Program Enrollment is nothing but a student's record of chosen courses for a particular academic year. The core courses in that program will be automatically listed in the student's Enrolled Courses table, while optional courses can be chosen manually.

Programs and Courses

ERPNext UAE offers you the option of setting up your own educational programs. You can incorporate mandatory courses or electives under a program. You can enter the unique code for every program link each program to its particular department.

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Student Attendance

ERPNext’s attendance doctype permits you to track and manage every student’s attendance daily. This module is intended to assist teachers in effortlessly marking student attendance during class. It permits instructors to spot the attendance of students sooner with simple checkboxes, while the system generates consequent attendance records in the backend.

Student Fees

Maintaining a record of fees collected from students is a very crucial task. Before fees collection, the fee Structure has to be produced. This formation is based on a certain program and academic term. The details of the student and their fee structure will be available in the Fee module of ERPNext.

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education fees erpnext dubai penieltech

Assessment Plan

With this doctype, you can create an assessment plan and capture details like student group, grade, criteria, examiner, supervisor, and much more. Generate assessment plans in ERPNext and observe the results get generated effortlessly with this tool.

Learning Management System 

Educational ERPNext software with Learning Management System allows you to publish your programs on their website. Progress of the student can be tracked through the desk as well as the portal.

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ERPNext Partner UAE

On-The-Fly Customizations

You can create your own education software and store the data you care about by adding custom fields in your forms. You can customize the form by automatically fetching values, hiding fields depending on user roles, and generating custom print format easily.

Self-Onboarding and Implementation

Reshape your organization with exceptional documentation and video tutorials that facilitate a no-touch, fast ERP implementation.

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