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Customize Your Company File

With the help of Elate QB Addins you can create Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice, Receipt Voucher, Payment voucher and Journal Vouchers according to the needs of your company. These facilities are not provided by default in the QuickBooks Accounting Software.

This is a very handy tool that can be used to generate these files and reports for auditing and other purposes. Elate QB Addins also can be used to convert your QuickBooks data to Excel sheets for your further reference and backup.

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QuickBooks Journal Accounting

Create Customized Payment Vouchers in QuickBooks.

Payment Vouchers in QuickBooks are given by default format which cannot be changed or edited. With the help of Elate QB Addins, you can customize and personalize payment vouchers by making a template for your organization, company.

You can add customized sections and columns in the payment voucher that is essential for your business. Add your business logo to the payment voucher for better aesthetics and value.

Create customized Invoices in QuickBooks

The format that QuickBooks provides for invoices doesn’t give you the freedom to add an extra column or the final amount in words.

This causes serious issues when you need to print the invoices according to the local law for invoice format and government rules for tax filing. This leads to a serious extra efforts to print the invoices separately each time.

With the help of Elate QB Addins, you can create customized QuickBooks templates and print invoices automatically according to the local laws and guidelines from QuickBooks.

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Create Journal Vouchers in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks doesn’t have the proper option to print the journal voucher according to your requirements by default. This drawback is covered with the help of Elate QB Addins. This application helps you to customize and print the journal vouchers according to the needs of your business organization.

Create Customized Purchase Invoice and Sales Invoice in Quickbooks

Elate QB Addins helps you to generate the Purchase Invoice and Sales Invoice according to the needs and laws of the local government and Tax laws. While filing for tax returns, It is necessary to present the needed invoice and other sheets in the prescribed template of the government. To generate these files and sheets, you can use Elate QB Addins and get the invoices in the prescribed templates.

Invoice Format Template for businesses in UAE:

When you want to make an FTA compliant FTA faf file, you can use this QB addins to help you extract all your data efficiently and quickly generate the faf file. With the help of Elate QB Addins, you can now save a lot of money by escaping the fines charged by the FTA Dept. This is a handy FAF file generator tool.

QB Addins is easy to use and fast to install. It will now interfere with the functioning of the QuickBooks software, but will work smoothly on your device and parallel extract the relevant data for you.

The FTA conducts audits of all business transactions held for the entire year. At that time they will require an FTA approved FAF file which will contain all the transactions in a specific order. The time limit to submit this file will be very less and the amount of transactions that need to be documented will be more.

It is physically impossible for an accountant to give a faf file or make a file that is prescribed according to the FTA rules and FTA format of all the transactions that were carried out since VAT was implemented in the system or for the past one year. Hence a software needs to do all these works.

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QuickBooks Report template Customization

Customise reports in QuickBooks Online

QB Addins can sort the data into journals, profiles, payments done, invoices made and so on. QB Addins can create Quickbooks Invoice template according to your needs.

It can also print or generate from Quickbooks Invoice template according to the FTA guidelines. The Invoice that is generated from the Quickbooks desktop software is unable to print the amount in words as well as add an extra column for VAT.

The FTA demands that all the Invoice should have a Column that displays the VAT amount as well as another column for Vat percentage. With the help of QB Addins, you can do all the Invoice template customizations and print all the invoices and cheques directly.

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Customized Invoices, Vouchers, Report from QuickBooks using Elate QB Addins

Elate QB-Addins FAQ's

It is a product that runs parallel to the QuickBooks application that is installed on your laptop or computer. It will extract your data securely to prepare sales invoice, purchase invoice, journal vouchers and payment vouchers. The templates of these vouchers and journals can be customized according to your company and government rules and tax authority.

Natively, QuickBooks allows you to generate your own template for sales invoice, but they do not have the option to add a custom column or add the total figure in words. Hence to get these things customized, you can use Elate Addins to generate FTA approved Sales receipts and Sales Invoices.

QuickBooks prepares reports and invoices according to their standardized templates and does not give you the freedom to completely customize it according to your company standards and local government tax laws. Hence, Elate QB Addins gives you the freedom and choice to customize your own sales invoice, purchase invoice, journal vouchers, payment vouchers along with your personalized company logo and fast reports.

FTA approved invoices need the TRN number mentioned on top, and a separate column for VAT % that is charged on that product along with the VAT amount. Then the final amount in words along with it the Vat amount also. To do this you can use Elate QB Addins that will extract all the required data for you and prepare the needed sales invoice and purchase invoice and print it out for you. This will eliminate all the manual task of using Excel sheets also.

Elate QuickBooks Addins is capable of generating the VAT 201 reports that needs to be generated for filing tax returns and getting other benefits from the Govt. This software seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks and generates the needful data and prepares it in a short time.