Top 10 IT Companies in Saudi Arabia

By | February 7, 2024

Choosing the finest IT companies in Saudi Arabia can be challenging because there are thousands of IT support and service providers vying for your business. To provide you with some assistance, they have begun searching for trustworthy and informed IT services in Saudi Arabia. The top 10 IT companies in Saudi Arabia and, the UAE that can support the company in 2024 have been determined following a careful analysis of numerous UAE-based enterprises. A wide range of topics is thoroughly researched before the list is finalized. Specifically, the topics cover web development experience, employee numbers, work history, client feedback, and a host of other topics.

Top 10 IT Companies in Saudi Arabia

So, let’s discover the top 10 IT development businesses in Saudi Arabia.


Oracle is a cloud technology company that offers software and computer infrastructure to businesses worldwide so they may innovate, increase efficiencies, and function more effectively. To better organize and safeguard the data of their clients, they also built the first and only autonomous database in history.

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides cost savings, increased security, and improved performance. It is made to make it simple for companies to shift workloads between on-premises systems and the cloud, as well as between the cloud, on-premises systems, and other clouds. 
  • Oracle Cloud applications give corporate executives access to cutting-edge tools that support their ability to innovate, achieve sustainable growth, and build resilience. 
  • Their work is not only changing the corporate landscape but also advancing scientific and medical research as well as government defense. 
  • Millions of people use their solutions to link data and people globally, make HR more personal, swiftly pivot to a new financial plan, and streamline supply chains—from nonprofits to businesses of all sizes. 


Penieltech is one of the reputable IT companies in Saudi Arabia that specializes in offering cutting-edge technology services and software solutions. 

  • They provide many different services, such as support, customization, implementation, and software development. 
  • Penieltech helps organizations optimize their operations, increase productivity, and spur growth. Its expertise is in accounting software, ERP systems, and CRM solutions
  • They identify, modify, expedite, and enhance how companies and software companies run their operations. 
  • Additionally, they implement comprehensive solutions that satisfy the innovative, high-quality, and expedient needs of their companies’ clients. 
  • They have expertise in many different industries, such as healthcare, retail, energy, and finance.


IBM is a multinational corporation in the IT industry offering a wide range of services. Cloud computing, AI, cybersecurity, and data analytics are some of these services. With its cutting-edge technology and extensive industry knowledge, IBM assists companies in Saudi Arabia with operational transformation and cybersecurity improvement. Additionally, they use the potential of cutting-edge technologies to their advantage.

By combining modern technology with a varied range of perspectives, they can work closely together, exchange ideas openly, and quickly implement ground-breaking discoveries that have a significant impact.

  • Machine learning and AI
  • Analytical
  • Computers and servers
  • Databases
  • Development Operations
  • Automation of IT
  • Quantum
  • Identity and security

Peniel Computer

Peniel Computer is an esteemed IT services provider in Saudi Arabia offering an extensive array of technological solutions. They are experts in networking, cybersecurity, accounting software, and IT infrastructure. The knowledgeable staff at Peniel Computer assists companies in Saudi Arabia with establishing safe systems and a strong IT infrastructure. 

  • They also use technology to increase the effectiveness of their operations. 
  • With more than 20 years of experience, they help clients create unique software that improves business operations and increases their market share. 
  • There are numerous additional factors as well, such as global teams of highly skilled engineers, a thorough grasp of industry sectors, and continuous technological development.


Based in Saudi Arabia, Cognizant is a multinational provider of IT consulting and services. Digital transformation, application development, data analytics, and IT infrastructure management are just a few of the many services they provide. Consequently, Cognizant assists organizations in Saudi Arabia in navigating difficult technology issues and staying ahead of the curve in the digital ecosystem because of its extensive domain expertise and innovation-focused approach. With the aid of their application modernization services, you may become more agile in an increasingly digital environment. 

  • Cloud Enablement
  • Application Services & Modernization
  • Data, Analytics & AI

Emerald Software

Software solutions catered to the specific requirements of organizations are provided by Emerald Software, a reputable IT support and services provider in Saudi Arabia. Their areas of expertise are support services, training, and the implementation of accounting software. 

  • Emerald Software helps businesses increase efficiency by streamlining their financial procedures and offering features that are easily customizable. 
  • Technology for web design and development is the core of their product line. For example, using market research and competitor information makes it easier for firms to expand and accomplish their objectives. 
  • In addition, they regularly offer their clients services and information that boosts their return on investment.


One well-known IT company that is well-represented in Saudi Arabia is HP. They offer a large selection of servers, storage devices, printers, laptops, and other hardware and software solutions. Businesses in Saudi Arabia can optimize their IT infrastructure and increase productivity with the aid of HP’s products and services, which appeal to a variety of industries.

Reach your business goals more quickly and prosper in today’s data-driven, networked society. At the edge and in the cloud, data comes first in their minds. 

  • You can access the cloud with HPE GreenLake. helping you use AI to build distinctive advantages. 
  • Create opportunities for their entire company. 
  • Transform data into actionable insights, intelligence, and safety and security improvements. Enhancing your lifestyle and profession.


Renowned IT giant SAP is well-known for its business software products. ERP systems, customer relationship management, supply chain management, and business intelligence tools are just a few of the many goods and services they provide. Businesses in Saudi Arabia may improve efficiency, simplify processes, and make data-driven decisions for long-term success using SAP’s solutions. The full, adaptable, and multi-award-winning ERP is SAP S/4HANA Cloud. With AI and analytics built in, it can support your company’s operations in real-time, wherever. By connecting e-commerce, marketing, sales, and service data, you can utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to customize the customer experience across all touchpoints with their CX solutions.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • CRM and Customer Experience
  • Financial Management
  • Spend Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Business Technology Platform
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Network


Construction project management and delivery get a complete solution. This is achieved through the combination of the Oracle Construction and Engineering Cloud and Aconex’s cloud-based project communication capabilities. Aconex software connects teams across projects and provides private workspaces and automatically constructed audit trails for each participating organization. 

  • The Aconex cloud platform combines speed and versatility to match the unique needs of each client and is designed for speedy implementation. 
  • Aconex software provides a comprehensive solution. It ensures a secure cloud environment. The software seamlessly transitions during new project phases and handovers. It facilitates the sharing of data and procedures throughout the project life cycle.

Gulf Infotech

Gulf Infotech, which was established in 2009, is one of Saudi Arabia’s top providers of cloud solutions and is steadily growing throughout the Middle East. The assumption at Gulf Infotech is that cloud computing will dominate technology in the ensuing decades. Gulf Infotech’s primary goal is to offer its clients SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS solutions from all of the top global cloud providers. 

  • Since 2009, Gulf Infotech has been a leading Middle Eastern cloud solution provider and a Google Enterprise partner for the MENA area. 
  • Gulf Infotech is a shareholder in CloudCodes, an Indian product development business that creates cloud-based solutions for Google Apps and is committed to expanding the Google Apps ecosystem. 

The Bottom Line

Saudi Arabia is becoming a technical hub thanks to advancements in technology that combine several digital components to raise humankind’s level of living. Since the city has embraced cutting-edge technologies, such as company web development and custom IT solutions, it has become a hub for commerce and business. Because these business tactics generate large profits and aid in its quick growth. To promote a positive socioeconomic atmosphere, Saudi Arabia creates an atmosphere that inhibits businesses from thriving.