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Penieltech stands as a top-tier ERP software provider in Dubai, UAE.
All-in-one business Elate ERP solution is accessible through both cloud and on-premises deployment.
Get deeper insights, total process control, and enhanced productivity for amplified profits.

  • Accounting & Financial management
  • Human resources management
  • Inventory management
  • Customer relationship management
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Elate ERP is the best ERP software in Dubai, UAE. We make custom accounting, sales, inventory, HR, payroll, and other modules. That suits your business needs in Dubai.

ERP Software Dubai Review
John Jacob
Dedicated and experienced team of professionals with a friendly approach to clients. Anyone can rely on their ability and expertise.
Aug 11, 2022
Nandhu Lal
The best ERP software in the UAE is flexible enough to customize based on your requirements. Highly recommend
Jan 19, 2022
ERP Software UAE Review
ERP Software Abu Dhabi Review
JMA Technical Services LLC.
We recently installed invoice customization from the Peniel team. Very professional and prompt support. We recommend the Peniel Team for any customization requests.
June 28, 2021
  • Real-Time

    1. Insights

    Elate ERP is the best enterprise resource management solution. You can make smart decisions. And efficiently manage your business with the help of real-time data.

  • Next Level

    2. Productivity

    The outcomes are Stronger revenues, happier clients, and better time usage.

  • Minimal


    Data re-entry and errors. Recurrent expenses like software licencing, upgrades, and training. This software results in financial savings by reducing these costs.

  • Easily

    4. Modulated

    ERP provides a function that is customizable and integrated with other tools.

Cloud-based ERP Solution: - A Leading ERP Software Company in Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi

Elate Our ERP modules are designed to cover vital operations such as e-commerce, sales, purchase, attendance management, inventory management, and financial accounting, providing a holistic ERP solution. With our CRM, you can efficiently manage customer relationships, access financial and accounting data, and handle sales and purchases.

Our expertly crafted solutions cater to various industries in the UAE, including trading, manufacturing, distribution, textiles, construction, and contracting. Elate ERP is a cloud-enabled solution that ensures accessibility and scalability. Featuring a customizable dashboard and seamless integration with e-commerce platforms, our ERP software empowers your business operations.

Furthermore, our ERP software boasts FTA approval and incorporates built-in business intelligence (BI) features for robust data analysis and informed decision-making. We are premier partners for the full range of Sage 200 ERP, Sage 300 ERP, Sage X3, Odoo ERP, ERPNext, and Tally Prime. , We offer a comprehensive suite of ERP solutions to meet your business needs.

It is a cloud-enabled solution, ensuring accessibility and scalability. With a customizable dashboard and integration capabilities with e-commerce platforms, our ERP software empowers your business operations. Our ERP software is also FTA-approved and includes in-built business intelligence (BI) features for data analysis and decision-making.

The Best custom ERP in the UAE for all businesses

Customize Your ERP Experience

Elate ERP provides a user-friendly interface designed for simplicity and flexibility. It offers both cloud and on-premise implementation methods. Our ERP software is highly customizable, allowing it to address the unique challenges of any industry.

If your business relies on specialized processes, our customized solution is the ideal choice. Thanks to the team’s effort and the software’s intuitive design, Elate ERP is easy to grasp, even for individuals with basic computer skills. It is easily accessible to users who may be new to ERP systems. Get ready to experience the best ERP Software potential.

We offer enhanced corporate visibility, facilitating faster and more efficient collaboration between departments. Our deep understanding of your company's processes enables us to provide real-time business intelligence capabilities.

More module implementation always aids in improved departmental integration. The system's central storage on the server paves the way for a unified data backup. Penieltech offers the best ERP solution in Dubai.

ERP Software Dubai

All-inclusive VAT-enabled ERP Software Dubai

Elate ERP offers a comprehensive one-stop solution designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses in the UAE, regardless of their size. Whether you are a startup, small, medium, or large business, Elate ERP provides highly advanced and customizable ERP software that is widely regarded as the best in the region.

Our ERP software can be implemented on-premise, web-based, and cloud. It has the flexibility for your specific requirements. With modules covering finance, procurement, sales, HR payroll, inventory, and more, Elate ERP simplifies internal processes and strengthens relationships with customers and vendors.

Plus, it is fully compliant with VAT regulations, making it a complete ERP solution for businesses in the UAE.

ERP Software UAE

30% Off - Leading Real ERP Solution in the Middle East.

ERP For Distribution And Wholesale

ERP is a user-friendly, flexible software that works well with any device. ERP for wholesale distribution integrates with inventory management. That allows you to manage the entire business while maintaining real-time control over the stock and accounting.

Streamline your inventory and warehouse management operations to optimize operational costs. Offer competitive pricing and strengthen your distribution network. Automate daily tasks for consistent service delivery and secure recurring orders. Enhance profitability, cut down expenses, monitor inventory, sales, and much more.

Trace each item or batch within your inventory with our unique serial number and batch-tracking feature. It provides precise control over batch expiration dates. Our wholesale ERP software facilitates swift tracking of stock levels and enables you to generate warehouse-specific reports effortlessly. It also automatically generates material requests when stock levels dip below the reorder threshold.

Distribution And Wholesale ERP
ERP For Distribution And Wholesale Dubai

ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry

Streamline Your Manufacturing Processes with Elate ERP Enhance productivity, optimize machine utilization, and improve supply chain, warehouse, and inventory management to achieve better outcomes in manufacturing operations.

ERP includes batteries for all needs of a manufacturing company. It includes the upkeep of warehouse management, workstations, and machines. Also operations, finished goods, raw materials, tracking of bills of materials, and planning. And the execution of work orders, purchasing, and many other things.

Additionally, it covers operations, finished goods, raw materials, tracking of bills of materials, and planning, as well as the execution of work orders, purchasing, and various other functions. With the ERP Manufacturing module, you can efficiently maintain Bills of Materials (BOMs) with multiple levels for your items. This module also allows for the automatic recording of routine shop floor actions, with support from the operations and workstation features.

The ERP's subcontracting capability simplifies the distribution of raw materials and management of activities. Explore customizable ERP solutions tailored for manufacturing companies in the UAE.

Manufacturing ERP
ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry

#1 ERP Software Solution

We have the ideal ERP solution in Dubai to suit your needs, whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small business.

Affordable ERP for Retail Businesses in UAE

Expand Your Retail Business with Elate POS Software Elate’s retail solution empowers you to provide top-notch service to your customers. It equips you with critical real-time information and seamless point-of-sale integration to drive growth in your retail business.

ERP applications, equipped with integrated business intelligence tools, play a pivotal role in promptly identifying market demands. These tools enable businesses to respond effectively by employing effective vendor and customer relationship management functionalities.

Retail ERP offers real-time views of product availability, stock levels in your warehouses, stock allocations, and other elements. You can manage product discounts for different parties or situations with the aid of promotional schemes.

You can quickly send your customers customized bills using ERP retail And follow up on overdue invoices by sending an email or SMS notifications.

Retail ERP
ERP Software For Retail Businesses

ERP software for healthcare providers in UAE

People use your Healthcare services. Right? So, You can create a patient folder in the healthcare ERP System for every person. The ERP can save every patient's vital information. And having it all in one location is convenient.

Medical professionals can swiftly retrieve a patient's complete medical history, allowing for a thorough examination of past illnesses and treatments. This comprehensive insight facilitates the delivery of effective patient care. Additionally, the ERP Healthcare system simplifies the coding process by managing various medical code standards, including the ICD 10.

Furthermore, ERP Healthcare incorporates a laboratory module equipped with predefined templates for laboratory tests. Users can gain valuable insights through a range of informative reports, including Appointment Analytics and Lab Test Reports. This healthcare ERP system streamlines operations and enhances the efficiency of medical facilities.

Healthcare ERP
ERP for the Healthcare Industry

Elevate Your Services with Advanced ERP

Deliver a seamless customer experience by setting high standards for service delivery with Elate, enhancing your service industry operations.

Enhance the operational efficiency of your business to provide top-tier services to customers and boost profitability. Elate ERP facilitates seamless integration with third-party applications and ensures the optimal utilization of resources.

Effortlessly schedule and invoice for diverse projects and service appointments, establish subscription models for your offerings, foster relationships with loyal clientele, implement loyalty programs and unleash a myriad of possibilities.

Service industry ERP
ERP for the Service industry

All-in-One ERP Solution for Dubai

Find the best ERP Software for small Business

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ERP for the Education Institutes Dubai Penieltech

ERP for the Education Institutes

Education ERP software places a primary focus on the cornerstone of the educational process: academics.

This powerful tool empowers educational institutions to comprehensively manage all facets of their operations, from administrative supervision to academic assessments. Applications for ERP can be efficiently managed within a single, centralized platform. Additionally, this system allows for the attachment of various documents, including academic work such as photos and transcripts.

Furthermore, the software facilitates meticulous tracking of daily attendance for each student through the ERP attendance module. The management of student fee payments is simplified and highly organized with the ERP's Fee module, which includes detailed information about each student's fees and payment schedule. These user-friendly ERP systems tailored for educational institutions in the UAE streamline operations and enhance administrative efficiency.

Education Institutes ERP

Smart Farm Management System

The ERP system's agriculture module offers a set of tools for efficient agricultural management. This includes robust features for tracking fertilizers and disease management, as well as monitoring plants, soil quality, water usage, and weather analytics, all crucial components of successful crop cultivation.

ERP streamlines crop management by providing a structured approach to monitoring various tasks involved in crop cultivation. Users can create customized schedules for planting, watering, and harvesting, ensuring that agricultural operations run smoothly. Notably, the agriculture module of ERP prioritizes disease management, addressing various bacterial, fungal, viral, and insect species that pose threats to crops.

With the assistance of farm ERP software in the UAE, you gain precise control over your fertilizer inventory, including detailed information about each fertilizer and its components. Furthermore, you can maintain a comprehensive record of dates and times for crop harvesting, testing, and analysis in designated areas.

Education Institutes ERP
ERP For Agriculture Dubai Penieltech

ERP for Non-profit organization

Tailored specifically for non-profit organizations, our ERP Non-Profit Modules are designed to empower these organizations in their mission to create a better world efficiently.

These modules comprehensively track all activities related to memberships, chapters, and donor management. Additionally, they provide oversight of event and grant management, ensuring every aspect of non-profit operations is managed effectively.

Within the ERP system, you can securely store documents related to members, whether they are founders, individuals, or organizations. Recognizing the pivotal role of volunteers in NGOs, ERP meticulously records each volunteer's skills and availability, enabling seamless volunteer management.

ERP records Each volunteer's abilities and availability. Every donor who makes a one-time or recurring donation can have their contact information recorded. All grant-related data is easily monitored and recorded using ERP. You can easily monitor all grant-related data. And can record them using ERP. ERP Software for Non-Profit Organizations makes billing and pricing simpler..

ERP for Non-profit organization Dubai Penieltech

VAT-compliant ERP System: ERP Software Development Company Dubai

We are the Leading ERP software solution provider in Dubai, UAE. Advanced HR & Payroll Software: we provide the best ERP software solution in Dubai, UAE.

We help organizations manage core business processes such as CRM, HR, sales, purchase, and inventory. ERP Software Dubai, Enterprise Resource Planning Software. ERP solution for small or midsize businesses in Dubai, UAE. ERP software includes modules. Such as Accounting & finance, sales, CRM, purchasing, inventory & warehouse, manufacturing, HR & payroll.

ERP Software Dubai - ERP Software with VAT - Simple & easy to use, highly customizable ERP with VAT. Real-time reports, and dashboards. Automate day-to-day business processes. Full-scale cloud / web / on-premise ERP UAE

Elate ERP

Digitize & automate your Business

Top providers for ERP software in Dubai with VAT Enabled and FTA Approved. ERP for Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Trading, Healthcare, Agriculture, Non-profit, Education, Hospitality, etc.

ERP Software with CRM

ERP enables you to provide quotes to leads and customers. And keep track of business opportunities, and record sales orders. It assists in managing all client interactions and relationships for your business

It aids in obtaining leads that strengthen commercial ties. Automating the procedure boosts the company's productivity and raises sales. It forges strong bonds by remaining aligned with clients. It also streamlines processes and boosts profitability.

Best ERP Software in Dubai
Best ERP Software in UAE
ERP software for project management in UAE

Project management in ERP is task-driven. You can make a Project and break it up into different Tasks.

You can assign each task to a single person or a team. But it can be done at the project level. Make your work quicker by simplifying the planning process. Plan the projects and track them via our effortless project management tool.

Sales Management
By collecting reports of monthly, weekly, and daily sales, you can keep an eye on the sales performance. You can compare the sales results of several salespeople, among other things.
Track and keep an eye on sales performance by obtaining reports of monthly, weekly, and daily sales. It also allows you to compare the sales performance of different salespersons and much more.
Best ERP System in Dubai
Best ERP System in UAE
Planning and Scheduling

Our detailed, user-friendly planning and scheduling application can help you increase work efficiency. And provide greater visibility into every aspect of your company. Our solution, ERP UAE Software, is simple to use and understand.

Boost productivity at your workplace using our simple, easy to use planning and scheduling tool and expand visibility into every area of your business. You can easily understand and can use our product ERP UAE Software.

ERP systems for human resources in UAE

Reduce paperwork by managing your human resources in the cloud to store all your staff data in one location.

It keeps a complete employee database containing contact data and compensation information. It also keeps attendance information, performance evaluation information, leaves records, and appraisal records. Processing the payroll using Payroll Entry is the key function here. It produces Salary Slips.

Top ERP Software in Dubai

ERP Implementation Services - ERP modules

Assure your ERP implementation with superior support from our qualified team. We can help to transform your company's operations and business performance.

VAT Enabled ERP Software Solutions

  • Integration
  • Automation
  • Data analysis
  • Reporting
  • Tracking and visibility
  • Accounting
  • Financial management

Fully customizable ERP software. It is built to support your unique business challenges. Save Time Automating. Fully-Customizable System.

We at Penieltech endeavor at empowering small to large enterprises. We impart them with the most flexible and inexpensive ERP Software in Dubai, UAE. Penieltech offers you full control over your business operations through this software.

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Outstanding Customer Support

Penieltech leverages the potential of digitization, innovative thinking, and collaboration to transform business processes for both customers and their ecosystems. Our comprehensive and integrated approach results in ERP software solutions that enhance productivity and cost-efficiency across various sectors, including manufacturing, finance, and inventory management.

Our ERP software solutions are complemented by an equally adept customer support team, proficient in handling inquiries, tracking issues, and delivering resolutions. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries through our website.

Top 10 ERP Software in UAE
ERP Dubai

Peniel Proud Partners in the United Arab Emirates

Know more about Industry-wise ERP software in Dubai, UAE. We help organizations manage core business processes, such as CRM, HR, sales, purchase, inventory, etc.

Strongly recommended as the Best ERP Software Company in Dubai

  • Official

    1. ERPNext Implementation Partner

    ERPNext Partner Dubai, UAE: Authorized ERPNext Partner, We provide solutions to streamline your business operations across the entire life cycle. And strengthen your business that enhances profitability.

  • Official

    2. Sage ERP Partner Dubai, UAE

    Sage ERP Partner Dubai, UAE: As an official Sage ERP certified partner, Peniel Technology has provided solutions to many businesses. We provide customized Sage 200 ERP, Sage 300 ERP, and Sage X3.

  • Official

    3. Odoo ERP Partner Dubai, UAE

    We, as Odoo ERP Partners in Dubai, provide Odoo ERP Solutions Dubai. It is an absolute suite of business applications such as sales, CRM, project management, accounting, etc.

  • Official

    Tally Gold Partner

    Tally ERP 9 (Tally Prime UAE 2.0) Partner Dubai, UAE: Authorized Tally Prime Partner, the all-new powerful business management software for small and medium enterprises.


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AED 1190 00

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Additional Users AED 99000 / user

AED 650 00 / user

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Why do we stand out among ERP software companies in the UAE?

Learn more about industry-wise ERP software in Dubai, UAE. ERP for the construction industry (integrated ERP systems for construction companies in the UAE), ERP solutions for logistics companies in Dubai, and ERP software for the manufacturing industry. ERP Software for Professional Service, ERP Software for Asset Management. The project management ERP software. Contact us for the top ERP software in the UAE. ERP software for oil and gas industries in UAE, ERP solutions for hospitality businesses in Dubai,

The Best ERP Software Solutions Dubai, UAE, #1 VAT Enabled ERP. Manage your business with the best ERP software in Dubai, UAE. Customized ERP solution for your business. The best ERP software solution is in Dubai, UAE. We help organizations manage core business processes, such as CRM, HR, sales, purchase, inventory, etc. We also provide ERP solutions for government organizations in the UAE.

Customization and flexibility

Recognizing the uniqueness of every business, Penieltech offers a high degree of flexibility to tailor the software to your specific requirements. We empower your business to gain a competitive edge by harnessing the processes that align best with your operations.

Simplicity and user-friendliness

User-friendliness serves as the cornerstone of all Elate ERP products. You can easily become proficient in utilizing the software's functionalities with minimal training. Our user interface is designed for clarity and is largely self-explanatory.

Seamless Integration with Third-Party Applications

The smooth exchange of data between different systems can often pose a significant challenge when implementing new business management software. We ensure seamless third-party integrations through the latest software technologies, facilitating efficient data flow.

Ongoing Technical Support

To fully harness the potential of the ERP solution, Penieltech offers continuous technical support to clients throughout the software's lifecycle. Whether it involves training a new team member or creating a new report, our technical support team is dedicated to saving you valuable time.

Multi Language

ERP software with Arabic language support in the UAE, and all over the Middle East.

Multi Currency

ERP systems with multi-currency support for UAE businesses.

The starting price for ERP software in the UAE is AED 30,000.
ERP Benefits How To Use ERP Software ERP System Examples


Know more about ERP Software

ERP refers to the systems and software packages used by organizations to manage day-to-day business activities, such as accounting, procurement, project management, sales, and manufacturing and distribution operations. In order to fully comprehend ERP, it helps to take a step back and think about all the processes required to manage a business – which is a lot. These processes include anything from Customer Relationship Management (Elate CRM), order management, inventory management, labor management, HR, accounting and finance, etc.

Towards the creation, when ERP systems first came into the marketplace, these systems were primarily designed for inventory management. Today, however, ERP systems are used to automate back-office tasks and modernize cross-departmental workflows. The modern ERP Solution has extended well beyond its original functions and now comprises of a full suite of integrated components that provide modern businesses with the tools essential for streamlining operations. All of these components can become a bit confusing, especially if you’re not well up to date with the software.
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.
  • Optimization of business processes.
  • Accurate and timely access to reliable information.
  • The ability to share information between all components of the organization.
  • Elimination of unnecessary operations and data.
  • Reduction of time and costs of litigation
In general, ERP uses a centralized database for various business processes to reduce manual labor and to simplify existing business workflows. ERP systems typically contain dashboards where users can look at real-time data collected from all across the business to measure productivity and profitability

According to Penieltech survey Tally, Sage, ERPNext and Odoo are the widely used ERP Software in UAE.
Here is the few Example for ERP: Sage, Tally, Elate, ERPNext, Odoo
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are software solutions that help organizations manage and automate various business processes. There are several types of ERP systems, but the three most common types are:
  • On-premise ERP: This type of ERP system is installed and run on the organization's own hardware and servers. The organization is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the system, and the system can be accessed only from within the organization's network.
  • Cloud-based ERP: Cloud-based ERP systems are hosted on the vendor's servers and accessed over the internet. The vendor is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the system, and organizations can access it from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Hybrid ERP: Hybrid ERP is a combination of on-premise and cloud-based ERP systems. In this type of system, some data and applications are hosted on the organization's own servers, while others are hosted in the cloud. This allows organizations to take advantage of the benefits of both types of systems while minimizing their drawbacks.
The most commonly used accounting software in the UAE may vary depending on the specific needs of the business. However, some of the most popular accounting software options in the UAE include Tally.ERP 9, Sage 50, QuickBooks, and Zoho Books.
There are many companies in Dubai that use SAP as their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Some of the companies that use SAP in Dubai include:
  • Emirates Group
  • Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)
  • Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC)
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA)
  • Dubai Petroleum
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