Working part-time in the UAE

By | February 7, 2024

The UAE Labour Law states that you must work eight hours a day to be considered full-time. Both in the UAE and globally, working culture has undergone significant transformation. But what about working in the UAE on a part-time basis? Is it lawful to hire part-timers in the UAE? Are there any regulations in the UAE for those working part-time?

Working part-time in the UAE

Is it legal for you to work part-time in the UAE?

Many job seekers contemplating part-time work in the UAE often wonder if it’s allowed. Although part-time employment was not permitted until the past ten years, the 2010 revisions to the UAE Labour Law created specific provisions allowing individuals to accept positions with fewer hours worked.

However, there are rules that both companies and workers must follow, and to lawfully pursue such possibilities, those seeking them must get a part-time UAE work permit. 

Data from the OECD shows that part-time employment increased rapidly following labor legislation modifications. In 2019, part-time employment accounted for about 3% of all jobs in the nation.

Even if it’s now easier to discover and land a part-time job, there are still certain restrictions to be aware of. Remember that you cannot convert a part-time contract to a full-time one unless you cancel it.

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    Who is eligible for a temporary work permit in the UAE?

    Any resident of the UAE, whether currently employed or not, is eligible to work part-time. If you are an employee from outside the GCC who is in the UAE on a work visa, you are also qualified for a temporary work permit. 

    Additionally, current holders of part-time work permits can work concurrently for another company. For the visa to remain valid, they have to work fewer than eight hours a day, part-time, in the original company. The same requirements have to be fulfilled in their new job. 

    Only skilled individuals are eligible for the part-time contract system. This indicates that employers typically require a bachelor’s degree or above. If you have finished a two- or three-year diploma in a scientific or technological discipline, you may potentially be qualified. 

    Those with family visas to the UAE can work two jobs, but they need a part-time work permit with an NOC from the sponsor. Men and women between the ages of 18 and 65 can apply for these employment permits. 

    You cannot apply for a part-time permit if you are a visiting or tourist visa holder. 

    The fees for a temporary work permit

    The total cost of the permit to work part-time in the UAE is AED 600. This charge for the UAE part-time work permit is broken down as follows:

    • 100 AED is the application fee.
    • Fee for approval: 500 AED

    The potential employer is responsible for paying these costs. The cost of the temporary UAE work permit does not include any applicable Tas’heel service fees.

    Documents Requisite for a Part-Time Work Permit in UAE

    Lawfully working a part-time job in the UAE needs to fulfill the requirements for eligibility and finish the part-time work permit. The requirements are as follows: your employer or sponsor must submit the necessary paperwork to MOHRE to obtain permission. 

    • Copy of a national passport for a worker or application.
    • The passport-sized colored photo of the applicant or employee with a light background.
    • A copy of the contract letter and the employment offer letter.
    • Copy of UAE residency visa, valid for six months.
    • A copy of your academic credentials and certification.
    • Certificate of no objection (application full-time employer should be aware of employee’s part-time employment).
    • A copy of the trade license for both the first full-time and second part-time jobs.

    How will you get a part-time work permit in Dubai, UAE?

    The employer must submit applications and supporting documentation for part-time work permits in the UAE. The Employer has two options for obtaining a work permit for part-time hours. Employers can first visit the closest TASHEEL Services location to submit an offline application. The second simple option is your employer’s to select. The Employer can visit the MOHRE website to apply for a part-time employment visa in the UAE. Both the employer and the employee must sign the contract to ensure that the employer is aware of the part-time employee’s position and compensation.

    What professions in the UAE are accessible on a part-time basis?

    In the UAE, numerous job opportunities exist for individuals seeking part-time employment. Among the most popular roles are the following:

    • Drivers 
    • Sales Officers
    • Accountants, 
    • Designers,  
    • Human Resources and Recruiters
    • Executive Assistants and Many Others

    Job portals in the UAE make it simple to search for positions. If you’re seeking extra work opportunities, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out because job availability might change quickly. 

    Wrapping Up

    Here’s all you need to know about part-time jobs in the UAE, whether you want to work for additional money or just to keep yourself occupied.

    In the UAE, there are numerous advantages to part-time employment for both businesses and employees. Workers who want to earn extra money while studying can take advantage of temporary job options. Part-time employment can be a flexible tool for businesses to meet deadlines and fill temporary positions. 

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