Why every sales team needs a sales dashboard

By | July 25, 2023

While producing reports is only half the battle, successful data monitoring requires further effort. The next stage is to build a sales dashboard. A good sales dashboard provides you with a single source of truth. So, you can spend more time precisely responding to your company’s strategic questions rather than wasting time searching through your library of data.

Why every sales team needs a sales dashboard

All stakeholders can benefit from a comprehensive, complete sales performance dashboard. That ensures teams are open and transparent about their sales pipeline and assists stakeholders in making wise decisions. A good Sales CRM software helps in managing all the track records of the customers and employees,

In this article, we’ll go over the advantages of using a sales dashboard. In addition, we will provide some examples, going over the essential elements. Also, we will illustrate how Elate sales CRM makes it simple to develop unique solutions for your business.

What is a sales dashboard?

Sales dashboards are the methods for the sales team to record their progress and get an overview of their performance

A dashboard is a piece of software that can be used to monitor business KPIs. It is a graphic display that allows users to interact with real-time data presented as graphs, tables, or maps. It is most frequently used to display data regarding how well a company’s operational processes or its many departments, such as marketing, human resources, and finance, are performing. Sales CRM software supports the sales team in displaying the sales track records.

Why sales dashboard is important?

The development of a sales campaign can be followed using a sales dashboard as a tool. It enables the management of marketing initiatives, client interactions, and performance reviews.

A sales dashboard can assist firms in understanding what has been accomplished thus far and what still needs to be done to reach their objectives. It enables them to monitor their prospects and sales pipeline while ensuring that they are not wasting time on unnecessary tasks.

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    Sales dashboards provide complete transparency into all aspects of a sales organization. They provide both a high-level overview of the operations and more in-depth reports on team activities.

    Even VPs of Sales can use sales dashboards to manage their staffing, forecast quarterly income, and determine when their teams will surpass or fall short of monthly goals.

    Without a sales dashboard, managing a sales organization is akin to playing a game without a scoreboard. Although it’s possible, it’s not ideal. Similarly, without the best sales CRM software tracking dashboards become difficult.

    Example of sales dashboard

    The majority of teams and their leadership will use many sales dashboards to focus on a variety of components of their team and business success. Sales Dashboards are the key features of the Sales CRM software UAE.

    Here are a few examples:

    • Sales activity dashboard
    • Account manager dashboard
    • Sales opportunity dashboard
    • Sales KPI dashboard
    • Sales product performance dashboard

    Account managers and sales development representatives (SDRs) use sales dashboards to track operations and meet quotas.

    Sales management dashboards capture metrics, activities, and key performance indicators to show you how well your teams are functioning (KPIs). The best Sales CRM software makes it possible for all hierarchical personnel to make excellent dashboards.

    It is your responsibility as a sales manager to ensure that your team has access to the proper resources and is aware of their key performance indicators.

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    Components of the Sales dashboard

    Dashboards for sales are a visual representation of “everything sales-related” in one location. They display reports based on information from one or more boards. When data is linked boards changes, certain sophisticated software’s dashboards automatically update. In addition to saving time, this also guarantees data integrity.

    A typical sales dashboard combines the following boards:

    • Sales Pipeline Board shows the development and status of all sales deals. 
    • CRM Board helps to track customer engagement status and stores key demographic and core competence data. 
    • Lead Board: stores all data related to a lead, including demographics, past and expectations, perceived touchpoints, the status of each contact, and so forth.

    Dashboard’s Top Sales Reports

    Sales Performance Reports

    Deal Forecasting: 

    By using a report that breaks down predicted revenue by deal stage in the pipeline, you may keep track of the potential revenue for your company this week, month, quarter, or for any other custom term.

    Win/Loss Ratio: 

    To see how your team is performing year over year, you may also compare your team’s close rates to those from the most recent reporting period.

    Sales funnel: 

    With a sales pipeline report, you have the information you need to see how your company is doing, which marketing channels are working the best, and what proportion of deals are closed through each channel.

    Sales Team Reports


    This report displays all calls, emails, notes, meetings, and tasks that your team registers each day. This is how you can see how much time each member is spending on each activity and how many actions are involved in a given deal.


    The leaderboard shows each team member’s progress allowing everyone to see who has closed the most deals.

    How Elate can make an excellent sales dashboard for your business

    Elate sales CRM software offers customizable dashboards that don’t need developer support, allowing you to boost visibility. The ability to add the board as a tab to your workspace using the Dashboard View is one of the nicest features. Widgets allow you to combine multiple dashboards into a single one.

    Elate Sales CRM is a cloud-based software platform where teams may create unique workflow apps to plan, carry out, and keep track of tasks such as projects, processes, and daily work.

    The Elate sales CRM software offers the freedom to construct and adapt to any workflow, project, or process.

    Top 10 Features of CRM Software

    All dashboards in Elate Sales CRM software are completely customizable. Any team member can filter each dashboard’s information to suit the demands of the group. They can select the viewpoint that makes the most sense to them when individual team members want to quickly understand information. 


    Your company must monitor sales data to make sure your team is moving in the right way. Your ability to recognize when to course correct (or even entirely pivot) your efforts to help you stay ahead of the competition, reach your sales goals, and boost your bottom line depends on carefully selecting which indicators make sense to monitor for your firm. Whatever you decide to employ, just make sure you choose the best Sales CRM software in UAE.