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What is Odoo ERP?

Odoo ERP is by far the most effective Open Source ERP solution for businesses that encourage cost-effective enterprise process management. It is a vibrant array of business applications that comprises a variety of business management modules. The open-source model of Odoo Dubai has made it achievable to be infinitely flexible to the visions of developers and therefore making it serve the reason of any aspiring business holder in need of a comprehensive Odoo app that performs an innumerable function. With more than 1000 modules to cater to a variety of businesses, it is readily accessible on the cloud as well as on-site. Due to its ever-growing active community, the elasticity of use, and effortless adaptation to requirements, it has happened to be one of the most used open-source solutions in the world. It covers various business needs such as invoice, accounting, project management, to name a few, and have those all incorporated, seamlessly, into one single application.

  • Human Resources & Payroll
  • Sales
  • Production Management
  • Smart Campus
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase
  • CRM
  • Accounts Module
  • Point of Sales
  • Project Management

Odoo ERP Solution for Businesses – Solution with Limitless Possibilities

The ever-growing technology has pushed the call to make customer experience simpler to a whole innovative level. These days it has become crucial for businesses to espouse the latest technology and keep pace with the varying preferences of the customers. Although keeping investments to the bare minimum, each business looks for a hassle-free enterprise management solution. And here comes the world’s most popular ERP software, an Odoo ERP: open-source application suite for all kinds of business needs. It offers Accounting, Sales, eCommerce, Manufacturing, CRM, Inventory, HR, and many other modules. The ever-growing technology has pushed the call to make customers experience simpler to a whole innovative level. These days it has become crucial for businesses to espouse the latest technology and keep pace with the varying preferences of the customers. Although keeping investments to the bare minimum, each business looks for a hassle-free enterprise management solution. And here comes the world’s most popular ERP software, an Odoo ERP: open-source application suite for all kinds of business needs. It offers Accounting, Sales, eCommerce, Manufacturing, CRM, Inventory, HR, and many other modules.

Odoo Dealer Dubai

What makes you choose Odoo ERP Dubai?

There are numerous reasons to choose Odoo ERP Dubai over any other open-source alternative. Some of the reasons that make Odoo ERP a cut above the rest and an app for every need:

A Complete Solution for your Business

Odoo Modules

From handling and categorizing your sales orders on a structural and hierarchical system to managing your employee’s attendance, their leaves, absences requests, and accounting, Odoo modules can resolve all your business pain-points with a single software. Take a look at some of the popular Odoo modules that will grow your business going forward.

Our Modules

Human Resources & Payroll

With the Human Resources & Payroll Module, completely HR operations will be immensely easier to manage. Our module allows you to take control of overseeing and monitoring your employees and to have a trace of expansions on the recruitment side. Our accurate payroll functionality lets you take control of salary, bonuses, and company expenditures while the leave management feature allows you to evaluate and commend their requests.

Boost Your Sales - Odoo Dubai

Odoo CRM Software Dubai

This module will allow you to deal with the whole kit and caboodle of customer information. It manages your complete sales funnel without it becoming convoluted. It captures leads, follow up on them and schedule meeting swiftly, close opportunities, and generate accurate forecasts. It has an option to analyze the quality of the leads, save time by integrating your emails into the application. It gives a real-time overview of your performances and the next activities. It gives a clear picture of your performance compared to your monthly targets.

Point of Sales - Odoo POS Dubai

This module will enable you to have comprehensive control of all the individual transactions and stock data in your stores of any retail company. With a relatively simple yet powerful interface that can be set-up quickly that is compatible with any device. Furthermore, the module is compatible, extremely flexible with other modules. It can be effortlessly configured to meet your precise needs. 

With Odoo software you can run the retail sales processes of your business with the devoted POS module available. We offer Odoo POS where the functions are done effortlessly with the dedicated dashboard which supports the retail sales processes from the sale counter of the retail shop. If you are planning to you run multiple shops then Odoo POS will make it easy by merging all under the same Odoo platform permitting you complete control and visibility of the business operations. This software is built on a smart interface that allows you to use it without trouble, is extremely flexible, and meets your precise needs. Here are the reasons to go for Odoo POS:

  • With the devoted point of sale module incorporated with all other modules of Odoo, you will be able to run the whole retail sales management easily
  • You can manage and configure many payment methods that offer your customer flexibility for selecting the convenient payment method
  • Odoo POS software/ machine permits you to reward your customers with points, gifts, and discounts. Odoo loyalty program lets you systematize the complete process of point’s allocation
  • This software is companionable with any hardware, thus, you don’t need specific installation for diverse devices or any new devices.
  • You can generate a floor layout rendering to your seating arrangement especially in a restaurant. You can also form multiple floor plans and place tables within POS.
  • You can even divide your order payments into various orders so that the customers can pay separately with diverse payment approaches
  • You can build different roles and hierarchies with constraints to different users. In this way, you can form roles and tasks at respectively store level
  • Sales

    The sales module will initiate your sales progression from processing the approximation and invoices to keeping track of all agreements and sales dispatches. It allows you to consign polished quotations with eSignature. The quotations can be customized and shaped within a matter of seconds along with information about patrons or products available to you instantly. You can upsurge sales volume by inevitably suggesting extra options and accessories, discounts, and more. It also generates notice when contracts are to be renewed.

    Manage Your Finances

    Accounting: Our accounting module empowers you to take control of every aspect of accounting and make the unmanageable process reorganized and simple. It helps in integrating every different process that contains accounting into a single module by allowing the user to tally every datum. You can quickly filter, zoom, annotate, and compare any data. A simple interface for every single functionality makes it adaptable for anyone to operate.

    Invoicing: This module manages contracts, generate frequent invoices, bill timesheets that helps in achieving quicker payment. It helps in generating invoices directly to your clients in just one click. It eradicates the trouble of sending reminders for late or unsettled payments. The software has an option of automated follow-ups that are simple to configure and help to update billing to make payments fast and easy.

    Manage Manufacturing

    Project Management

    The project management module allows you to keep complete information on multiple projects. It allows everyone to connect with the integrated chat feature while setting up new tasks and targets that need to be followed.

    Production Management

    This will let you handle all the manufacturing and assembly processes in the form of an easy to use the module. It has all in one module with MRP, Quality, Maintenance, and PLM fully integrated on a single software. It allows real-time communication by presenting worksheets, quality alerts to employees during the processes. You can even get advanced analytics topographies embedded to know about the resource capacities and inventory locations.

    Quality Management

    This module defines quality control plans that are used to trigger quality tests at precise inventory operations like receiving and final inspection of a product. It can even manage manufacturing operations which are also known as in-process inspection. It supervises and track production part approval process (PPAP) compliance and configures statistical process control (SPC). The manufacturing or production section can activate quality alerts directly from their workplace control panel.

    Streamline Your Operations - Odoo Dubai

    Inventory Management

    This module is designed to assist you with managing your inventory and systematize your warehouse through the smart twofold entry inventory system. The inventory that you are dealing with will be systematically taken into account by ensuring the availability of every detail about the commodity at a simple click. All business transactions can be automated, every stock move can be tracked from purchase to warehouse bin to sales order so that one can reduce the stock level when it is necessary. Every detail is tracked from the time it enters into the warehouse and till it leaves.


    This module makes the process of purchasing easy by making it efficient and primarily automated while at the same time giving you analytics and information. You will be capable of initiating several functions with the purchase module such as initiation of quotation requests, tracking procures orders, handle supplier information, ensure invoices, and manage product reception to name a few. This all in one module will make the purchasing process much simpler by generating precise statistics on your dealers’ performance through flexible reporting.

    For Odoo support in the UAE, please contact: +971 2 566 8814

    Who We Are?

    Peniel Technology LLC is a team of experts who are dedicated to presenting a world-class tailored Odoo ERP in Dubai which is precise to your business needs. Our Odoo ERP is readily accessible on the cloud as well as on-site. With more than a decade of experience and with more than 2000 satisfied customers, we endeavor to cater to the best quality solutions to our reliable customer support and unparalleled services. We have a group of experienced professionals who have fulfilled the requirements of diverse clients and have handled many projects across the UAE. With all the in-house amenities, we can meekly claim that when it comes to innovation and supporting the leading technology, Peniel services are unmatched.

    Odoo Dubai - An Official Odoo Partner - Peniel Technology LLC

    We are a customer-friendly company and recognized Odoo Partners. Odoo official partner UAE tag is a seal that contemplates a guarantee of marvelous Odoo services. From the customers’ point of view, the official partner tag assures that the partner is excellently trained on Odoo. We also have permission to Odoo Enterprise source code on Github and encompass a direct affiliation with Odoo to escalate any kind of problems. Business leaders throughout the UAE depend on our proficient Odoo experts to enhance their business operations.

    ODOO prices in the UAE start at 25.51 AED per user for the Standard package.

    What We Do?

    We provide an open-source development model of Odoo that permitted us to influence thousands of developers and business specialists to build the world's prime ecosystem with an integrated business app.

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    FAQ for Odoo

    Odoo ERP is software with more than 1000 modules to cater to a variety of businesses that include CRM, e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, and inventory management.

    Yes, it is readily accessible on the cloud server both in on-premise and on cloud as per your business requirements.

    Yes, of course. It is open-source, website based, flexible to connection disturbance, locally usable, and accessible anywhere.

    Yes, we train you to get fully on board and utilize Odoo to its maximum capabilities. We train your staff to handle the software at an efficient level, take a backup, quick help, manage schedules, etc.,

    Yes, you can unless you have a browser and internet connection in mobile to access Odoo.

    Yes, it is safe as the customer passwords are protected with industry-standard encryption. 

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