Top 10 Features of CRM Software

By | July 25, 2023

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is the best way to increase sales while keeping track of clients and prospects.

With CRM, you’ll never miss a lead again and can always count on support when needed.

CRM enables organizations to establish client relationships, which encourages client retention.

Since customer loyalty and revenue are two factors that affect a company’s revenue, CRM is a management strategy that increases a company’s earnings.

top 10 crm features

Need for CRM software

Through dependable systems and processes, customer relationship management (CRM) software helps your company manage customer contacts, offer support, and preserve relationships.

It also connects organizational procedures from marketing, sales, and customer service by incorporating features and functionalities that may strategically support important projects across departments.

Let’s discuss the top benefits of CRM software

Automation to streamline the sales process

CRM software automates the sales processes and also enables users to standardize workflows and procedures related to sales, marketing, and customer service to enhance team cooperation.

Easy access to data

Systems for managing customer relationships have searchable databases that users can utilize to obtain client and prospect information while in meetings.

Additionally, the most recent consumer information is available from any access point thanks to some solutions that enable customers to sync data across different devices.

Business performance

Information that can be used to change customer as well as business behavior.

In order to develop customized dashboards and reports based on client data, certain CRM software manufacturers include analytics functionality.

These reports support managing marketing campaigns, revenue tracking, and also consumer segmentation.

Let’s have look at the Top 10 features of CRM Software

1. Sales Management

Elate CRM automates time-consuming routine sales, marketing, and also support tasks to free up more of your time to focus on your clients.

It also creates efficient processes to reduce human data entry, get rid of duplication, and accelerate the entire process.

Sales managers may enter leads, access the leads and turn them into opportunities, view all sales opportunities at once, or filter by sales stages, status, amount, and probability of close using Elate CRM.

For the leads, it can also generate bids and orders.

2. CRM Dashboards

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Dashboard will offer you a brief overview of all the significant sales statistics and metrics, goals to be met, and the productivity of all of your company’s sales leaders.

Your potential clients, current clients, and their orders will all be listed in detail in the overview widgets that are generated on the dashboard panel.

Dashboard includes

  • Dashboard Widgets
  • Widgets for new customers as well as support.
  • Order Monitoring.
  • widgets for leads
  • Tracking and Reminders for Follow-Ups

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    3. Lead Management

    CRM’s lead management feature collects all of your leads in one location to keep your pipeline clear and also deal-focused.

    Effective communication and also nurturing are essential for converting leads into potential customers.

    Elate CRM’s lead management tool provides adequate follow-up to move your leads through the sales pipeline from lead creation through scoring to conversion.

    This allows you to keep track of every possible consumer and their pertinent data.

    Based on their interest in your product or service, new leads generated by the sales as well as marketing teams may be elevated to opportunities.

    Additionally, you may review each executive’s performance and obtain a report on how many leads they generate.

    4. Opportunity Management

    The marketing team’s produced leads can be qualified and advanced to the opportunity stage.

    You may now screen out potential clients and the deals they are interested in.

    Thus, the sales team is able to communicate with customers directly and provide them with product estimates.

    Never lose track of any customers or clients who require your service or product thanks to automation in the sales team’s process.

    You may increase your customer base and provide excellent customer service by allocating a person to each opportunity.

    You can turn this possibility into a business proposal and keep track of all the necessary follow-ups.

    5. Make a Better Proposal

    Receive professionally designed, automatically generated business proposals and invoices that are ready to be sent to clients.

    You may also quickly check various discounts and rates that are offered to various consumers.

    Users can put the payment terms, expiration date, delivery terms, and other selling details here.

    Users can additionally specify the transaction’s currency and VAT values.

    You can avoid the hassle of creating a unique invoice for each customer by using our quotation and invoice generator to generate a ready-made pdf document.

    We can create invoice and report templates with your company’s logo, colors, and also trademark signatures that may be customized to your business’s needs.

    6. Automated follow-up

    The automation and maintenance of the sales process flow is the primary purpose of CRM UAE.

    The CRM UAE will remind you frequently or on the scheduled date after you receive the quotation to start the processes so that your sales representatives remember to follow up with your customers regularly.

    Calls, emails, or meetings that serve as follow-ups can help you develop a report with your clients.

    By automating these routine operations, your team may put their attention and effort toward more difficult jobs.

    • Users can control the follow-ups for a certain proposal.
    • Employees can be given follow-up or activities, and they will receive mail notifications.
    • On task completion or closure, users have the option to close a specific follow-up.

    7. Reports to Promote Sales

    With this feature, the marketing coordinator and managers can check the reports and performance of each sales executive.

    And assess how well they handled and converted each lead into an opportunity that resulted in a final sale.

    You may quickly view a list of all your clients and the things they have bought from you.

    Get a fast rundown of all the yearly trends in product sales.

    To increase your earnings and market effectiveness, you need also to manage your expenses and the money the marketing team brings in.

    8. Master Management

    Only the manager as well as the admin have access to this feature.

    With this, you can set up all of the products you offer, the amount of staff you have, and the login IDs and passwords for your salespeople.

    Masters provide you with access to all of the essential features and modules of the CRM Abu Dhabi and assist you in configuring the specifics of your business.

    Since ELATE CRM is a cloud-based solution, you may use it from anywhere and get rapid business information when you need it.

    Find out about every expense incurred by the company and adjust production or services as necessary.

    9. Security

    You can limit access to your employees based on their position within the company for increased security.

    To stop data leaks and security breaches, you can limit what various users can see in your CRM.

    This keeps your clients’ data secure and enables you to monitor the activities of your personnel according to level.

    Make the most of your company with adaptable CRM solutions.

    With the help of Elate CRM, you can improve your sales, marketing, and customer service.

    Modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is available from CRM Solutions – Business Management Software Dubai.

    Additionally. the company may create unique customer experiences with the help of our CRM solution. It will support firms in developing meaningful connections.

    10. Expense Management

    By using this feature, you can keep track of all extra costs incurred by each employee separately, including travel costs, housing costs, and other allowances they receive for business-related activities.

    also on your request, the software will provide a report detailing all previous expenditures made by the employee over the course of the entire year.