COVID-19 outbreak: Leveraging CRM, the tool that let you work from home

By | July 25, 2023

Companies across the world are encouraging employees to work from home to ensure the safety of their employees and community till the COVID-19 pandemic is reduced and life turns normal. In this situation work still needs to be done, sales need to ensue, opportunities need to be followed up, service issues need to be resolute, employees working from home need to collaborate.

Elate CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems have proven significant to corporate growth in the current situation. It helps the companies to maintain information on their customers and clients. ELATE CRMs are very important now that COVID-19 continues to spread. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the best platform for every organization, as it provides all of its products and services through customer care, development of business, marketing, and any other business route. Employees at home strongly consider adopting CRMs which are cloud-based and accessed anywhere that helps storing all of a company’s information in one a particular place for easy access. Most of the companies need to manage customer and employee relationships where CRMs become critical. Most of the companies have tailored their real-time CRM tool initiatives to their customer relationships that do depend on “perfect” information. 

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    How digital transformation can help organizations to grow during the pandemic attack? 

    ELATE CRM systems will not allow you to miss any leads or clients waiting for your response 

    People working distantly during the outbreak there’s a much higher risk of things slipping through the cracks when leads and inquiries come in from online. These kinds of problems can be overcome by using ELATE CRM which will help in automating the process extensively by reducing the issue. CRM software UAE can be integrated into the small and large business that will manage and analyze the interactions between customer clients.

    ELATE CRM helps in creating workflows which also include alerts and reminders to bring together work from home employees

    By configuring a CRM application’s workflows and alerts, helps in reminding when a quote needs to be followed up, a service issue is pending from too long or when an opportunity gets created. If an employee is unwell, CRM workflows will allot the task to someone else until the employee resumes back to work.

    ELATE CRM software can be used to analyze your sales and performance

    CRM Software Dubai will help the sales team to attend all the enquiries by taking all the essential actions to convert them into a complete purchase. Business intelligence applications like ELATE CRM tool helps in automating business processes for flawless operations.

    All worldwide workplaces of Peniel Technology LLC, one of the best CRM solution provider company in Dubai UAE have introduced remote working through CRM Tool. To reorganize the workflow with ease is accomplished by ELATE CRM software during the lockdown. We are providing highly efficient online support to Elate CRM customers all over in the Middle East who can access our support at any time. Peniel Technology LLC has with intent put all of its efforts, resources, and experience to fight against COVID-19 by utilizing the most advanced technologies that include cloud-based CRM (Dubai, UAE, Middle East) to process the internal workflows and respond to clients quickly and more efficiently.