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By | February 16, 2024

Are you trying to find out where to get the best credit card in the UAE for businesses? You’re in the proper location. All the information you require to choose the best credit card is provided here.

It may surprise you to learn that over 67% of business owners own a specific business credit card. Establishing a business also entails setting up its financial resources and bank accounts. Finding the best credit card in the UAE for your company is crucial for this reason.

Although a few entrepreneurs utilize business credit cards to secure crucial startup funding, the majority utilize this credit option to fortify their cash flow. You don’t need to use any of your funds to make minor expenditures for the company with this credit line.


What Is a Business Credit Card?

A credit card designated for company use as opposed to personal use by an individual is known as a business credit card. Business credit cards are essential to your company’s financial operations. They may assist companies of all sizes in improving future borrowing conditions, separating personal and business expenses, and establishing a credit profile.

While some credit cards have a cash advance charge or a welcome incentive, others are bank balance transfer credit cards. When applying for credit cards for the first time in the United Arab Emirates, starting with just one credit card is crucial. The annual fees, credit limit, credit card balance, and credit card interest rates can all contribute to credit card debt if you make use of credit cards excessively and utilize them too soon. Certain credit cards have an annual charge, which makes them simpler to pay off in full.

Selecting credit cards in the UAE should always be done with your bank account and credit limit in mind. It’s advisable to be sure you can afford the credit card interest rates and that the credit limit is within your ability to pay back before getting many credit cards as this can confuse a first-time newborn credit card user.

Having a business credit card can help you pay for unforeseen costs, relieve cash flow issues, and even establish your company’s credit history.

What Makes a Business Credit Card Necessary?

The most important purpose of obtaining a business credit card is to raise your company’s credit score, even though you can use it for unexpected expenses. Your company’s credit score is a critical indicator of its financial health and a significant metric.

A clean credit record will demonstrate to the bank your reliability as a creditor. If you ever want to take out larger loans for your business, this will be helpful. Usually, these loans are used to buy real estate or cars for your company.

Having a business credit card helps facilitate financial organization for small enterprises. You may divide your work and personal costs with this card.

Best Credit Card in UAE for businesses

There are numerous choices for getting the best credit card in UAE to company owners. Here’s a brief rundown of the most well-liked options and their advantages.

Emirates NBD Business Credit Card

The Emirates NBD Business Credit Card offers unmatched benefits that you can take advantage of whenever you go and every day.

Obtain access to a vast array of unique features that will completely alter the definition of business convenience. With features like plus points, high cash limits, airport lounge access, and more, the Emirates NBD Business Credit Card not only makes purchases easier but also improves your lifestyle.

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Benefits of Emirates NBD Business Credit Card

  • Get 5% back on hotel costs, up to a whopping 400 points per month.
  • Take advantage of a 2% return on overseas purchases, with a 1000-point monthly earning cap.
  • Earn up to 300 points per month by receiving 1% back on necessary government services including DED transactions, utility bill payments, and gas.
  • With a monthly cap of 300 points, earn 0.5% on groceries, supermarket purchases, and other expenses.

Expo2020 Credit Card by Emirates Islamic

5500 welcome bonus, Expo 2020 is 50% off.

With the Emirates Islamic Expo2020 Credit Card, customers may enjoy free valet parking, a 50% discount on Expo2020 tickets, and a dynamic rewards program that starts with 5,500 Uby Emaar Upoints as a welcome bonus. You must make at least AED 5,000 a month in salary to be eligible.

Emirates Ultima Credit Card by Citibank UAE

One of the most prestigious and rare credit cards available in the United Arab Emirates is the Emirates Ultima Credit Card. With up to 2.5 Skyward Miles earned for every USD spent, the recognizable metal card offers the highest Skywards earn rate.

This credit card includes some of the most amazing benefits in the credit card market. This entails a first-year sign-up incentive of 25,000 points and an extra 10,000 points after a year. Additionally, this card gives you free golf on weekdays and access to over 1,000 airport lounges worldwide.

Every time a cardholder uses their card to buy tickets, they will also receive free travel medical insurance and travel insurance.

 Citi Cashback Credit Card

2% grocery cashback, 1% rebate on all other purchases, 8,000 AED

For all of your purchases, this credit card delivers fantastic cashback rewards. You will receive 1% cashback on all other purchases, 2% cashback on grocery and supermarket purchases, and 3% cashback on all non-AED spending. In addition, there are no first-year annual fees to pay and no minimum spending requirements to maintain the card’s benefits. Additionally, you will receive free access to more than 1,000 airport lounges worldwide as a cardholder. You must be above 21 and have a monthly income of at least AED 8,000 to be eligible for this card.

ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum Card

AED 5,000, Entry to lounges at airports, and 1% back on every purchase.

A credit card with low interest and no annual fee for the first year is the ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum Card. To qualify for this card, you must earn at least AED 5,000 a month. Unlike many other credit cards, you can withdraw the whole money on this card.

Some fantastic benefits of this credit card include free roadside assistance, entry to airport lounges, and valet parking. Additionally, any purchases made with this credit card will earn you 1% cashback.

HSBC Zero Credit Card

Among the biggest and most well-known banks worldwide is HSBC. Business owners in the United Arab Emirates have access to HSBC’s Entertainer app and reward program through the HSBC Zero Credit Card. Here, members can use more than 10,000 “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” offers in the retail, food, wellness, and leisure sectors.

This card also comes with some quite significant discounts. This offers discounts of up to 12% at almost a million hotels worldwide and up to 30% at specific eateries. Because of this, the HSBC Zero is among the top credit cards available.

Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card

For people who travel frequently, the Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card is an excellent choice. This is because cardholders are entitled to free, unlimited admission to more than 1,000 airport lounges worldwide. In addition, holders of this card receive free admission to Fitness First and 50% off movie tickets.

It will take at least AED 7,000 in monthly income to be eligible for this credit card. There is no minimum spending requirement to maintain the account open, even if this is the minimum to obtain a credit card. This implies you can make use of all the benefits without worrying about meeting the requirements.

Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Card

AED 5,000, 20% off golf equipment

One premium credit card that provides many benefits, such as a 3.45% interest rate, is the Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Card. To be eligible for this credit card, one must earn at least AED 5,000 each month.

This credit card offers several fantastic benefits and discounts, such as up to 20% off golf equipment, 30% off Timeout Dubai reservations, and 12% off Agoda travel reservations. If you’re searching for a top-notch rewards program, one excellent selection to consider is Standard Chartered.

Emirates Islamic Cashback Plus Credit Card

Look no further than the Emirates Islamic Cashback Plus Credit Card if you’re searching for fast cashback. This credit card offers instant cashback on all purchases. You can earn up to 10% on grocery, education, dining, and telecom purchases, albeit there are variable earning rates for different products.

You will also receive access to more than 1,000 airport lounges worldwide in addition to these savings. Although the cash-back rate on this card is substantial, you should be aware that most categories have a monthly cap of approximately AED 200.

This cap, though, applies to each group. Accordingly, you can receive up to AED 200 in reimbursement for food and an additional AED 200 for educational expenses.

DIB Platinum Credit Card

This credit card, provided by Dubai Islamic Bank, is ideal for paying bills, buying groceries, and petrol. Among the benefits of this credit card is 4% cashback on all grocery, petrol, and auto repair purchases.

Refunds of up to 4% are also available for all school expenses. Because of this, it’s the ideal credit card to use daily. Even though these cashback offers are amazing, you should be aware that the maximum amount of money you may make is AED 400.

The maximum amount of cash you can earn is limited, but it’s far more than with other cashback credit cards. The majority of other cards have a 200 AED maximum per category. This is only half of what business owners may get with the DIB Platinum Credit Card.

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Using business credit cards to make purchases won’t negatively affect your cash flow. But not every credit card is created equal. To get the best credit card in UAE for your business, you should take your time.

Choosing the appropriate credit cards and bank accounts is a crucial step in ensuring the success of your business.

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