The Cost of Living In Dubai: Your 2024 Guide

By | February 16, 2024

Do you have aspirations of opening your own company in Dubai? Or are you trying to find long-term ways to relocate to this vibrant city? This vibrant city is a great place to relocate and make investments! Before you leave for your trip, let’s discuss the cost of living in Dubai.

This area has changed in cost of living and is renowned for its cutting-edge technology. We have addressed all of the major facets of food in Dubai for 2023 and 2024 in our extensive guide. You can decide wisely on your future in this amazing city with the help of our guide. 


Is Living in Dubai Affordable? 

In comparison to other prominent expat destinations such as Hong Kong and Singapore, Dubai has made a name for itself as a low-cost living choice. As per the 2023 Mercer Annual Cost of Living Survey, living in Dubai is feasible without breaking the bank.

Hidden Cost of Living in Dubai

Be ready to shell out extra cash for things like phone, internet, and utility bills, which run about AED 500 (INR 11,317 ) a month on average. Having health insurance is essential because healthcare in Dubai is quite expensive. AED 8,000 (INR 1.81 L) should be at least part of your monthly budget for a modest lifestyle, including sporadic social events and impulsive purchases.

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Here are some tips to help you reduce your monthly cost of living in Dubai even further.

  • Your cost of living is greatly impacted by your lifestyle choices. Put necessities before wants and go for affordable solutions like cooking at home and taking public transit.
  • Due to the current lack of income tax in Dubai, which means that you receive the exact amount stated in your offer letter, pay expectations differ significantly from the salary that is paid. Before making the change, find out what the typical salary in your field is.
  • Dubai is welcoming to all budgets and is not just for the wealthy. Adjust your way of living to your financial situation and discover the city’s undiscovered treasures that lie behind the flash and sparkle.

Tips for Living in Dubai

Being able to pay your “expenses” is not enough to survive in a place like Dubai. It also involves interacting with others and sharing a good tuning while fully immersed in the different working cultures. Because of this, we’ve included some extra survival tips for Dubai below.

  • Acquire some basic Arabic language skills to establish rapport with locals and possibly bargain for better terms.
  • Dubai is known for its opulent lifestyle, stunning scenery, and rich culture. Thus, behave appropriately, shake hands with new acquaintances, take off your shoes outside of houses and mosques, and abstain from spitting and littering in public areas. 
  • Benefit from all of Dubai’s year-round bargains and promotions, particularly during shopping events like Dubai Summer Surprises.
  • Take into consideration obtaining a Dubai resident’s card, which provides savings on a range of facilities and services.
  • Recall that creating a budget is an ongoing effort. To make sure you stay within your means, keep track of your spending and modify your lifestyle as necessary.

Analysing Dubai’s Cost of Living 

Dubai has several attractions since it fosters both a prosperous financial climate and a vibrant city life. It is critical to comprehend the various elements that go into it. Housing accounts for over 30% of living expenses on average, making it the most major contributor. Transportation and food come in second and third, each contributing 15% to the overall cost of living. 

Monthly Salary

Median salary (monthly)13,800 AED 
Average salary (monthly)15,700 AED

Cost of Living in Dubai: For Singles, Couples & Families

Monthly expenses for 1 person5000-5500 AED
Monthly expenses for a couple 8000-9000 AED
Monthly expenses for a family of 417500 AED


Monthly rent:
Studio Apartment (Dubai City)5648 AED
Studio Apartment (Outside Dubai City)3644 AED
1 Bedroom Apartment (Dubai City)8359 AED
1 Bedroom Apartment (Outside Dubai City)5125 AED
3 Bedroom Apartment (Dubai City)16144 AED
3 Bedroom Apartment (Outside Dubai City)11740 AED
Apartment prices:
Studio apartment 475,000-775,000 AED
2 bedroom apartment1,215,000-1,399,999 AED


Milk (1 litre)7 AED
Bread (1 loaf)6 AED
Eggs (A dozen)13 AED
Chicken Breast (500g)17 AED
Apples (1kg)8.2 AED
Potatoes (1kg)3.8 AED
Tomatoes (1kg)5.5 AED
Onion (1kg)3.5 AED
Cheese (500g)27 AED
Bottle of wine (mid-range)65 AED


Fast food (meal for one)35 AED
Casual restaurant (meal for one)50 AED
Mid-range restaurant (meal for one)90 AED
Expensive restaurant (meal for one)500 AED
Bottle of wine 150 AED
Domestic beer40 AED
Cappuccino15 AED


Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for an apartment780 AED
Home internet (monthly)250 AED
Phone plan (monthly)50 AED

Travel & Transportation

Public transport monthly pass300 AED
Bus3 AED
Metro4 AED
Water taxi10 AED
Tram5 AED
Taxi (1km)15 AED
Rental car (daily)100 AED
Gasoline (1 litre)3 AED
Brand new car (small sedan)80,000 AED


Movie theatre (for 2)90 AED
Monthly gym membership270 AED
Museum ticket (for 2)120 AED
Massage (30 minutes)85 AED
Theme park tickets200 AED
Bowling (for 2)90 AED


Preschool/kindergarten fees:
Preschool/kindergarten 32,736 AED
Tuition fees for international schools:
Grade 530,000-40,000 AED
Grade 6-840,000-50,000 AED
Grade 8-1050,000-60,000 AED
Grade 11-1260,000-70,000 AED
Undergraduate fees:
Undergraduate degree (per student)173,400 AED

Housemaid Services

Housemaid services (monthly)1500-3500 AED
Sponsorship fees (annually)5500 AED
Cleaning (per hour)30 AED


Basic health insurance (annually)600-800 AED
Comprehensive health insurance (annually)5500 AED
Premium health insurance (annually)10,000-15,000 AED
Short visit to the doctors240 AED
X-ray200-400 AED
Ultrasound200-400 AED
Dental checkup200-400 AED
Health care card (adults)320
Health care card (children under the age of 10)120

Is Living in Dubai Cost-Effective for Expats?

Dubai is a popular place for foreign visitors looking to settle down permanently because of its growing metamorphosis and reasonably priced cost of living. Dubai is still a financially viable choice for international professionals trying to save expenditures, even in light of the growing costs. 

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