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Tally CRM Integration

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Elate CRM allows for the tracking of different business possibilities, effective follow-up with potential clients, comprehension of their needs, and logical conclusion of the deal.

Acquire and manage leads, or prospective customers, until they complete a purchase.
Organize, store, and keep track of information about your clients, prospects, and sales leads.
Convert leads to opportunities when they meet all criteria in the organization by converting them to accounts.

Tally and Elate CRM Together

Zapier lets you build automated workflows between two or more apps—no code necessary. These workflows are called Zaps, and this is how they work.

Elate CRM and TallyPrime integration

Elate CRM and TallyPrime integration is a unified solution to implement business strategies and manage customers' or prospects' interactions. To capture and store every customer interaction at every point of contact, integrate Elate Sales CRM. Making precise pricing and application decisions gets simpler. Customers have 24/7 access to safe online payment channels. Repeating entries for transactions or product items across several platforms is no longer necessary.

Elate CRM Features

Manage the company's interactions with clients, and potential customers by using customer relationship management as a strategy. Marketing, customer assistance, technical support, and sales processes are all used to streamline, automate, and coordinate business operations. It's a strategy to have a seamless platform between the direct customer contacting departments and other organizational departments that are indirectly involved with customers.

TallyPrime partner

Tally Accounting Software in the UAE offers its software solutions to several Middle Eastern sectors. UAE people use Tally Accounting Software to manage their finances easily. It complies with the tax and accounting rules computes VAT, manages multiple currencies, and does other tax-related operations. Consequently, it ensures that everything is unique to the UAE.

Elate CRM is more than the features

When a potential consumer reaches out to you to close a sale, you don't lose out. You can access the cloud and internet software at any time and from any location. Because Elate CRM is scalable, it can expand along with your company.


Dashboards are the core repository for your sales data and information. It displays sales activity, key performance indicators, and other important CRM data in a dynamic, engaging, and aesthetically satisfying way. It's the best administrative helper for the sales manager.


Impress your clients with a stunning proposal that sets you apart from the competition. Incorporate rich media and images straight into your proposal pages for a more engaging sales presentation that will undoubtedly be unique.

Invoice Approvals

Use an approval process to authorize business-related orders, invoices, budgets, payments, and discounts. Many companies are utilizing automated approvals to save time and boost productivity. The approvers get a notification when send an approval request.


You can monitor important metrics like client acquisition, retention, and churn with CRM reporting. Also, you can spot patterns and trends in the behavior of your customers. You can utilize this information to enhance customer service, boost sales, and promote business expansion.


Inform the customer that the purchase was in their best interest with your follow-up and express your continuous service. Trust is built through follow-ups because they know you've already done the transaction and have nothing left to gain.


With Elate CRM, you can assign sales targets to your team members and monitor them regularly. You can set the targets based on both count and value. This tool allows you to establish a target in aggregate value and track the overall sales value generated by your team members.

Automate the integration with Penieltech

With a special blend of integration of the partner and client on a single platform, it addresses business demands from pre-sales to post-sales and guarantees high customer satisfaction from acquisition to retention.

You can access them on both platforms with a single data entry. Keep track of all the accounting data that is pulled from the CRM. Update the sales team's information on invoices and payments.

  • To manage inventory more effectively, synchronize all of your ledgers, stock items, and sales vouchers in Tally. Sync information easily between Elate CRM and Tally.
  • Get rid of inconsistent customer, sales, and accounting data between the database and accounting apps.
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