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Manage Real Estate challenges in Saudi Arabia with a strong and reliable Property management software - Elate PMS. Streamline accounting, leasing, and maintenance and increase sales with automation.

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VAT Enabled PMS

Handle high-volume transactions with ease that are essential to property management. Attain compliance through precise VAT accounting for many kinds of properties.

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We have recently purchased Property Management Software from Penieltech, really very nice and friendly customer service
Aug 10, 2023
Makes the implementation easier and more accurate. Good team with great experience and the best after-sales support.
Aug 10, 2022
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Property Management Software Review
The customer service is very helpful and supportive. Also to add that they were quick in their response.
June 28, 2022
  • Easy

    1. Usability

    Elate TMS is the best property management software. There is no need for pricey training, and it is simple to learn. The tool is adaptable enough to meet all the current needs of property owners or landlords.

  • Highly

    2. Scalable

    It is a potent property management tool in the Saudi Arabia that enhances your property administration by eliminating manual processes. It includes features such as Dashboard, check-in and check-out, report, reminder, expense entry, master, etc.

  • Advanced

    Reporting and Analytics

    With the help of this software, you can provide data to produce timely, useful reports. We provide specially made software. It makes it easier for you to design your unique report.

  • Possible

    4. Integration

    TMS offers the ability to integrate with other tools. With this integration, you may also update your tenant or property data in our system.

Real Estate Software in Saudi Arabia

Our industry-leading Property Management software in KSA, with over ten years of real estate industry expertise and hundreds of satisfied clients, is a tried-and-true foundation for small and medium-sized real estate businesses in Saudi Arabia. By locating and managing ideal clients, our tenant management system in KSA is a potent tool that helps real estate companies and brokers grow their businesses quickly. Our software was designed with the specific goal of marketing, systematizing, and flawlessly managing business activities related to the real estate sector. This is a large piece of software that can help your organization admirably and aim for affordable solutions.

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Dashboards in PMS

Access a search view that makes it easy to find building sizes and types by navigating the Tenant Management Software dashboard. Take note of the occupancy percentage for both occupied and vacant areas. Obtain a comprehensive summary of payment statuses, from bounced and pending to cleared, canceled, and on-hold transactions. You can maintain solid control over your property management and stay updated with the help of this comprehensive dashboard.

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Automation with Elate PMS

Send automated rent reminders and effectively handle your Post-Dated Checks (PDCs). Organise expenses with thorough classification. For all kinds of property transactions, Elate PMS is a comprehensive property management system. For quick access and effective tenant or client support, you can easily submit important papers and photos about the property and tenants in one location. You can reduce your workload and remain on top of all your assigned chores with the help of automated alerts and notifications.

Tenant Management System Dubai, UAE

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Tenants Check-In with Ease

Tenant check-in is handled by Check-In TMS, where you may select the tenant, flat, building, and receipt date. In addition, you can supply the dates, the total rent, and the referrer number.

Additionally, there is a section dedicated to payments, where you may select the payment type, method, date, person, bank, and amount. and you may upload any image there by using the attach file option.

Tenant Management System Dubai

Check Out Feature

In the TMS checkout module, you will notice newly submitted check-out requests. With this option, you can select the renter, the desired date, and the check-out date. Rent received and total rent is two separate boxes, thus any balance owed will be shown in the payment field. You can also view the sort, description, and amount of an extra payment option that you can select.

Tenant Management System UAE

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Best Residential and Commercial Property Management Software in Saudi Arabia

Valuable reports in Elate PMS Saudi Arabia

You can create reports for renters, buildings, units, and other entities using the reporting feature in this software. Here, you can generate reports particular to a building, a tenant, or a unit.

Note the start and end dates of the rental agreement here. Additionally, it will display the total amount of rent owing and any overdue payments. You can select a tenant, building, or unit to submit a report about. From there, you can enter the flat, and the amount of rent. Once you submit the payment details, the balance will appear.

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Property management software for small landlords

The best software solutions we have will help small landlords and property managers improve their occupancy rates, manage their properties more effectively, and optimize their business processes. To learn more about the performance of your property, create thorough financial reports that include rent rolls, income statements, and spending monitoring. This software is made to satisfy your unique requirements and help you succeed in the cutthroat real estate industry, regardless of whether you're a landlord, property manager, or real estate investor.

To reduce downtime and increase occupancy rates, easily market and advertise available apartments, keep track of inquiries, and schedule showings. Boost occupancy rates, minimize vacancies, and increase rental income by using our software to assist you in drawing in and keeping tenants.

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All-in-One Real Estate Property Management Solution

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Master, Structures, and Units

Buildings: You can add information about a new building to the master area with the assistance of this section. In addition to the flat and premise numbers, you also need to provide the building name, address, and location. If you need to supply a new building as a rental, you can use this function to enter the building's information.

The master feature has two options: all buildings, where you can access information about all buildings, and new buildings, where you may add information.

Units: This option allows you to provide details about new units. You can add it here by inputting the address and location.

Tenant Management Software

At Penieltech, we provide cutting-edge software that can greatly benefit real estate professionals seeking novel ways to manage their rental business, diversify their holdings, and optimize their workflow.

The Tenant Management Software dashboard's search view allows you to find the building's size and kind. Additionally, you will learn the proportion of occupied to unoccupied space. You can manage the details of new renters by adding their names using this master option. You don't have to keep your memory current to manage every renter and their data with this software. The primary purpose for which our real estate software is professional administration, organization, and promotion of commercial real estate activities.

Commercial property management software

Master - Tenant - Expense types

Tenant: You can manage the details of new tenants by adding their names using this master option. With the use of this program, you may manage every renter and their data without having to keep track of them all by memory.

Expense types: Property management expenses include property management, taxes, maintenance, insurance, and utility charges.

They also include costs incurred in managing the underlying asset. In this section, you may keep track of all these expenses.

Property management software for small landlords

Easy & Smart Property Management Software in Saudi Arabia

Property Management Software in Saudi Arabia, Ajman, UAE, PMS in Saudi Arabia, PMS KSA Property CRM Software Saudi Arabia i.e CRM for Properties is a Property Management System in Saudi Arabia to manage all kinds of properties like apartments, villas, hotels, land, and building. Leading Real Estate and Property management Software in Saudi Arabia and all over the Middle East.

Customizable & easy to use Property Management Software for landlords & real estate agents. Manage property rentals, sales, tenants & maintenance Manage properties the way you want with all in one property management software. Rapid start. Flexible. Easy to learn and use. Data consistency. Industries: Retail, Commercial (commercial property management software), Industrial.

Elate TMS is a cloud-based property management system.

  • Do not miss the notification of any ending or expired contracts
  • View the detailed payment overview.
  • Observe the ratio of occupied to vacant space.
  • Check-in details of tenants.
  • Check-out information.
  • Records of pending payments.
  • Records of expense.

Our market-leading property management software in the Saudi Arabia is a tried-and-true solution for large, small, and medium-sized real estate enterprises in Saudi Arabia, with more than a decade of real estate company expertise and thousands of satisfied customers.

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Property Management Software for Small Landlords

With the appropriate property management software in Saudi Arabia you would be manage security deposits, tenant payments, tenant documentation

Real Estate Software For Construction Companies And Property Owners In Saudi Arabia, Elate PMS/TMS – Real estate management software in Saudi Arabia with comprehensive advanced modules. Real estate software allows owners to manage accounts, contacts, leads, sales orders & many more things.

CRM Software in Ajman

Trending Tenant Management Solution For 2024

How The Real Estate Management Software is Benefitted?

We are trustworthy suppliers of all sorts of accounting software in UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and all over the Middle East. Our main objective is to organize, strategize and implement solutions to your business with Tally Prime ERP 9, Intuit QuickBooks UAE, Sage 50 US, Sage 50 UK, Sage 100, Sage 300, Elate CRM, Elate HRMS, and Elate POS, ERPNext, Property Management Software etc. We are the exclusive distributor of Elate HRMS in Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain.

Flexible rates

Elate Tenant Management Software provides adaptable pricing structures according to each customer's needs. Users can select a pricing plan that best fits their business needs, saving them money on things they don't need.

Real-Time Precision

Live service is available from the committed support team of Elate Property Management Software. To ensure a smooth and efficient software experience, users can quickly seek help with any issues or questions they may have.

Quick Access

The software is crafted with quickness and a database that can accommodate any bulk data to assist you better without conceding the quality of work.

Highly Security

The most required characteristic in real estate management software in Muscat, Oman is data security. The software has access authorization in order to avoid information disclosure.

Customer Support

Our professionals will resolve your problem and direct you throughout the process. At your ease, email us, utilize the chat facility, or call us on the support number. We promise to support international standards and integrated technical support all through the problem to resolve your issues anytime.

Trended as the Best property management software in Saudi Arabia and all over the Middle East for 2023 & 2024. Looking for Property Management System in Saudi Arabia? Our Property Management software will help you to manage all kinds of properties as well as third parties for buy, sell, rent, or lease.


Know more about Property Management Software
Property Management Software is a Software using in Real Estate business sector by Property Management companies and Landlords. This software helps to manage the tenants, occupant & Vacant Flats or Properties ,their expenses, Income etc and also various reporting and accounting tools are available in such softwares.
Property Management or Tenant Management Software are the major software using in the real estate Industry. Elate TMS is one of the best software preferred by UAE Property Managers.
Landlord Software is nothing but a Property or Tenant Management Software. Elate TMS & ERPNext Property Management are the most preferred Property Management Software in UAE and Middle East.
In order to avoid complex & time consuming process, Managing Tenants, addressing tenant’s issues and Tracking cost it is a great idea to having a Property Management Software. Elate TMS is one of the best selling Property Management Software in UAE
  • 1. Self storage Management is an industry that rent out storage spaces such as rooms, lockers, containers or outdoor space. It is also known as "storage units or self-service storage ," to tenants, usually on a short-term basis often month to month.
  • 2. Commercial Property Management: A commercial property manager handles non-residential properties like offices, retail spaces, warehouses, shopping centers and industrial buildings.
  • 3. Recreational Property or land management: This includes the management of properties such as resorts, sports fields, marinas, RV parks or Caravan Park, campsites, and more.
  • 4. Asset management: Asset Management is a process of operating and managing physical assets.
  • Elate Property Management Software is the perfect solution for property management with better user experience and high security.
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