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Penieltech offers fantastic Odoo customization services that are ready to assist your business in growing to its fullest potential. Get in touch with us now, and we'll begin a journey toward the growth, effectiveness, and prosperity of your company.

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Customization for Odoo

Penieltech provides the most widely used open-source Odoo software solutions globally, mostly in the Middle East region. This software is helpful and scalable to every kind of business, no matter how big or small. After hearing about our client's needs and requirements, our expert team of Odoo software developers at Penieltech customizes the program for you. Odoo ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), is well-known and used by enterprises of all sizes. It has become an essential tool for any company that wants to run efficiently with high productivity. Users can save significant time by using the software to streamline tedious processes.

  • Human Resources & Payroll
  • Sales
  • Production Management
  • Smart Campus
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase
  • CRM
  • Accounts Module
  • Point of Sales
  • Project Management

Odoo to Easily Manage Business Fundamentals

The process of customizing the Odoo ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software to a company's specific requirements is known as Odoo customization. Formerly known as Open ERP, Odoo is an open-source software system that is versatile and handles various aspects of a business, including inventories, sales, human resources, and finance. However, as each organization is unique, business people want Odoo customization services to meet the needs of the enterprise in terms of workflows, operations, and preferences. As a result, the company operates more smoothly and efficiently. Choosing the right partner for your Odoo customization journey is crucial if you want to ensure the success of your company's optimization tasks. As a reliable partner, Penieltech stands out for providing excellent Odoo customization services for your exact specifications and requirements. Penieltech is your strategic partner in driving your company's success—we're not just an Odoo modification service provider. We at Penieltech, are by your side, ready to support you through each stage of the process. Further, we ensure that every customization is in line with your company objectives as you set out to improve productivity.

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Our approach towards Odoo Customization

Crafting bespoke Odoo solutions: Tailored customization to amplify your business efficiency and agility.

Advantages of Odoo customization in Dubai, UAE

Odoo Software customization manages and tracks your customer information easily. It will assist you in handling phone calls from clients and online help desk platforms. With the help of this sophisticated, personalized system, you may respond to your client's question right away. With Odoo services, you can easily monitor every aspect of upcoming orders, ongoing sales, and sale/purchase accounts with only one click. With the help of Odoo Customization Dubai, you can automate the billing or invoice generation process for your clients. With the unique specifications, our Odoo Customization solution specialists will start creating the foundational modules and features. This scalable solution adapts to your changing needs as they arise. With the help of Odoo Customization Services, tracking business functions like sales, procurement, inventory control, manufacturing, and customer relationship management (CRM) is simple.

Why choose Penieltech for Odoo customization services company in Dubai

Advancement and Odoo module customization are well-organized by our experts. Upgrading the Odoo modules we produced to the latest version requires a minimum cost. At Penieltech, we adhere to the standard Odoo coding rules for Odoo customizations and we consistently keep up with Odoo updates. In terms of Odoo development and customization, we adhere to the first-rate user experience standard. Our Odoo server's speed has been completely enhanced to handle massive databases and demanding server queries. We modify Odoo so that you can utilize its core features as much as possible without encountering any issues. For additional information on how our Odoo experts can assist you with Odoo customization, please get in touch with Penieltech. You don't go on your business optimization journey alone; rather, it's a dynamic relationship. Penieltech is prepared to support you during this transition. We will make sure that every customization step boosts your company's productivity and profitability.

Odoo Customization Modules

Sales Management

From lead to close, this module facilitates efficient sales operations. Manage customer interactions, create and track quotes, streamline orders, and assess sales performance through comprehensive reporting.

Inventory Control

Optimize stock levels, trace inventory movements, and oversee procurement processes for effective inventory management, ensuring timely order fulfillment and minimized stockouts.


Comprehensive financial management tool allowing seamless bookkeeping, invoicing, bank reconciliation, and financial reporting, ensuring accurate and transparent financial data for informed decision-making.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Capture leads, nurture customer relationships, and track interactions to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline sales processes through effective pipeline management.

Who We Are?

Peniel Technology LLC is a team of experts who are dedicated to presenting a world-class tailored Odoo ERP in Dubai which is precise to your business needs. Our Odoo ERP is readily accessible on the cloud as well as on-site. With more than a decade of experience and with more than 2000 satisfied customers, we endeavor to cater to the best quality solutions to our reliable customer support and unparalleled services. We have a group of experienced professionals who have fulfilled the requirements of diverse clients and have handled many projects across the UAE. With all the in-house amenities, we can meekly claim that when it comes to innovation and supporting the leading technology, Peniel services are unmatched.

Odoo Dubai - An Official Odoo Partner - Peniel Technology LLC

We are a customer-friendly company and recognized Odoo Partners. Odoo official partner UAE tag is a seal that contemplates a guarantee of marvelous Odoo services. From the customers’ point of view, the official partner tag assures that the partner is excellently trained on Odoo. We also have permission to Odoo Enterprise source code on Github and encompass a direct affiliation with Odoo to escalate any kind of problems. Business leaders throughout the UAE depend on our proficient Odoo experts to enhance their business operations.

Odoo Customization Charges

Odoo Customization Charges: Hourly rates vary from $18 to $100, depending on the customization complexity.

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FAQ for Odoo

Odoo ERP is software with more than 1000 modules to cater to a variety of businesses that include CRM, e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, and inventory management.

Yes, it is readily accessible on the cloud server both in on-premise and on cloud as per your business requirements.

Yes, of course. It is open-source, website based, flexible to connection disturbance, locally usable, and accessible anywhere.

Yes, we train you to get fully on board and utilize Odoo to its maximum capabilities. We train your staff to handle the software at an efficient level, take a backup, quick help, manage schedules, etc.,

Yes, you can unless you have a browser and internet connection in mobile to access Odoo.

Yes, it is safe as the customer passwords are protected with industry-standard encryption. 

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