Top 10 ERP Companies in Dubai

By | July 25, 2023

What is ERP?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a platform used by businesses to coordinate and manage the key elements of their operations.

Numerous ERP software programs are essential to businesses because they enable resource planning by integrating all the operations required to manage their operations into a single system.

ERP systems integrate all aspects of business management, such as

  • Planning.
  • Inventory or materials management.
  • Engineering
  • Order processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Accounting and finance
  • Human resources

Let’s discuss the benefits of ERP


Increasing efficiency is the main objective of putting ERP software into practice.

With ERP, manual data entry is greatly reduced, and also repetitive tasks are eliminated.


Moreover, ERP software will save you time by improving productivity.

Due to the automation of redundant processes, individuals will have more time to work on other important projects.

As a result of the solution’s simplicity, they will also be able to work more efficiently.

Information Integration –

The most significant advantage is the promotion of integration.

It does so because it can update data between related business functions and components.

Moreover, the people involved in a project work together to improve productivity.

Collaboration –

Another major advantage of using an Enterprise resource planning system is collaboration.

Collaboration between departments is critical to a manufacturing operation because it provides much more comprehensive visibility.

Since ERP systems use centralized and consistent data, departments can collaborate easily.

Scalability –

A structured Enterprise Resource Planning solution can gradually add new users and features.

When a company is ready to expand and continue to build, enterprise resource planning software will help.

Let’s have look at the top ERP Companies in Dubai

Penieltech (Elate ERP)

Penieltech is the provider of the Elate ERP in Dubai.

We offer incredibly flexible and also integrable software.

Any other third-party app is simple to integrate with our Elate ERP software.

You can acquire your bespoke software thanks to our customizable feature.

We offer ERP for manufacturing, HR and payroll, real estate, accounting, distribution, healthcare, education, hospitality, non-profit, and other industries.

We offer a solution that is simple to operate.

It doesn’t require much training to deploy and begin utilizing.

Offering a variety of ERP service support options is Peniel Technology.

The support team is on standby to answer any questions you may have.

In addition to the free setup, we also offer free ERP training.

You can schedule a demo with our specialists for the trial.

Select Products for Free Demo? for other ERP’s Select Custom

    Oracle ERP

    In Dubai, Oracle is a well-known provider of solutions.

    Oracle doesn’t offer many customization choices in its software because they mainly concentrate on product-based solutions.

    With its emphasis on large industrial enterprises, it properly supports their management.

    Some Oracle functions include inventory and supply chain management, enterprise performance management, revenue recognition, accounting, order administration, compliance and governance, product lifecycle management, and financial close.


    The ideal piece of software for small and medium-sized organizations is Sage 100 ERP.

    It is employed for resource management and aids in inventory management.

    The software immediately provides manufacturing and inventory management.

    Distribution, accounting, manufacturing, customer relationship management, human resources, business intelligence, project management, and time management are just a few of the many modules of the program that handle the various facets of ERP’s.

    Additionally, it gives users the option to construct financial statements and offers a wide variety of established templates from which to pick.

    Additionally, the solution gives users access to the Sage 100 ERP cloud.


    ERPNext UAE is an easy, powerful, and complete solution that is affordable and easy to use. It can be hosted on their servers or self-hosted by the user or even on mobile using the mobile app. It can be hosted on Cloud or Premise.

    Also, it’s trusted by happy users in 150+ Countries. It supports over 30 languages and is a large ERP system that assists organizations to manage all kinds of business workflow with no trouble and effectively.

    ERPNext is trusted by happy Users in 150+ Countries.

    Among its many business verticals, ERPNext provides solutions for Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Services, Education, Health Care, Non-Profit, Agriculture, Hospitality, and more.

    It supports small and also medium-sized businesses across the world.

    ERPNext Dubai is ideal for budding Companies.

    BitsSoft ERP

    Since it began deploying Bits Soft ERP in the GCC 18 years ago, the company Beam IT Solution has a stellar track record of success.

    Organizations have become more adaptable, scalable, and agile thanks to Bits Soft ERP.

    If you’re looking for the best ERP software that supports VAT for your business, BitsSoft ERP should be at the top of your list.

    Finance, trade, contracts, HRMS, manufacturing, CRM, and also real estate are just a few of its modules.


    The complete business resource solution is SAP ERP.

    All of the necessary modules for a business’s operation are provided by the program.

    Product lifecycle, supply chain, finance, human resource, and customer relationship management are all included in one piece of software.

    It is possible to implement SAP ERP on a computer, in the cloud, or a hybrid environment depending on the situation.

    It is coupled with various other programs to provide effective outcomes.

    You can easily manage your entire organization with the aid of SAP ERP.

    Regardless of the size of the firm, it is ideal and very scalable.

    It changed to accommodate your growth.

    Marg ERP9+

    One of the most popular ERP systems in Dubai is Marg ERP9+.

    All of the capabilities required for effective resource management in a firm are present in the program.

    For small, medium-sized, and large-scale businesses, it is ideal.

    Retailers, producers, distributors, and other types of companies can choose from a wide assortment of modules.

    For easier access, it also offers consumers an Android app.

    Some of the components you’ll discover in Marg ERP9+ include order management, touch POS, connectivity with eCommerce platforms, barcode scanning, and sales force automation.

    Brainshere ERP Software

    One of the most well-known providers of software solutions in the Middle East is Brainsphere IT solutions.

    More than 500 firms in the Middle East have benefited from The Brainsphere’s services, and they have made a positive impression on their customers.

    Regardless of the size of the firm, Brainsphere is a great alternative.

    It is quite flexible and altered to fit changing business needs.

    It increases operating efficiency, boosts customer happiness, keeps track of customers, and assists with follow-up when necessary.

    Inventory management is extremely careful.

    All firms have access to the consolidated framework for improved administration.

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    Note: All Above are not Ranking of any vendor, they are just discussed according to the features and all.