Top 5 Best CRM Software Tools in Abu Dhabi, Dubai

By | July 25, 2023

As the technology has been updating, all types of businesses in the UAE are implementing CRM software. No matter whether the business is small or large. CRM has become the mandatory tool for every business for maintaining a healthy and productive customer relationship in the best way to ensure a bright future for the business.

Top 5 Best CRM Software Tools in Abu Dhabi, Dubai for 2021

Here are the Best CRM Software for 2022

There are many CRM Software available in UAE. But the challenge lies in picking the right CRM Software for managing their customer relations.

  • Elate CRM
Elate CRM Software for Small Business in Dubai, UAE

ELATE CRM is the best CRM Software for small businesses. It is curated for small and growing businesses, is stress-free to set up, and has a simple layout with easy adaptability. Elate CRM software for small businesses offers many functionalities to step up your sales game. With ELATE CRM, you can exhibit a range of KPIs, charts, reports, and leader panels for better perception and trend analysis. It is tailored to access up-to-date customer data from anyplace and anytime within the business. It makes it easy to track communications over the telephone, email, or chat. It conveys relevant and engaging email marketing campaigns by automating sales tasksTally Point of Sale

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    • ZOHO
    Zoho CRM

    Zoho is a cloud-based software suite built for the hassle-free and easy running of small businesses. The customization provided by Zoho is very easy to manage and can be modified according to the specific need of a business. This software offers the best features like Multichannel content management and AI Voice Assistant for creating dashboards and forecasting business trends. It has easy integration to various third-party marketing tools. Zoho offers a varied range of pricing based on the type of business.

    HubSpot CRM

    Hubspot is one the best cost-effective CRM solutions for small businesses. It is easy to use and offers a wide range of CRM tools to manage the customer journey. Hubspot had a user-friendly interface where businesses can see their entire sales pipeline right on their dashboard and also customize their dashboards to view all of their contacts, sales activity, and performance metrics of users or teams. Hubspot has been integrated with more than 300 apps and also with popular tools like Salesforce, Shopify, and Microsoft Dynamics. Hubspot offers forever free plans with limited features and can be upgraded to a paid plan for more powerful features.


    Pipedrive is the best ease-to-use CRM Software for small businesses. Pipedrive is best known for its features like automated online transactions, customer prospecting, sales management, and Gmail power users. Its ability to completely customize the data fields and workflow gives tailor-made solutions to multiple problems faced in customer management. Pipedrive has different kinds of pricing modules suitable for all types of business growth plans. It has easy integration with Google apps, Trello, Zapper, and many more.


    Freshsales is an easy-to-use CRM Software providing a sales-oriented approach with all features focusing on maximizing leads to conversations. The software uses AI-powered lead scoring to prioritize the leads that are more likely to convert. Businesses can set up their own custom workflow automation, get actionable insights into conversations, track events, and use the 360-degree customer view to see all the most important information from a single screen.

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    Note: We are not Ranking Above CRM’s we have just discussed Features of same.