Top 10 Supermarkets in Dubai

By | February 10, 2024

Beyond its opulent automobiles and skyscraping structures, Dubai is a city that has much to offer everyone, particularly when it comes to food shopping. If you’re visiting or new to the area, you must know where to buy your regular necessities. Make your selections slowly! This is a brief guide to the top 10 supermarkets in Dubai. Every store is renowned for its high-quality goods, extensive assortment, and ease of use for customers. These stores therefore provide everything you need, whether you’re searching for international specialties, fresh fruit, or basics. Shop with assurance and delight in the variety of products Dubai’s supermarkets have to offer.

An overview of the top 10 supermarkets in Dubai as of 2024

Given how vibrant and opportunity-rich Dubai is, it is not surprising that the supermarket sector is doing so well. In 2024, the city is dotted with an abundance of supermarkets, each providing distinctive goods and services. Each of the top 10 supermarkets in Dubai tailors its products to meet specific needs. This showcases the city’s diverse consumer tastes. These supermarkets provide a wide range of options, from hypermarkets to exclusive food stores, catering to everyone’s preferences. They utilize cutting-edge technology, offer exceptional customer support, and are committed to providing high-quality goods. As a result, they have set a new standard for urban grocery shopping.


Carrefour is a significant player in the retail sector. The multinational retail behemoth is one of the biggest retailers in the world, with operations in over 30 countries and over 12,000 stores globally. Carrefour has fourteen locations in Dubai and sells a variety of products, including electronics and groceries. Numerous establishments feature a supermarket layout, enabling patrons to take advantage of additional savings.

Carrefour is a household name for many families worldwide, thanks to its wide range of products, affordable prices, and excellent customer service. Carrefour has everything you need, whether it’s groceries, gadgets, household necessities, or clothes. Carrefour’s dedication to sustainability and social responsibility sets a high standard for other retailers in the sector.

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    One of the top 10 supermarkets in Dubai, Spinneys is dedicated to offering high-quality organic products. There is a large selection of both domestic and foreign products here. Everything a consumer might need is available at Spinneys, including ice cream, seafood, chicken, and prepared dinners.

    Motor City is home to one of the biggest Spinneys stores in Dubai; other well-liked locations are on Jumeirah Beach Road and in Al Warqa 1. A Spinneys store recently opened near the JVC apartments for sale at the Circle Mall. 

    Choithrams Supermarkets

    In the UAE, Choithrams is a well-liked retail destination featuring over 30 stores. This is the place to go if you’re searching for a grocery shop that carries a large selection of foods and is aware of the local tastes! Their fresh fruits and veggies are particularly well-known. Never forget that one of the best methods to keep healthy in the city is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables!

    Plus, their collection will thrill you if you like cuisine from many nations. Choithrams is a suggested option for anyone looking for high-quality foods or newcomers in the UAE. Keep in mind that going shopping at a store that offers a variety of options can add to the excitement of your culinary excursions!

    Lulu Hypermarket

    Lulu Hypermarket is a place to shop that has grown to be a weekly ritual for many homes. This supermarket has more than 20 locations around the UAE and has established itself as a top grocery and home goods retailer. From gadgets to fresh fruit, the hypermarkets have an amazing selection of goods from local and worldwide companies. In addition, Lulu provides a range of services like grocery delivery, loyalty programs, and online ordering.

    This massive retail chain serves as a one-stop shop for all consumers with its wide selection of goods, which includes everything from electronics and clothing to food and home goods. All customers like shopping at Lulu Hypermarket because of its roomy aisles and customer-focused philosophy. Whether you’re shopping for everyday necessities or treating yourself to some retail therapy, Lulu Hypermarket provides a wonderful experience.


    Every grocery shopper in Dubai goes to Union Coop because it has established a reputation as one of the most trustworthy stores in the city. The supermarket contains everything you need, including fresh fruit, furniture, kitchenware, clothing, and stationery.

    Fresh produce and premium products are particularly well-known features of the Union Coop shops in Dubai. It has been servicing consumers for more than 25 years and has several locations throughout the city, including Al Barsha, Palm Jumeirah, Satwa, Rashidiya, Al Twar, and Umm Suqeim, to mention a few. 


    Since its establishment in 1982, Al Maya has grown to be a well-known grocery shopping brand in Dubai. Al Maya operates in four GCC nations. They have garnered a devoted following by integrating five key values into their business strategy: freshness, product variety, reasonable prices, service, and strategic locations.

    The first grocery store in Dubai to offer free delivery was this 24-hour store. Customers can use their Facebook and WhatsApp login credentials to place grocery orders. The supermarket ships orders overseas as well! Al Maya now operates about 40 stores in the UAE alone.

    Al Maya Supermarket Dubai is available to help you around the clock, whether you need to buy last-minute stationery for your kids or are preparing a monthly grocery shop!


    One of the well-known supermarkets in Dubai is Baqer Mohebi, which sells fresh food at very affordable prices along with other goods. Baqer Mohebi Enterprises (BME) is a supermarket that also distributes and markets fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), including non-food items. Another well-known feature of Baqer Mohebi is its amazing bargains on chocolates and other candies. This store has several noteworthy locations throughout Dubai, but the main ones are in Al Mankhool, Bur Dubai, and Al Qiyadah, Deira. 

    Zoom Supermarket

    In Dubai, the Zoom Supermarket is the place to go for all of your grocery needs. With numerous locations throughout the city, it’s simple to pick one close to your house or place of business. You can find anything on your shopping list at this supermarket chain thanks to its extensive product selection, which includes everything from fresh vegetables to household necessities.

    Zoom Supermarket’s dedication to quality and value for money is among its top features. You should anticipate finding premium, freshly sourced goods at affordable costs. Zoom Supermarket is the ideal location whether you’re picking up a few snacks for your movie night or filling up on weekly necessities. So visit the branch that’s closest to you and treat yourself to a pleasurable shopping experience.


    Waitrose supermarkets in Dubai are a favorite among British expats living there because they consistently maintain extremely high product quality. The supermarket has a rack full of organic fruits, fresh veggies, and tender meats that are just waiting for you to take them home. In addition, the supermarket carries a large assortment of pasta, dairy products, and confections. Waitrose is the ideal location for British expats in the city to indulge in nostalgia thanks to its extensive range of British goods and ingredients, as well as its comprehensive range of frozen dinners. 

    Waitrose has several locations in Dubai, including large locations in Motor City, Jumeirah, The Dubai Mall, and Dubai Marina Mall. However, there are several Spinneys stores throughout the city that sell a selection of Waitrose products.


    The first supermarket in the area to use a discount model, VIVA Viva Supermarkets in Dubai provides the best products at the lowest possible cost. Viva’s wide range of products has made it a choice among consumers searching for affordable grocery stores in Dubai.

    Products at Viva Supermarkets Dubai are carefully chosen and certified by European standards, ensuring excellence! One of Viva’s distinctive features is that, for a limited period, it offers “Special Buy” discounts on a variety of non-food items. With this offer, you can purchase goods at incredibly low costs!

    The Bottom Line

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