Reasons Why Your Business Needs QuickBooks Add-Ons

By | July 25, 2023

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a flexible piece of software that may meet your accounting demands.

When growing our business, we use all of the tools QuickBooks offers, but there are still a few tasks that it cannot handle on its own.

QuickBooks Addins - QuickBooks Custom invoices

This can be tedious and frustrating if you have a busy schedule and a lot of data to enter.

However, a user may accomplish a lot with QuickBooks add-ons (which can be from a third-party provider or Intuit itself).

The Penieltech offers a variety of QuickBooks add-ons that can assist you to get rid of some basic deficiencies of the box product.

Also, Penieltech is the best QuickBooks Dealer in Abu Dhabi Dubai, UAE

In the UAE, Penieltech is the top QuickBooks supplier.

The company is the top supplier of customized QB, Quickbooks invoice software, Quickbooks custom invoices, and Quickbooks custom voucher printing.

Let’s discuss the reason why your business needs Quickbooks addins

Quickbooks Voucher printing Addins –

You may easily print vouchers in QuickBooks using a connected program (QB Addins), which enables you to seamlessly synchronize the live data.

Additionally, with QuickBooks custom-voucher printing you can easily modify it to fit the required format.

You can add your company’s logo, the desired text field, and mostly the Amount in words.

Following are the customized voucher types available in Elate QB addins.

1. FTA Approved Tax Invoice format –

You can create FTA-approved tax invoice formats with our Elate QB addins.

According to your requirements, QB Addins can produce a QuickBooks invoice template with a custom logo and also template.

The invoice generated using the Quickbooks desktop application cannot have the amount printed in words or have a second column added.

The FTA stipulates that every invoice must include a column showing the VAT amount and another column showing the VAT percentage.

The QB Addins additionally includes the serial invoice number and the invoice issue date.

It also includes columns for totals that include and exclude VAT.

Features missing from Quickbooks desktop –

  • The line-wise calculation for UAE customer
  • Amount in word
  • Line-wise discount
  • FTA recommended invoice format.

2. Receipt Voucher-

You can create a receipt with the customer’s name using the QB add-in receipt voucher.

The cheque number, date, and bank are included in the QB Addins receipt voucher.

Additionally, you can enter amounts in word that are not included in the QuickBooks desktop.

This QB addins allows you to create automatic voucher numbering.

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    Depending on the version you’re using, QB addins can be used by a single user or a group of users.

    You can design a unique voucher template with your company’s name, logo, and address on it.

    Features missing from QB Desktop –

    • Auto voucher numbering
    • Amount in word conversion
    • Customized receipt voucher with company logo and address.

    3. Journal voucher –

    By including the account number, account name, customer’s name, debited amount, and credited amount, you can produce a personalized journal voucher.

    A single voucher may contain the total number of accounts, the account number, and the client’s serial number.

    You can create a personalized voucher utilizing your company’s logo, name, and address with QB addins.

    The total amount that has been debited and credited is also listed in a column.

    Features missing from QB Desktop –

    • Auto voucher numbering
    • Amount in word conversion
    • Customized journal voucher with company logo and address.

    4. Payment Voucher –

    A feature of QB addins is customized payment vouchers.

    The bill date, bill amount, and paid amount are all listed in separate columns. You can also add the amount in word.

    By looking at the amount already paid, you may calculate the balance.

    The total amount is also listed in a column.

    The auto voucher numbering function adds automatic voucher numbers.

    Customized payment voucher with company logo, address, and the name is also a feature of QB addins.

    Features missing from QB Desktop –

    • Auto voucher numbering
    • Amount in word conversion
    • Customized payment voucher with company logo and address.