Odoo customization to improve customer experience

By | May 8, 2024

Any organization that wants to stay in business needs to make sure its customers are happy. Businesses should concentrate on improving customer experience and happiness to deliver customized solutions to their clients and meet their wants if they want to stand out in a very competitive industry. Popular business management software Odoo ERP improves the purchasing experience for businesses by providing specific capabilities for online and offline operations. Odoo customization provides choices for e-commerce websites and retail operations, boosting the total customer experience, in addition to solutions to improve the shopping experience for customers. 

Odoo offers the following suggestions to improve your company’s consumers’ shopping experience:

Customize each message

Even though template answers can be quick and simple, they are also your worst enemy. It’s awful to receive an answer that seems like it has been given to millions of individuals in similar circumstances. Every client is unique and deals with a distinct problem. Create standard or pro forma responses with Odoo customization that you can alter to fit specific circumstances.

Act fast.

Inform them that you are attending to their issue. Regardless of whether it offers a remedy or not, there ought to be a prompt response for each initial communication. Inform them that you are attempting to find a solution to their problem. Avoid waiting for them to get back to you because that will indicate that you weren’t responsive enough.

Happy employees and happy clients

Your overall service will suffer if your customer care representatives are dissatisfied with their jobs or demotivated. Remember that they are only human and will have highs and lows. They represent your business, so they must provide a warm, accommodating, and fulfilling experience to your clients.

Free Consultation

    Training is necessary in plenty!

    Never undervalue the importance of having a well-prepared team. If you possess sufficient experience, you can teach the lessons and provide the directions yourself. However, it is advisable to hire experienced trainers because they bring a greater breadth of experience and expertise. When your employees have encountered a comparable scenario in a “test” setting where they had the opportunity to investigate potential solutions, they will be prepared to respond appropriately in real-world scenarios.

    Do not lie.

    You should never, not even partially, tell a client something you know to be false, even if it is intended to calm an overly anxious consumer. Inform your clients if you don’t have the information! 

    Assuming that you can always provide a consumer who depends on a schedule with information is a common mistake. Isn’t it wonderful if everything transpired precisely when it was meant to? Great, but not always feasible in a professional context. Since timetables are primarily informative—as we all know—be careful not to excessively inflate your clients’ expectations. It’s preferable to let them down gently.

    Keep getting better.

    You did a good job managing the situation, and your service level met the KPIs. Fantastic! What should you do now? Get in touch with the clients who weren’t happy with your service and find out what could have helped them. After that, make sense of the responses you receive. Although you’ll never be completely satisfied, you should continuously strive for it.

    Coupons System

    Odoo customization allows you to create and set up client coupons for use in both e-commerce and retail settings. You can launch the coupons program through marketing campaigns, and customers can choose to receive their coupons via email or in person. To improve the shopping experience, the customer can input the coupon code to obtain a discount or unexpected gifts for their purchases. You can also divide these coupons into groups based on the amount of money spent utilizing them.

    Comparative Options

    Like the wishlist option on your company’s e-commerce website, which you may make available to customers. Website users will have the ability to compare the many products that are available and make decisions about what to buy based on the product descriptions that your company has provided. Odoo Customization will let you make that easier for you.

    Live chat support

    With the help of a special live chat widget management module, we have defined the Odoo live chat feature. Here, you can include several operational channels to assist customers using the company’s e-commerce platform.

    Loyalty programs

    You can design loyalty programs that benefit the company’s clientele with the Odoo platform. Consumers can accrue points by purchasing goods and services through these programs, and they can subsequently exchange these points for gift cards or discounts. It is also possible to arrange for the exchange of these points for store gifts.

    Customer portal access

    Just log in to the website with the provided credentials and approve them each time. The e-commerce platform may be accessible to the customer through a portal. This improves the user’s capacity to alter the e-commerce webpage of the portal to suit their tastes without compromising the standardized data. Additionally, this personalization option will enhance clients’ shopping experiences.

    The Bottom Line

    Penieltech offers the most popular open-source Odoo software solutions worldwide, primarily in the Middle East. No matter how big or small the firm, this software is useful and scalable. Enterprises of various sizes use the well-known Odoo ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). It is now a necessary tool for any business that wishes to operate profitably and with great productivity. By employing the software to automate time-consuming tasks, users can save a substantial amount of time.