Accounting Software UAE – 2022 – FTA Approved

By | July 25, 2023

Accounting software plays an important factor in business growth and development. Hence it is very necessary to choose the right accounting software which will make your accounting easy for you and also show you the business trends and analysis. Accounting software should not be restricted to accounting work only, but it should be able to print vouchers, payment details, give business insights, generate reports that are customizable, should be able to give you good insights and progress of your business, and help you take better decisions in future.

Here are the best accounting software used in UAE and preferred by many businesses and organizations across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other Emirates. These Accounting Software are VAT compliant which will help you to carry out transactions smoothly and helps you calculate the tax refunds and other expenditures wisely. Following are Best Accounting software Solutions used in Dubai UAE.

Accounting Software UAE – 2022 – FTA Approved
Accounting Software UAE – 2022 – FTA Approved

1. Intuit QuickBooks

Known for its easy User Experience and simple User Interface, QuickBooks is a powerful accounting software equipped with many features and functions to run your business smoothly. Quick books has 3 main versions. The UK, US, and Canada. Only the UK version supports VAT functionality while the US does not support VAT functionality. Hence the UK Version is the preferred version of QuickBooks in UAE.

Quickbooks has the following editions.

  • QuickBooks Pro.
  • Quickbooks Premier.
  • Quickbooks Enterprise.

Quickbooks Pro is the base edition that is suitable for all the basic accounting functionality used by a small business and start-ups. Some of the features include Inventory tracker, Sales tax tracker, Invoicing, Manage bills and other payables, Track Income, and Expenses.

Quickbooks Premier is the Industry level accounting software used by many industrial business and factories. This edition has the features and functions of the pro version and additional features like Units of Measurements, Flexible pricing for different customers, financial forecasting, Create backorders and a few other features.

QuickBooks UAE

QuickBooks Enterprise edition is only available in the US version and not available in the UK version. This edition is subscription-based software, where you have to pay monthly subscription fees to use the software.

There is also a Quickbooks Accountant edition which is useful and relevant only for Auditors and Chartered accountants.

If you are unable to decide which version suits your organization the best you can contact us and our expert technicians to guide you. You can always upgrade from the pro version to premier version and then to enterprise version as and when you want. So QuickBooks is Best Accounting software Solutions used in Dubai UAE.

2. Tally.ERP 9 (Now Tally Prime)

This software has the power of a full-fledged ERP software and has many features packed into it. It comes in a standard package that contains all the features together. You can later enable and disable the features that you want. The tally comes in two versions.

Tally now comes with additional features like remote access and encryption technology. It is installed on your desktop or on your server for multiple access.

the all new tally prime for Dubai and UAE - Penieltech

 Tally covers all accounting activities of your company

  • Maintain Stock
  • VAT calculation
  • Prepare Financial Report
  • Cheque Management
  • Maintain an account of all Customer and supplier
  • Generating invoices
  • Payroll
  • Loan and advances

Tally User interface is very basic and fast to use. You can operate it with the help of a keyboard only and navigate around it easily. It has a drill-down feature that helps you analyze reports and know the growth of the business organization. This accounting software also has the VAT enabled the feature which is good for the UAE tax validation and refunds. So Tally UAE is the Best Accounting Software Solutions used in Dubai UAE.

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    3. Sage Accounting Software:

    Previously, Sage had products like Sage 50 US, Sage 50 UK, Peachtree, and other accounting software, but now they have discontinued these products. They have currently moved everything online and have changed the mode of payment to a subscription basis, where you have to pay annually. This product is very cost-efficient and gives you many features at the best prices in the market.

    sage 300
    Sage 300

    Sage Business Cloud comes in standard and accountant editions. This based on a cloud platform and helps you do all the transactions and recording online. This software has the VAT support and the Banking supports in UAE. It has many tie-ups with the banks wherein they update all the transactions done in your bank account that you have synced with the software.

    Being on the cloud, it gives you the opportunity to access your account and data remotely and from any platform such as your laptop or mobile.

    Sage Business Cloud is secure, simple to use and is compliant to all the local laws in UAE.

    Features are:

    • Pro-Forma Invoices
    • VAT Management
    • Invoice in different Currencies
    • Discount Items
    • Terms and conditions control
    • Mobile and Tablet Access

    These Accounting software solutions are used in a wide scale in the GCC countries and play a vital role in its development. You can opt to choose your own accounting software as your organization’s preference. To know more about this software, feel free to ask your queries and doubts in the link below. Comment to know more about Best Accounting software Solutions used in Dubai. So QuickBooks is Best Accounting software Solutions used in Dubai UAE.

    4. Elate CRM Software:

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software UAE is the ultimate solution to boost your sales figures while helping you keep track of your customers and provide constant support when needed.

    CRM Software in Dubai

    Companies use CRM software in UAE to manage and analyze customer interactions with the company and get reports that will reflect the reasons for sales growth or decline. This will help you make better judgments and decisions for your company’s progress. One of the Leading among all CRM Software Provider Companies in Dubai, UAE, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Middle East.

    Best CRM System Dubai is aimed to compile the potential customer’s basic information and requirements so that the company can provide the best products and services to them and eventually increase the customer base in your field.

    Keep a record of all your points of contact, to observe which source of contact is the best choice and on which channel you need to invest more.

    These channels may be the Advertisement on prime time television, Google ads, digital marketing, direct mails, Company website, and social media. CRM UAE is very easy to learn and has a smooth User Interface. This CRM UAE Software is designed to be the Best CRM in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across UAE.

    5. HRMS Software:

    HRMS & Payroll software availed by us are capable of assisting customers in all the basic and even complex business requirements based on the editions they choose. The software is extremely scalable and very flexible.

    HRMS Software Dubai

    Effectively manage different processes including employee tracking, applicant tracking, performance evaluations, benefits organization, payroll systems as well as time and attendance, etc. We Offer Best HR and Payroll solution Dubai, UAE.

    Human Resource Management System (HRMS) plays an important role in the development of the company. As employees are the backbone of the company, it is required that the company maintains a healthy relationship with them and keeps a good record of all their vital information.

    With the increase in the number of employees in the organization, the load of keeping their data along with their important documentation falls on the HR team and it becomes hard to serve all the employees in a better way and hence an HR software solutions UAE is required. HRMS software in UAE is the solution to this. Get Free Demo for Best HRMS Software in Dubai, UAE

    Features of HR & Payroll Software Solution: Scheduling of employees Time Tracking Essential accounting Talent management Performance management.

    Free Demo Available for All Products:

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    6. Real Estate or Property Management Software:

    With more than a decade of real estate business experience and thousands of happy customers, our market-leading Property Management software in UAE is proven and trusted premise to large, small, and medium-sized real estate companies in Dubai. Our tenant management system Dubai is a powerful application that enables the property agencies and agents to expand their business swiftly through hunting and handling perfect clients. Our software is purposefully created to market, systematize, and manage business processes flawlessly involved in the real estate industry. It is an extensive software that can commendably support your business and intend cost-effective solutions. Property management software Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain UAE- Save time and effort with our best property management software and CRM property management solution.

    Real Estate Software Dubai

    Real Estate Software For Construction Companies And Property Owners In UAE, Elate PMS/TMS – Real estate management software in UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi) with comprehensive advanced modules. Real estate software allows owners to manage accounts, contacts, leads, sales orders & many more things.

    7. Cheque Printing Software:

    With the help of this smart software you can now print cheques fast and print cheques in bulk. This software will easily integrate with any accounting and ERP software to print cheques.

    We can print cheques on all banks’ cheques and can also configure all the needed settings that is needed for your organization. We also provide a wireless printer that works as a cheque printing machine UAE so that you can print cheque fast. We have all the Cheque printing templates loaded in the software.

    Cheque Printing Software

    Cheque Printing Software – Now you can print cheques from accounting software. With the help of Elate cheque printing software you can remove all the hassle to write cheques by hand.

    Cheque Printing Software – The software is build to print on any dimension of the cheque with a normal office printer, therefore, trimming a lot of time, cost, and maintenance.

    The most trusted Cheque Printing Software in the Middle East

    Our cheque printing software comes with a range of sophisticated features permitting you to do everything related to cheques and payments. Here is the list feature that makes you choose the software that can prepare your cheque faster and so easier.