7 Best Tools to Manage CRM Workflows

By | July 25, 2023

A good CRM solution focuses on the customers that keep your business alive. It offers the most efficient means to reach out as well as get to your customers. The offer includes analytics, workflow automation, social media management, contact management, social listening, and everything else in between. Elate CRM helps you get closer and establish a strong bond with the customer. Now there are a million different CRM solutions in the market. They all offer a number of features. That is why it can be quite difficult to choose the best one.

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Ultimately, you need a solution that best fits your organizational needs and requirements. Besides that, it needs to fit your internal workflows as well to enhance it for improved efficiency. To determine the right solution needed for your business, you need a properly defined workflow with clear-cut processes. With that, you will be able to determine the right solution that is needed for your organization. So, here are some of the best tools to manage CRM workflows for the ultimate growth of the business. 

1) Elate CRM

Elate CRM is one of the most holistic and versatile CRM workflow management tools. To facilitate efficient and effective completion of workflows, it comes with well-designed features. Elate CRM offers a whole range of capabilities in workflow management. From adding tasks to setting priorities to setting statuses, this tool offers all the functions. You can apply automation partly or fully to workflows and integrate it with other important applications. After that, sync data and keep each person in the workflow up to date. Besides that, it comes with a dedicated email marketing tool and social media management tools. It is one of the most reasonably priced and easy CRM tools to install in your organization.

2) Hubspot

Hubspot is another all-encompassing CRM solution. It offers a separate segment specifically for CRM workflow management. It comes with a visual dashboard that allows you to see real-time updated progress details within the sales funnel. In this, you can add or remove tasks, track the performance of team members, schedule appointments, and many more. Hubspot provides ample scalability that allows you to sync customer data across channels and integrate the information for easy accessibility. 

3) Zoho

Zoho is a comprehensive and complete brand solution. It includes everything from accounting to collaborative applications. Zoho is one of the most popular cloud-hosted CRM solutions in the market today. It is extremely user-friendly and involved no hassles in installation. Zoho comes with an array of features for customer data collection and insightful real-time analytics to make improvements. Besides that, it also offers features for workflow management. It comes with a whole library of applications to integrate. 

4) SalesForce

SalesForce is another one of the most popular sales & marketing tools as well as CRM workflow management tools. To automate and implement efficient workflows, a lot of companies in the world over-utilize the system. It includes some of the biggest names in various industries such as Macy’s, Spotify, Amazon, Toyota, and many more. The brand also offers tools for email marketing, contact management, accounts management, lead management, social media and many more apart from CRM workflow management. SalesForce also comes with a handy mobile app. It allows you to stay on top of customer interactions even while you are travelling.

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    5) Pipe Drive

    Pipedrive is more of a sales-oriented solution that allows you to categorize your leads due to the stages of each of them throughout the sales funnel. It is an efficient CRM workflow management tool that offers an insightful analytics tool. It helps you measure your performance in CRM. To sync other applications as well and in the form of add-ons, it features email integration as well along with flexible features. It serves to be the perfect solution for companies if they have high numbers of incoming leads as well as long and complicated CRM workflows.

    6) Freshsales

    As the name suggests, Freshsales is another versatile solution for CRM workflow management. It is specially made for sales teams. It offers features like lead scoring, SMS integration, contact, lead & account management, and more in its workflow segment. It is an efficient workflow management tool where you can set priorities, add tasks, measure performance, and assign tasks to team members. Besides that, this tool also features analytics, event tracking, profile enrichment, email marketing.

    7) Insightly

    Insightly is perhaps one of the most affordable solutions that offer the top-notch CRM tool that is the best value for money as well. It serves to be an all-rounder when it comes to features. It has ample storage capabilities, unlimited custom reports, far set monthly credit limits, and API access. It also allows third-party integrations as well as email marketing. Insightly offers features such as pipelines and activity reports in its workflow segment along with Google calendar and Contacts integration. Undoubtedly, it facilitates smooth and seamless workflows.


    CRM Workflows is a comprehensive solution that comes with intelligent automation tools. It allows you to identify repetitive and redundant tasks with effective automation of them and no excessive manual intervention. According to requirements, you can fully automate processes or partially automate parts of the workflow with CRM workflow automation tools. This way CRM workflow automation improves the overall efficiency of the marketing and sales team. Besides that, it allows managers more time to concentrate on creative tasks such as strategy development and product ideation. You need to use the right software to achieve maximum efficiency with CRM workflow management. 

    All the above mentioned CRM tools have their own unique strengths and capabilities that can work for your organization. You need to choose a CRM system workflow management solution that is flexible enough to adapt to your unique organizational structure as well as offers the best features in workflows. That is why Elate CRM from Peniel Technology is the best CRM system for the overall growth of the organization. It ultimately decides whether the end goal of establishing good customer relationships will be achieved feasibly. Elate CRM tool provide the most important means to make the most of a CRM solution and manage team workflows.