11 Amenities for Property Management

By | July 25, 2023

When it comes to rentals, you should be aware of what your tenants truly desire. It will not only help you find the best renters quickly and effectively, but it will also help you keep them. You may charge more for a service if you deliver more, give more value, and offer more alternatives if you know what your tenants want.

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What are Property management amenities

Property management amenities are any non-essential services or extras provided to a renter in a rental unit. Most renters look for these distinguishing characteristics in a rental home to improve their overall experience and quality of life. The facilities provided, on the other hand, are one of the most essential selling points for rental flats.

Renting an unfurnished property has increased by about 50% over the last 10 years. Landlords gain from high prices. Renters, on the other hand, have high expectations since they spend so much money. Find tenant-friendly amenities to attract new tenants and raise rent pricing.

Comprehending what their tenant’s desire is a difficult task in hand for property owners. While some tenants have difficulty finding a home that meets their needs. Fortunately, there are some tempting things you can include in your rentals that will not cost you a fortune.

11 Amenities for Property management

Here are 11 of the most important things that tenants seek in a rental house, whether you are buying a new property or refurbishing an old one. These criteria can assist you in attracting more tenants, enhancing your chances of finding a suitable tenant for your property management.


The location of a firm, like every other facet of it, may have a substantial impact on income. Excellent tenants like to live close to their workplace, as well as grocery shops, restaurants, and community parks. It all comes down to lifestyle quality, and a great tenant is usually willing to pay more or overlook less appealing features of the rental unit if the property is located in a desirable neighborhood. It is critical to have a grocery store, doctor’s office, pharmacy, and other retailers nearby, and school catchment regions are significant to families.

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    High-speed Internet access

    When hiring a commercial space, fast internet is vital. People who work from home, such as busy professionals, may appreciate a high-speed internet connection included in your rental package.

    Is fiber optic technology available in your region? If this is the case, make the offer available to the entire building so that every unit is connected up and ready to participate. You may even add free internet as part of your rental package or charge for it separately.

    A Good Pet Policy

    The millennial generation is thought to be the most likely to rent right now. They also appreciate their animal companions. 73% of millennials have a pet. A flexible, intelligent, and inviting pet policy will assist you in attracting tenants. Tenants always prefer to have a good pet policy in their property management.

    AC and Wash dryer

    A window unit or two in your home will not cost you much money and will attract more tenants. Just make sure you’re not paying the electricity bill, and you won’t have to worry about how often the AC unit is set too high.

    The majority of tenants expect on-site laundry facilities to wash their clothes and bedding. It’s significantly more convenient than transporting something to a faraway spot. Include a vending machine with laundry soaps and softeners, as well as meals for people doing their laundry.

    Peaceful Neighborhood

    Privacy and a peaceful environment are more vital today than ever before. With so many people working from home, the ability to focus without distractions is essential. While landlords of multifamily apartments cannot control the attitude of the entire neighborhood, they may wish to consider hanging signs around the property asking tenants to be quiet between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

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    Tenants want lots of parking for themselves as well as their visitors. Potential tenants like the flexibility to have a housewarming or birthday party in their own home without having to include complicated parking instructions on the invitation. When you can easily invite family and friends for holidays and other events, a rental genuinely feels like home.

    Security features

    Everyone desires a secure environment. Before acquiring any property, prospective landlords should regularly investigate crime rates in the area. Installing a few extra security features, like cameras and motion sensor outdoor lighting, is an easy approach to attracting potential tenants. These cameras can be integrated with real estate software.

    Landlords may make their tenants feel safer by installing CCTV, adding extra locks and a peephole to the front door, and ensuring all safety certificates are in place, in addition to having a working security system and Property management software UAE.

    Furnished and with a walk-in closet

    The majority of people like this luxury and all but the most frugal tenants will find it appealing. For individuals who are always on the road, moving furniture is cumbersome, therefore it’s no surprise that furnished apartments are popular. Carpet is a tenant’s worst nightmare. A hardwood floor, on the other hand, is easy to care for.

    Outdoor Private Space

    This sought amenity undoubtedly comes with the COVID-19 epidemic. An own outside space, even if it is little, is a huge benefit in a rental apartment. This sometimes combines with a renter’s wish to keep a pet, manage a garden, or provide a safe space for small children to play outside.

    Automated Services

    Automated tenant services make life easier for both renters and landlords. The clever landlord will put up automated systems that handle the majority of the labor, from rental collecting to maintenance and repair needs. With this in place, landlords can focus on collecting rent and responding to requests instead of receiving them. Real estate software includes the following features:

    • Easy Usability
    • Exceptionally Scalable
    • Advanced Reporting and Analytics
    • Potential Integration

    Energy-Saving Upgrades

    Millennials, in particular, value energy-efficient modifications and will select residences accordingly. Check to see how simple it is in your state to install solar panels on your roof. And can be tracked via property management software or Real estate software via Property management.

    Property Management Software is designed to fulfill the needs of your organization’s real estate activities and tenants. Real estate software can be customized to work from anywhere in the globe. It consists of Property Lease, Financials, and Asset Management, and was designed and created expressly to address the dynamic issue that the Real Estate sector faces.