Top 10 Property Management Software UAE 2023

By | July 25, 2023

Digital innovation within the real estate industry has taken the traditional real estate market to next level. The new evolution of technology has made the buyers find and purchase a new home on their phones in just a few clicks. Sellers, too, can list their property and make the best deal for their sale. But on the other end of each transaction, there is a need for rightly addressing the administrative needs of the owners and investors across a variety of property deals. A new generation of real estate software is working to ease the administrative issues of real estate companies across the globe. Real estate software Dubai, UAE it is a perfect solution to many real estate or property management problems. 

Top 10 Real Estate Software for Property Management
Top 10 Real Estate Software for Property Management

Here are some of the Best Property Management Software in the UAE


Elate Property Management Software guarantees enhanced reflectiveness of their involved and vacant entities. It is designed to meet the requests of real estate activities of an organization that can be fine-tuned to accomplish from anywhere in the world. Property management Software comprises property to lease, financials, asset management, precisely intended and technologically advanced to overcome the dynamic dilemma faced by the real estate sector. It is one of the best software with a captivating feature to respond to and manage tenants’ complaints and quires. It has an exclusive structure that adapts to your business with effective web tools permitting organizations to drive online in the shortest time-frame with the most cost-effective model.

    Real Estate Property Management Software


    BlueSky Real Estate Software in Dubai, UAE is the leading property management software in Dubai. BlueSky is a Cloud-based Real Estate Software designed to satisfy all the requirements of property management companies. BlueSky Real Estate Software in Dubai, UAE offers many values added services like tools for managing Tenants, Contacts, Leasing, Accounting, and Financial, Reporting, and Analytics as well as maintaining the property and related Assets. This property management software is developed for better growth & to reduce the administrative hurdle of any real estate company. 

    Adept Business Solutions

    Adept Business Solutions provides software applications for small and medium-sized businesses in the Middle East. Adept Business Solutions focus on customer relationship and engagement. Adept Business Solutions Property Management Software MySpacio is a web-based real estate management software that manages Property Info, Tenancy Agreement, Tenant Info, and other real estate-related information. It also has alerts feature for customer cheque collection, agreement renewal alert, property tax, and government dues alert, etc. MySapcio is customizable based on your organization’s needs and requirements.

    Pact Business Solutions

    Pact Business solutions are one the most popular software for property management, sub-leasing, sales, brokerage, and maintenance management. Pact manages properties and accounts at one go. The software helps to automatically create different types of contracts – for property purchase, sales or leasing and manage them effectively throughout the contract. Pact helps in simplifying & streamline your business with key features like centralized information, reminders via SMS & Email, Tenancy contracts, sales & rental quotations, and many more.

    OSOS Property Management

    OSOS is a top-notch property management software that caters to individuals, agents, and companies. A cloud-based property management solution that eases the pain of traditional methods. OSOS is designed with top-class features & technology which is fully responsive and well-integrated software. The software comes with a variety of packages to suit the different needs of the business.

    OSOS Property Management

    CORAL Business Solutions

    With 16+ years of expertise in ERP solutions, Coral Business Solutions provides one of the best ERP solutions for Real Estate Management in the UAE. Using its integration with other business resources and intelligent business insights the Real Estate ERP easily predicts the market trends and helps in organizing and streamlining real estate operations. Real Estate ERP has features like Property Sales, Rental business, Customer and Tenant supervision, administering sales/rental contracts, details building information, accounting and generates reports and analytics which all contribute to the process of delivering a simplified enterprise solution for a seamless user experience.


    Letosys’s software applications attempt to integrate business process across various departments of an organization into a single organization-wide information system that provides a platform for organization-wide communication in a seamless manner and leverage the information for their business growth. Letosys Property Management Software ensures that real estate businesses run profitably by providing analytical information systems to the customer for reducing costs across the organization. Letosys Property Management Software has various modules which can be integrated to work with each other based on your organization’s requirements and needs. 

    Additional modules can be added to the solutions as and when organizations scale up and grow.


    Focussoftnet’s ERP systems are one of the most advanced ERP solutions with cloud-based integrated modules and state-of-the-art software solutions for real estate management in UAE. With completely customizable and scalable real estate ERP software businesses can solve all your property and construction-related problems. Focussoftnet’s real estate ERP software will manage time and resources effectively, efficiently and also keep track of all your operations. With real-time information, businesses will be able to take timely decisions which are backed by proper data.



    Linkinsoft provides solution services that reliable and of the best quality. Linkinsoft’s Real Estate ERP provides a one-stop solution for brokers, developers, and facility managers. The Real Estate ERP manages all the operations in real estate businesses like Property Management, Sales, Facilities, Accounts, Client Management, etc. With all these features it helps in tackling most of the problems faced by real estate businesses. It is 100% customizable and scalable based on your specific requirements and will help you to manage your real estate business effectively.


      In4Velocity’s In4Suite provides a one-stop solution for all the challenges faced by Real Estate. In4Suite comprises various modules which integrate and cover all the functions of a real estate business. Based on Organization’s needs the modules can be added to the ERP solutions as and when the business grows. In4Suite puts your data to work by automating the daily repetitive tasks so you can focus on your business and customers.


      Peniel Technology’s Property Management Software Dubai, UAE provides tools for managing Tenant, Contacts, Leasing, Accounting, and Financial, Reporting, and Analytics as well as maintaining the property and related Assets. This helps in automating, modernizing, and growing your business. Elate Property Management Software for Small Landlords is simple to use yet powerful platform for property management businesses.