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Attendance management system in Dubai

Implementing an efficient attendance management system to streamline record-keeping and enhance organizational efficiency.

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  • Real Time

    1. Easy Scheduling

    With easy scheduling, you may create your whole work schedule with only one click.

  • Next Level

    2. Control Overtime

    Managing labor costs is made simple with labor reporting and overtime notifications.

  • The best

    3. Team Management

    Accept time off requests, examine shift swaps, onboard new hires, and quickly fill shifts.

  • Secure

    4. Shift Schedules

    Get shift confirmations from staff members and get alerts for swaps and drops right away.

Time and Attendance System in UAE

All procedures related to employee time and attendance are included in the time and attendance management.

This basically involves keeping track of and monitoring the hours worked by employees, including their start and end times as well as the length of their breaks, sick days, and vacation time.

There are numerous methods for keeping track of employee hours. For instance, by employing a time and attendance program or punching timesheets, timecards, and employee scheduling.

Perfect Time Attendance Software For UAE Businesses

Automated Attendance management system

Employee time and attendance at work are tracked using an automated attendance management system. Generally, it records things like work hours, leave requests, and time off (holidays or sick days).

A variety of solutions are available to your HR departments for efficient employee management. It's time to accept automation as the way of the future rather than continuing with the manual method of tracking staff attendance.

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Remote and Hybrid Work Culture & Shift wise Attendance

Keep track of your workers' clock-in and clock-out times, their break schedules, and the amount of time they worked effectively throughout their scheduled hours. Monitor in real-time during the workday, and find out what your remote workers are doing right now.

Schedule shift tracking is easier by automating your team's time and attendance so you can always see when they are working.

You can quickly export attendance data for payroll, schedule shifts based on historical data, and sort time and attendance by timeframe.

Remote and Hybrid Work Culture

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Early and Late check-ins

The report on early/late check-in and check-out can assist you in obtaining information about employees who arrived at the office late or early and those who left early or late.

The report provides information on early and late exiting as well as net hours based on shift timings, making it easy to determine whether employees have completed the necessary amount of time in the office.

Early and Late check-ins

Present and absent status

The Employee Present/Absent Status Report provides each user with a month's worth of attendance information.

Day and hour views are available, and you may use the direction markers to cycle through different months.

Present and absent status

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We have the ideal Time Attendance Software in Dubai to suit your needs, whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small business.

Analytical dashboards

For huge organizations like schools that are made up of multiple sectors, thorough attendance records are crucial papers. These reports are regarded as historical information that will be a great resource in the years to come.

These papers demonstrate the efficacy of an attendance management system. Large-scale data handling and processing are difficult tasks, even for machines. Providing reports on a daily, monthly, and annual basis is an additional challenge.

Analytical dashboards

Why is Elate Time in UAE important?

  • Payroll Precision: Ensures accurate pay calculations.
  • Compliance Adherence: Meets legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Resource Optimization: Efficiently allocates workforce based on attendance trends.
  • Productivity Insight: Monitors task-specific time for performance analysis.
  • Absence Control: Manages leaves for better workforce planning.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Provides analytics for informed management choices.
  • Enhanced Security: Integrates with access control for added safety.
  • Employee Responsibility: Fosters a culture of accountability.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Reduces administrative burdens and associated costs.

Monitoring clock-in and clock-out is one thing, but Elate Time goes above and beyond with features like automatic punch-outs, GPS tracking, OT calculations, notifications, self-service employee shift swaps, attendance sheets, and more.

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Initial Setup & Implementation
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AED 1190 00

Hosting AED 16000 / month

AED 120 00 / month

Additional Users AED 99000 / user

AED 650 00 / user

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Know more about Time Attendance Software

Time attendance software is a digital solution that automates the tracking and management of employee work hours. It provides accurate records for payroll, compliance, and workforce optimization.

By automating attendance tracking, the software reduces manual errors, streamlines payroll processes, and provides data-driven insights. This enhances overall operational efficiency and resource allocation.
Yes, reputable time attendance software often integrates with secure access control systems, ensuring only authorized individuals are present at specific times. This adds an extra layer of security to the workplace.
Employees benefit from fair and accurate pay, transparent attendance records, and streamlined leave management. This fosters a sense of accountability and contributes to a positive work culture.

Bring remote teams closer

With Sprints, distributed teams can brainstorm, collaborate, and work together from any place, on any device. Our social feed notifies team members of important events. Teams can comment on code changes and conduct engaging retrospectives.

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