Sage 300 People

Sage 300 People is a comprehensive human resources (HR) and payroll management software solution designed for businesses of all sizes. It is part of the Sage 300 product family and is typically used by organizations to streamline their HR and payroll processes. Sage 300 People provides a range of features and functionalities to help businesses manage their workforce and payroll activities efficiently.

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Sage 300 People

As the business expands the work gets more complex and the employees face a dilemma on whether to spend more time managing all complicated paperwork or assist the organization finds ways to save on workforce-related costs, finding better talent, and improving existing talent through training and development process. This is where Sage 300 People play an important role to increase the productivity of the company. Sage 300 people HR and Payroll is developed exclusively for medium to large companies that require handling of detailed and complex functionalities. This HR, Payroll, and ESS Solution software is an agile, cost-effective solution with world-class capabilities. Sage HR and payroll management module, Sage 300 people, facilitates cut back much of the valuable time spent dealing with the basic, routine human resource management activities. In addition to considerably reducing resources spent on carrying out basic HR and Payroll management processes, this tool also eliminates the chances of human errors caused while recording or calculation. Sage 300 ESS eventually helps your employees to access their personal data anywhere and anytime. It enables the employees to their personal information, apply for leave, and have access to pay data by improving productivity and employee engagement.

  • Unlimited employees and companies.
  • Unlimited hierarchical levels, pay period configurations and pay runs.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Runs on MS SQL server.

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Key Features

All the tools you need to drive HR and payroll in large businesses

Security, Stability, and Improved Processes

With solid security and stability, Sage impressive improvements in processing through constant innovation.

Online Real-time Design

Online, real-time design makes your processing easy to monitor, cutting down on errors and reducing risk. This combination with a period-driven system is unprecedented in the industry, giving you true state-of-the-art technology.

Easy Implementation

The pioneering design makes sure the easy implementation of software in a fraction of time.

Universal calculation

The tool offers the calculation of medical aid deductions and printing detailed reports to generating complex job-costing calculations. Sage can give you unified, complete, and configurable solutions.

Application Sage 300 People

Personnel Administration

The software provides a functional structure that can be tailored to multiple entities. All employee histories and records can be saved and reviewed anytime and anywhere. The software can effortlessly handle concurrent contracts as well as multiple occupations.


It prepares the payrolls, legal declarations, as well as annual reports. The software is in complete adherence with the training, managing, and keeping track of expenses activities.

Total Budget Forecasting

The software assists the users in budget planning, defining portfolios, promotion, checking, and control of the travel expenses. It supports in analyzing variance and operational indicators.

Time and Activity Management

Forecasts and tracks work-hours and costs by monitoring employee attendance.

Time and Activity Management

Forecasts and tracks work-hours and costs by monitoring employee attendance.

Appraisals and Interviews

The software caters to HR needs by automating the talent acquisition process. It keeps a record of appraisal for achievements and goals

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