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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is the ultimate solution to boost your sales figures while helping you keep track of your customers and provide constant support when needed. Companies use the CRM software to manage and analyze customer interactions with the company and get reports that will reflect the reasons for sales growth or decline. This will help you take better judgments and decisions for your company’s progress. CRM System are aimed to compile the potential customer’s basic information and requirements so that the company can provide the best products and services to them and eventually increase the customer base in your field. Keep a record of all your point of contacts, to observe which source of contact is the best choice and on which channel you need to invest more. These channels may be the Advertisement on primetime television, Google ads, digital marketing, direct mails, Company Websites and social media. CRM is very easy to learn and has a smooth User Interface. This CRM Software is designed to be the Best CRM in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across UAE.

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The CRM Interface shows all vital statistics and graphs comprehensible at a single glance which will help your sales representatives and receptionist to perform their duties faster and meet their sales targets given to them. This CRM software will ensure that you can keep an organized records of all your customers and potential customers while reminding you to communicate with them via e-mails, calls, text messages and social media. This guarantees that you have a good customer relations, which in return will elevate your brand name and value. You can use CRM software for small business as well as a large scale business and it will help you build a satisfied customer base and help you take your profits to the next level. We are CRM Software dealer, providing CRM Solution Dubai, CRM Solution UAE, along with other management software solutions. As a CRM Solution provider company in Dubai, UAE, we provide additional support and services with annual maintenance checks for our customers.

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A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) dashboard is an enterprise application (EA) interface used for the monitoring of business and sales opportunities, processes and performance. A CRM dashboard provides real-time business event snapshots, which are used to measure and develop analytics for business reporting.

CRM dashboard is also known as CEO dashboard or enterprise dashboard.

  • Calendar widget Integrated in dashboard
  • Calendar will give all pending & upcoming activities.
  • Also from dashboard you can know the summary of sales from just a look.


The window is to document all the enquires.


Qualifying the opportunities that your sales team has with customers is a relatively basic feature of CRM. Referred to as lead scoring, it allows users to identify the customers that are most likely to convert. This helps streamline sales/marketing teams, improve efficiency and optimize your sales process.



Next step is to create the proposal for the client. We can add the item details in the master’s list or at the time of proposal creation.Multi currency and VAT rate can be set in the proposal.

  • Users can convert opportunity to Proposal by just one click.
  • Users can add payment terms, support terms, Validity, Delivery terms.etc.
  • Users can directly generate a Proposal PDF of specified format from a simple click & they can do revise proposal also.
  • Users can set currency option and VAT rate here.


Another one of the many functions of CRM software is the ability to automate certain aspects of your sales process. This includes outgoing calls and follow-up campaigns, as well as the organization of data for more effective future campaigns. Automating these repetitive tasks allows your employees to devote their time and focus to more complex tasks.

  • Users can manage follow-up’s for a particular proposal
  • Users can assign follow-up or activities to employees and they will be notified by mail.
  • Users can close particular followup on task completion or closure.


In this we can see the reports of :

  • Salesman wise reports
  • Enquiry wise report
  • User activity
  • Closed details
  • Login(non-working hrs.) - Only Admin user can view this

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