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When an organization starts expanding and employee strength starts increasing manual processes that were typically used don’t scale very well. This causes inefficiency in the system that leads to adverse effects on the functioning and management of the business. Using cloud based HR Software will automate the processes and helps in improving the metrics across the board. Cloud payroll software and HRMS software are accessed directly through the internet. The cloud based HR systems and cloud payroll system seamlessly control the HR life cycle, including talent acquisition, Time Tracking, essential accounting, and performance management. These kinds of information will allow your team to take effective decisions based on the current needs of the organization. All kinds of companies such as big or small should implement HRMS and Payroll software to make sure that they can continue to work without any interruption. HRMS software is even more important as they accelerate the growth of business and simultaneously eradicate errors too.

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Cloud Based Payroll Software

Peniel Technology LLC is a comprehensive cloud based HRMS and cloud based payroll solution provider that are exclusively designed to fulfill the needs of complex organizations. Our e-recruitment services will help you hunt, choose, and recruit the top talent going around. Regardless of the scale and complexity of your business, our best cloud based payroll software and cloud based HRMS software will give you an edge in managing efficiently your most valuable ‘resource’ – your employees. We are trustworthy suppliers of cloud based payroll software and cloud based HRMS software in Dubai, UAE, Bahrain, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and, all other Middle East. We assure End-to-End solution for Startups and small and medium-sized Business.

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Benefits of Cloud-Based HRMS and Payroll Software

  • Removes Paper Clutter: HRMS cloud and Payroll cloud solution can save your time by maintaining all the company and employee-related documents safely without any apprehension of destruction. Data stored securely in the cloud can be accessed at your fingertips. Adapting to a cloud-based solution will avoid unnecessary expenses on non-compliance fines.

  • Superior Accessibility: Payroll and HR cloud based systems can effectively manage and provide flexibility to control user accessibility. You can create and modify the appropriate user settings to ensure the right person has access to the entire data.

  • Increase Employee Productivity: When your workforce management is through is cloud-based you can access data at any time, from anywhere and through any device. Productivity and efficiency increases as the employees can handle the task on the go. Managers become more efficient and productive when they can manage employee tasks whenever they wish to. With a payroll solution, the employees can assign tasks while maintaining responsibility.

  • More Efficient Integration with a Reduced Amount of Effort: The internal information can be easily integrated and shared on a real-time system. One can access the features and benefits of this combination, cloud-based HR solution with integrated payroll and timekeeping tasks.

  • Cloud HR Cost Benefits: Numerous cost benefits are realized upfront. Few benefits such as no costly upgrades and maintenance, no installation charges, and no hidden costs are some of the reasons for choosing this software.
  • Accuracy & Reliability: Cloud-based solution assures great experience and reliability with better profit at every process, from the regular Human recourse management to payroll.

Why Host HRMS and Payroll Cloud Services with Peniel Technology?

  • Highly Configurable: Our Cloud-based HRMS and Payroll systems are highly configurable to the last extent with a profound understanding of multifaceted organizational structures, processes, and workflows.

  • Speedy Track Implementation: We at Peniel Technology LLC provide swift client onboarding facility to go-live with effortless configuration, quicker data migration & targeted transform management.

  • Instinctive User Experience: We present a cloud-based platform with a design optimization facility for the best customer experience and higher employee adoption.

  • Flawless Integrations: Our cloud-based HRMS and payroll software can be integrated with any applications and software.

  • Highly Data Security: Our software is built to protect your confidential data from threats and malicious files by compiling with some of the stringent and reputed standards.

  • Evolving and Upgrading: To meet our customer requirements we upgrade and enhance our product to keep you on the top of your tech trend.

We are Authorized HRMS Provider in Dubai, Bahrain, Sharjah, UAE and all Over the Middle East.

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