Why Cheque Printing Software? Elate

By | July 25, 2023

In the traditional method, the cheques were all handwritten which has a higher risk of making an error. Maintaining the details of issued cheques is also a huge task. To make cheque maintenance easy for the organization, we come up with a solution of Cheque Printing software.

A cheque printing software is a computer program designed to manage and print cheques easily. To make a professional cheque book, the cheque printing software helps to print all the required information as payee name, amount, date, and account number. This software is essential to the fact that provides centralized data and saves time. Elate cheque printing software is also useful to print bulk numbers of the cheque for employees, loan installments, and other purposes.

The benefits of having cheque printing software are:

  • Works with all printers – user need not buy a new printer for using the software. Any type of printer in use can be installed with the Elate cheque printing software.
  • Easy to use – the cheque printing software comes with all the bank layouts and user-friendly design.
  • Converts numbers to words – when you type the amount in numbers, the software automatically converts it into words. For example, if you type 40,000 then it is automatically written as forty thousand which makes the task easy for the user.
  • Track the cheque – with the software, the user can track and record all the cheques being printed.
  • Multiple companies – the cheque printing software allows you to print different companies with multiple users.
  • In-built cheque templates – the cheque printing software comes with inbuilt templates for all the banks required for the user.
  • Batch printing – when a company requires the bulk amount of cheques, then you can do batch printing with the software.

Free Demo Available for All Products:

    The cheque printing software allows you to directly print the cheques from your desktop. You can configure the printer settings for easy and fast printing of the cheques. You can print salary cheques in one click with the help of batch printing.

    The cheque printing software also provides you to print cheques with your customized formats. You can print all the elements like payee, amount, logo, and date by just feeding in the software. The cheque printing software will also give a better impression of your business. When you provide a printed cheque, your company will stand in a better position to the payee.

    When you print cheques on a recurring basis, you can easily store and print the payee’s mailing address. The Elate cheque printing software helps make all your cheque writing more efficient, cost-effective, and secure. We provide different templates based on your requirements and user can use the desired template according to their need.

    With cheque printing software, you can reduce the cost of cheques being canceled due to date, spelling mistakes, or incorrect amounts. For example, while writing the cheque manually, there is a higher chance of to mistake of fourty instead of forty. This can be avoided when you use cheque printing software which converts the number written into words automatically. You can also print the cheques from any of the accounting software used by the company such as QuickBooks, Tally, sage, and Peachtree.

    The Elate cloud cheque printing software also provides online cheque printing software which allows you to print cheques from any of your web browsers easily. Apple mac book users are highly benefited from the cloud printing software. This is an online platform from which you can print cheques from your local printers.

    The cheque printing software also provides you with a Post Dated Cheque (PDC) which reminds you of the postdated cheques provided to the customers. Hence, a cheque printing software UAE is the one that improves the company’s standard and mange time and cost of the user.