Top 10 recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia

By | January 31, 2024

Looking for a career in Saudi Arabia or finding the perfect candidate for a specific position? You need the assistance of reputable recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia. With an expanding job market and a thriving economy, Saudi Arabia presents profitable prospects for workers in a range of industries. However, selecting the ideal position or individual can be difficult without the correct support. This is the role of recruitment agencies. Let’s discuss the top 10 recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia in this post to facilitate communication and help both employers and job seekers make wise choices.

The First National Company – FNRCO

FNRCO is a top consulting and recruiting firm that offers a plethora of regional and global experience. Also, it provides comprehensive market research to its clients and candidates across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • FNRCO has a committed staff of highly experienced and skilled placement specialists and is completely outfitted with database technologies. 
  • Since 2013, they have been connecting the best applicants with prestigious businesses through a stringent screening process. Their knowledge base covers the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
  • More than 1,000 professionals are employed by the company, which has over 13 offices around the Kingdom and other countries. 
  • Its goal is to support the Kingdom’s 2030 vision and provide its clients with top-notch services that are in line with their interests.

Ejadah Management Consultancy

In Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, EJADAH Management Consultancy (EMC) is a top supplier of organizational development and comprehensive human resources solutions.

  • This company is the leading provider of comprehensive HR solutions in Saudi Arabia, fusing local market knowledge with global proficiency. 
  • Their superior services center around three primary activities that set us apart in the local market. It includes executive search, middle management recruitment, and consultancy. 
  • With an emphasis on human resources development, they can either start from scratch or connect your HR department with your strategy to improve employee and organizational performance. 
  • All things considered, they possess the knowledge and resources needed to offer you full-service management consulting.

Adam Recruitment

ADAM Recruitment is one of the best specialized recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia providing the best executive staffing services available.

  • Their outstanding service delivery platform is built on a solid foundation of expert commitment, high standards of professional behavior, and open lines of communication.
  • Their strong reputation, exclusive and highly esteemed clientele, and candidate interest have been garnered by their prompt feedback to clients and exceptional customer care.
  • With the help of their customized service, businesses can discover the ideal answer to their executive and specialty hiring needs. As a result, they enable qualified applicants to reach their greatest potential.
  • Their primary services include hiring, human resource consulting, and training.

Tauzeef Company For Human Resourcing

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s first authorized recruitment company is Tauzeef. Hiring executives and professionals in their areas of expertise. 

  • They take great pride in servicing their local and regional industries as a top human resources organization.
  • Their objectives are to be a major force in the local and regional business communities. They also aim to become the unchallenged leader in human resources for the region.
  • Their area of expertise is hiring senior executives. In the fields of manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, FMCG, retail, and information technology, they have hired a large number of executives.
  • Tauzeef keeps confidential the information it receives from both clients and candidates.
  • They accept client assignments only when they are confident in their ability to complete them satisfactorily.

NES Global Talent

In the mining, oil and gas, power, and life science industries, NES Global Talent supplied engineering and technical staff. As the leading engineering employment provider in the world, they merged with the Fircroft group in 2020. 

  • As an organization that values people, they have access to the top talent worldwide because of their more than 80 offices spread over 45 countries. 
  • To ensure happy and long-lasting employment, they function as an extension of your company. They vet candidates based on both their technical and soft talents. 
  • They are unmatched in their retained and executive search capabilities.


Founded in 2009 to facilitate smooth business operations for Saudi Arabian companies, Proven has grown to become a top provider of outsourcing services. 

  • They provide services to clients throughout the GCC, which includes Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates. 
  • They are also progressively expanding into other foreign markets. Their ten-year presence enables them to offer their partners the best possible blend of technology, experience, and modern service delivery methods. It allows them to maximize their value generation.
  • Their extensive service portfolio and established partner network enable them to serve as a one-stop shop for services related to all business sectors. 
  • Proven functions well with a distributed team structure. Their main office in Riyadh is home to their consultants and core specialists. By growing nearly every team across multiple international offices, they can use the greatest talent pools out there. 
  • They provide total accountability, zero disruptions, and continuous service delivery together with full client support. 

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Hays Saudi Recruitment Services

As experts in specialized hiring and workforce management, they provide advice services in areas including professional transitions, learning and skill development, and employer branding.

  • As their clients’ Leadership Partner, they make long-term investments in alliances that enable individuals and companies to prosper. They use their worldwide reach and insights together with relevant innovation to help you meet your business demands and reach your professional ambitions.
  • They assisted more than 280,000 people in locating their future careers last year.
  • They support their clients in developing and implementing plans to establish diverse and equal work environments. They assist in business decision-making by utilizing and evaluating data, and they also guide how to connect with talent networks. By fully comprehending a company’s identity, they also help in identifying appealing employer offers. 
  • They also support customers with all facets of their Early Career proposition, from operational execution to strategic planning.

BAC Middle East

The UAE’s oldest and most reputable professional recruitment agency is BAC Middle East. 

  • Since their founding in 1979, they have led the recruiting industry in the area for more than 40 years. 
  • They were also the first company to obtain ISO9001 certification globally. This is a testament to their unwavering focus on quality and client satisfaction.
  • Regardless of your business, they can help you with recruitment needs ranging from junior professionals to middle and senior management. It’s because of their well-developed infrastructure and staff strength.
  • With the resources and track record of BAC in the area, you can be guaranteed to hire the best applicants. Take advantage of a managed hiring process with one of the top recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia.

Cooper Fitch

Cooper Fitch rethinks what is expected of recruiters. They provide you with more than simply competitive market data and elite talent. 

  • They give you access to the data and tools that will determine the future success of your company.
  • Executive search and recruitment 
  • HR consulting 
  • Recruitment process outsourcing
  • Using their more than 150 years of experience, they have established business units with primary competencies in strategic leadership, HR, finance, marketing, sales, strategy, law, and technological support for multiple industries.

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