Top 10 Payroll Software in UAE

By | July 25, 2023

As your company grows, a number of difficulties such as managing procedures and data, labor optimization, and others start to emerge.

Managing human capital becomes challenging as the number of employees rises, including regulatory compliance and hiring, training, and also payroll automation.

TOP 10 Payroll Software in Dubai

Additionally, various locations might be where your private information is exposed.

1. Elate HR and Payroll Software

Small as well as medium-sized businesses are the greatest candidates for Elate HRMS.

It organizes employee data, produces payroll, approves leave requests, and also easily creates employee status reports using this lovely, paperless, automated human resource management system.

It manages a variety of tasks efficiently, including time and attendance, payroll systems, benefits administration, performance reviews, applications, and also employee tracking.

In Dubai, UAE, we provide the best HR and payroll solutions.

The Human Resource Management System (HRMS UAE) is crucial to the growth of the business.

As the company’s foundation, employees must be treated well, and the business must keep thorough records of all the information that is crucial to them.

HR software is necessary because as the number of employees in the company grows, the HR team is burdened with keeping track of all of the employees’ data and vital paperwork, making it difficult to provide better service to all of the employees.

The answer to this is HRMS software in the UAE.


  • Recruitment
  • Transfers Management
  • Promotions
  • Leave Management
  • Performance Management
  • Training
  • Time tracking

2. Azdan HR and Payroll Software

The Azdan Human Capital Management Solution is all-encompassing, cloud-based, and integrates talent management, payroll processing, and also other facets of HR.

The premier HR and payroll software, Azdan, aids businesses in improving the employee experience, streamlining hiring and onboarding, managing human resource costs, predicting workforce needs, measuring employee performance as well as lowering the turnover rate of top performers.

3. Beneple

A one-stop shop for SMEs, Beneple is an online HR software.

Employees can use their personal online profiles to make leave requests, request documentation like salary certificates, and also enter cost reports.

Additionally, employees can use their personal online accounts to request leave, request papers like income certificates, and enter cost reports.


  • Leave
  • Files
  • Notification
  • Report
  • Insurance
  • Wellness

4. BSH

BSH offers software for multi-country outsourced payroll that enables customers to build up process rules-based allowances (such as those for overtime, absence, benefits, etc.) with accruals computation and posting.

You may automatically generate and submit bank files, fund requests, and also payroll reports using BSH.

With its operating environment, BSH streamlines the payroll process with one-click payroll creation.

Our dependable multi-country payroll technology handles conflicting rules and data limitations to quickly as well as precisely calculate each employee’s pay.

Additionally, HR professionals can predefine yearly cycles and timelines through the payroll software, giving them the freedom to change them as necessary.

Payroll administrators can also change off-cycle runs, payslip delivery dates, and pay dates.


  • Setup & Rules For Customizable Pay Elements
  • Payroll Reversal And Generation
  • Compliant Calculations Based on a Country
  • Calculating and posting accruals
  • Automatic delivery of payslip
  • Several nations, currencies, and entities

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    5. Gulf HR

    A modular cloud-based platform powers GulfHR. The solution can be combined with existing accounting and financial systems as well as tools for tracking time and attendance. It complies with ISO.

    Additionally, employee self-service, payroll, HR & admin, training and development, leave & absence, and also dashboards are the main elements.



    6. MenaHR Software

    MenaITech has been a pioneer in creating HCIS and HR management systems for private and public sector clients in a wide range of industries and for businesses of all sizes.

    Through the MenaME self-service module, their clients’ businesses become more effective as well as accessible.

    MenaME not only eliminates the need for laborious, common tasks that staff members can accomplish more quickly and precisely, but it also lessens the strain of physically filling out forms, promoting a paperless workplace.

    Additionally, HR personnel can now handle more complicated transactions, minimizing human error and speeding up the processing, filing, and also accepting of requests.

    With a few easy mouse clicks on the system, they may grant staff access to the necessary papers, such as policy and procedure forms, onboarding and orientation plans, and much more, without having to generate more paper waste or incur additional costs.

    7. HITS HR & Payroll

    You can choose from a variety of HITS modules, including HR foundation, payroll automation, benefits management, vacation management, time management, training management, performance management, recruitment, and also dashboards, to find the modules as well as features that best suit your needs.

    The following are some of the services offered by HITS Payroll:

    • Calculating all pay codes and variables that have an impact on an employee’s monthly salary, such as overtime, taxes, incentives, bonuses, loans, and vacations.
    • Posting the staff’s payroll.
    • On request, sending detailed reports, statistics, and also dashboards to customers’ users via email or making them digitally accessible for authorized users to review at any time via the HITS self-service tool.
    • employing the HITS Payroll Bank Transfer service to transfer employee wages.
    • giving employees access to their pay stubs, along with a wage breakdown, via email, the HITS self-service tool, or the HITS EasyGo Mobile App
    • Depending on the system permissions and the predefined user privileges, each employee may download or print any necessary documents.

    8. Nathan HR Software

    In 2012, Nathan & Nathan started providing customer service and has since become a market leader.

    The solution is implemented using our desktop, mobile, and cloud systems. Visa Tracking, Onboarding, Attendance, Leave, Letters, and also Expense Claims are among the basic HR skills.

    Additionally, payroll automation, payslips, WPS, accruals, and a variety of reports.


    • Attendance and also Shift Management
    • Employee Self Service
    • Payroll Management
    • Recruitment as well as Onboarding
    • Performance Management
    • Task and Project Management

    9. WebHR 

    A cloud-based social HR software for SMEs is called WebHR. Free for the first five employees and then at just $1 per employee each month.

    All of the human resource department’s tasks, including hiring, managing personnel, paying them, tracking performance, and also providing training, are made easier with WebHR.

    In reality, WebHR can be used to streamline routine HR Department activities.


    • Core HR
    • Time Attendance
    • Recruitment
    • Payroll Module

    10. ZenHR Software

    ZenHR is a fully Middle Eastern-localized cloud-based HRMS. It uses a mobile app and user interface that are both bilingual (English and Arabic).

    ZenHR connects with other organizations, including Testello, Cavall, and Career Connect, and is a component of the entire HR value chain.


    • Payroll
    • Attendance and Time tracking
    • Employee self-service
    • Onboarding and Offboarding
    • Performance and evaluation
    • Applicant tracking system