Top 10 Features of Tally Prime

By | July 25, 2023

What is Tally Prime?

Tally Solutions introduced a new version of Tally: Tally Prime. Hosting Tally Prime would make day-to-day operations and accounting much easier. With Tally Prime’s new capabilities, business owners, chartered accountants, and other Tally users may operate more efficiently and effectively. Lets check features of TallyPrime.

Tally Prime is a complete business management solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Tally Prime helps you manage accounting, inventory, banking, taxation, banking, payroll, and much more so that you may focus on business growth rather than difficulties.

Top 10 features of Tally Prime.

Features of Tally Prime

Tally Prime manages everything from accounting and inventory management to HR and payroll management, regulatory compliance, banking integration, portfolio management, and more. It also assists you in making quicker decisions by providing critical financial and accounting information, as well as cash flow reports, cost center data, and inventory reports, among other things. Here are some of the latest features of Tally Prime.

Accounting and Invoicing

Tally Prime makes it astonishingly simple to produce and record invoices. It moulds to your business thanks to optimized invoice components, a plethora of settings, numerous billing modes, and so on. Tally Prime UAE is a simple accounting system due to its extensive feature set.

Inventory Management

Tally Prime’s characteristics make it one of the most adaptable systems for optimum inventory management. Features such as godown management, multiple stock valuation, manufacturing, batch and expiration date, job costing etc., and the strong inventory reports make inventory management a cakewalk.

Business Reports

TallyPrime includes over 400 business reports that provide valuable insights that will help you to make educated decisions. Tally Prime’s incredible versatility allows you to slice and dice your reports and see them in the way that works best for your organization.

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    Tally Prime allows you to simply handle VAT obligations for the UAE VAT, Saudi VAT, Bahrain VAT, and Oman VAT. Tally Prime handles everything needed to be VAT compliant, from producing VAT compatible invoices to submitting returns, so you can focus on business development. The built-in mistake detection and repair capabilities guarantees that you always file an accurate VAT return.

    Cash Flow and Credit Management

    Tally Prime helps you optimize cash flows by enhancing efficiency in accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, and various other aspects of company. Tally Prime’s analytical reports assist you in keeping track of your financial flow.


    Tally Prime Dubai allows you to multitask and manage distractions on a daily basis. You’re in the middle of a sales invoice and want to add another sale. Or are you in the process of entering a payment but need to refer to an overdue report before proceeding?

    Using Tally Prime, you will be able to manage many such circumstances without the trouble of switching between many instances of Tally or the risk of losing your work.

    Go To Feature

    Discovering insights has never been easier than with TallyPrime. This is made possible by TallyPrime’s new and powerful “Go To” search bar. Using Go To, you may search for and uncover things you didn’t realize Tally could do for you, as well as get fresh insights to help you operate your business more efficiently.


    TallyPrime has a plethora of banking features/utilities to assist you simply handle all of your financial demands. Banking features such as auto bank reconciliation, pre-defined check forms, Cheque administration, e-payments, and so on make banking a breeze.

    Access to Business Data

    TallyPrime allows you to access business reports online from the convenience of a web browser, wherever you are, with the assurance that your data will always be yours.

    Secure Data

    Tally UAE allows you to view company reports online from the convenience of a web browser, wherever you are, with the security that your data will always be yours..

    Advantages of Tally Prime

    TallyPrime is the most recent product from Tally Solutions. Tally Prime is the most practical accounting software currently available in UAE. Here are a few advantages of utilizing Tally Prime

    • Accounting, audits, and data input operations are accelerated via faster navigation and shortcuts.
    • To save time, you may quickly change the data entry fields.
    • Switch to mouse usability to make navigating simpler.
    • The invoice printing option has been improved.
    • A single window allows for multitasking.

    Tally Prime is the most recent version in Dubai, UAE.

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