Top 10 features of Odoo ERP

By | January 31, 2024

For many firms, Odoo ERP is a necessary enterprise resource planning tool. Odoo is a widely used ERP solution that is available as open-source software. Let’s discuss the key features of Odoo ERP in this article.

Regarding enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, Odoo ERP is a dependable and adaptable platform well-known for having an extensive feature set that meets a wide range of corporate requirements. Odoo ERP has many features that make it stand out in the industry, from improving productivity to streamlining processes.

This ERP software guarantees users the greatest service at the most reasonable cost, and the ERP may be tailored to the business’s operations through the integration of Odoo modules. Odoo offers a comprehensive solution for managing business operations. This ERP Platform guarantees the users’ smooth data migration support, effective training, and easy installation.

Top 10 features of Odoo ERP

Modular Organisation

Odoo, an ERP with a modular architecture, offers customers a vast array of software tools for managing and expanding their businesses. Several modules, including CRM, Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Accounting, Manufacturing, and HRMS, make up this ERP package. 

The Odoo team constantly adds new features and modules to improve business operations. In addition, after reviewing the market and analyzing the requirements, the Odoo team builds new modules. 

Businesses gain from integrating Odoo modules. For managing the supply chain, customer relations, human resources management, and other activities, Odoo provides investors with excellent support.

Community and Enterprise Editions Are Available

Access to Odoo with Community and Enterprise Editions is both free of charge and requires a small payment. No license is needed to use Odoo’s Community edition. With Odoo Partners’ assistance, the Enterprise Edition can be implemented as a licensed version.

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     Odoo Community can be put into use for free. For small enterprises, it is the most effective ERP solution available. The enterprise edition is what the investor should rely on if he wants to update the ERP program and receive the most recent changes.


    The most adaptable ERP system is Odoo ERP. With the assistance of an Odoo Developer, we can guarantee the smooth completion of the customization for this application. Software developers can rapidly and easily modify Odoo’s source code to tailor the tools to their specific business needs. 

    The ability to scale

    If you want to use Odoo, the size of your company won’t be a big deal. Regardless of the size of the organization, Odoo provides appropriate ERP solutions.

    Because Odoo is an affordable solution, companies may choose the features that are necessary for their operations to determine how much to invest. With Odoo’s support, businesses of all sizes can run efficiently.

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    Odoo Implementation

    Industry Specific

    All sectors can trust Odoo ERP products thanks to industry-specific customization. Carefully integrating the components depends on the industry. This application is necessary for the smooth running of wholesale and retail firms, the hospital and hotel industry, the construction and education sectors, and all other industries worldwide.

    Easy Integration Assistance

    Do you want to combine various features from several software programs to enhance your application’s functionality? Odoo is therefore your best option. This is so that your tool can be more effective. Odoo offers the integration of Odoo applications with third-party apps in addition to allowing the integration of Odoo modules. 

    This will enable you to use the same ERP application to manage several businesses, such as customer relationship management and eCommerce. For quick commercial transactions, we can also link shipping platforms and payment gateways with Odoo.

    Easy-to-use Interface

    With a plethora of customization choices, Odoo provides you with the greatest interface available. For increased usability, users can download themes and layouts. 

    To give users a quick overview of the information, Odoo ERP supports pivot, list, and graphic views of reports and facts. We make the perspectives to facilitate the correct operation of the tool, even for the least experienced user.

    Regular Versions and Updates

    Odoo was first published as Tiny ERP and has since developed fourteen versions. Every year, Team Odoo publishes an updated version with new modules and features. Additionally, the current versions introduce new features based on new developments in technology. As a result, Odoo releases versions more frequently than proprietary versions.

    The team constantly updates the current functionalities while analyzing market conditions and industry requirements. Odoo also introduces new modules. The Odoo team regularly conducts debugging operations and reviews Odoo’s performance with the community teams. To better assist the consumers, we also examine and upgrade the security feature of this software product.

    Analytics and Reporting

    Real-time insights into business performance are provided by the analytical tools and comprehensive reporting offered by the ERP system. Users may more effectively make data-driven decisions, spot trends, and project future results with customized dashboards and comprehensive analytics.

    Workflows and Automation

    Process simplification is made easier by Odoo’s automation features. To automate repetitive processes and decrease manual intervention while increasing operational efficiency, users can establish workflows and triggers.

    Bonus Feature

    Odoo Partners

    Penieltech can assist directly with Odoo implementation, and provide support as Odoo Partners. An Odoo partner is an organization that offers high-quality Odoo services. Working with an official Odoo partner who has received training from Odoo is always advantageous for the customer.

    All Odoo partners have access to the source code for Odoo Enterprise, just like Penieltech does. The partner’s direct communication with the Odoo team makes tasks related to Odoo implementation, customization, and data migration easier.

    You can also receive the greatest support in the shortest amount of time from an official Odoo partner. Collaborating with an official Odoo partner reduces the likelihood of technical difficulties and unsuccessful implementation.