Top 10 Audit Firms Consultant in Oman

By | January 29, 2024

In Oman, a thriving central business hub, people congregate to trade goods and services. Oman is regarded by participants worldwide as a just, comfortable, and successful business environment due to its stringent enforcement of financial regulations, which guarantees an even playing field for all. Let’s look at the key audit firms in Oman today. 

The purpose of auditing is to confirm the accuracy of the company’s financial accounts, look into internal business procedures, and make sure all legal requirements are met. The auditing process can be used to find and eliminate bottlenecks and increase efficiency in a whole company or just one particular function, production phase, or procedure. In addition to lowering operating expenses, audit firms in Oman help organizations increase profitability and make sure everything is operating well. 

Selecting an appropriate audit and assurance firm can be challenging, particularly in light of the abundance of seasoned audit firms in Oman providing a wide range of auditing services. The list of the top ten audit firms in Oman is shown below: 

Penieltech Oman

One of the leading auditing consultant in Oman is Penieltech. Penieltech provides top-notch services in audit, accounting, VAT, business consultancy, tax compliance, feasibility studies, and other fields. It has locations in eight different countries worldwide. The audit methods used by Penieltech are customized to meet the needs of each business and industry in terms of operations and reporting. Through our work in audit and assurance, we promote transparency and offer insights.

To help you thrive in a world that is changing quickly, their globally coordinated tax professionals offer integrated services across all tax disciplines. Broad business requirements are covered by Penieltech, which also helps businesses align their activities more tax-efficiently.

Not only do consulting services they have expertise on, but also they make simpler auditing with Elate Accounting Software. 

  • Audit and Assurances
  • VAT Services 
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Business Consulting 
  • Tax Compliance
  • Robust Accounting software to handle your finances

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    Beyond the legal obligations for more disclosure, KPMG’s focus is on restoring trust in corporate reporting and promoting transparency. KPMG is unwavering in its dedication to delivering a trustworthy risk-based audit. Their all-encompassing approach aims to benefit companies of all kinds, from small and medium-sized enterprises to the largest global corporations, by utilizing a global talent pool.

    • Business Reporting 
    • VAT Compliance
    • Financial Statement Audit
    • Internal audits
    • Risk Consulting


    Because Crowe is committed to its client’s success, it will stop at nothing to deliver essential business counsel, superior solutions, and individualized, all-inclusive services. They try to stay up-to-date and completely equipped with the highest technical standards and knowledge needed for any situation in the business world because they are aware of the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the market.

    • Risk Management
    • Audit documentation tool
    • Tax filing obligation
    • Tax compliance
    • Business Valuations

    BDO Oman

    BDO possesses the perfect blend of technical proficiency, business acumen, and experience to offer our clients superior audit services. This organization provides solutions to improve performance and processes, expert management advice, and impartial credibility for your financial statements. Along with a skilled and trained team, BDO’s extensive experience in assurance services will provide value and guarantee that the audit is finished on schedule, within budget, and to the required standard of quality.

    • Corporate Finance
    • Risk Advisory
    • Financial Statement Audit
    • Corporate Tax
    • Tax Consultancy


    PricewaterhouseCoopers, or PwC, is an international services company with its main office in London, England. PwC is one of the “Big Four” accounting firms and the largest professional services company in the world in terms of revenue. 

    Renowned for providing top-notch corporate finance accounting services, Price Waterhouse Coopers also offers cutting-edge risk management, audit, tax analysis, business compliance, corporate finance, and security services. Price Waterhouse Coopers maintains a code of conduct in each of its international offices to make sure that all of the company’s policies and guidelines are adhered to.

    • Risk management
    • Financial audit
    • Tax analysis
    • Business compliance
    • Corporate finance
    • Security services


    Globally, Deloitte is a leader in several services, including auditing, consulting, financial advice, risk advisory, tax, and other related services. One of the most well-known providers of professional services in Oman, Deloitte specializes in financial advising, taxation, consulting, risk advisory, and auditing. They provide numerous more services as well. They serve a wide range of industries, including government and public services, energy resources and industry, consumer goods, telecommunications, media, and technology. 

    The global network of audit experts that comprises Deloitte provides a broad range of audits and advisory services to help customers achieve their business objectives, improve risk management, and boost performance anywhere in the world.

    • Auditing and Assurance
    • Consulting
    • Strategy, Analytics, and M&A
    • Customer and Marketing
    • Business Operations

    Ernst & Young, or EY

    One of the Big Four accounting and auditing firms, Ernst & Young (EY), is a multinational provider of professional services. Through several mergers, the company gained notoriety and developed a contemporary reputation. Ernst & Young was formed in 1989 as a result of the merger of Arthur Young and Ernst & Whinney. In 2013, the business underwent a rebranding that included a new logo, and the brand name EY shortened. Assurance, tax, advisory, and transaction advisory are EY’s four primary service categories. Assurance has been the most profitable service year after year, followed by advisory and tax services, and transaction advisory services, which have generated the least revenue. 

    • Cybersecurity consulting services
    • Data and decision intelligence
    • Risk consulting services
    • Supply chain and operations
    • Technology consulting services

    Thornton Grant

    Concerning total fee income, Grant Thornton LLP is a member of Grant Thornton International, the seventh-largest accounting network in the world. Globally, Grant Thornton LLP stands as the sixth-largest accounting and advisory business. The company employs over 8,500 people, has 550 partners, and operates 59 locations across the US. Its yearly sales exceed US$1.9 billion.

    The Chicago-based firm Grant Thornton LLP offers three service categories: audit, tax, and consultancy. Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, mergers and acquisitions guidance, tax, and business appraisals are some of the specialized consulting services and areas of expertise offered. The following industries are the targets: manufacturing, not-for-profit organizations, real estate, retail, technology, transportation, distribution, energy, financial services, food and beverage, healthcare, hospitality, and restaurants.

    • Statutory Audit
    • Financial Reporting Advisory Services (FRAS)
    • Business Risk Services
    • Technology Advisory & Cybersecurity
    • International Tax and Tax Due Diligence

    Charles & Darwish Associates

    A clearinghouse for accounting and management services is provided by Charles & Darwish Associates CDA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services LLC. Mr. Mohammad Darwish is the mentor and founder of CDA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services LLC, a recognized professional service organization that offers all kinds of accounting and management consulting services in Dubai. To get the greatest outcomes, they focus on offering both regular and specially designed accounting services depending on the unique needs of their clients. A group of extremely competent people known as CDA gives their expertise in areas like VAT registration, cost-benefit analysis, and budgeting.

    • auditing and assurance
    • accounting and advisory
    • business and management consulting


    Giving its clients more advantages, synergies, and updates is one of PKF UAE’s main objectives. These objectives are the main concerns of the corporate and small- and medium-sized business marketplaces. Because of PKF’s ability to provide its clients in the UAE with more technical resources and experience, those clients receive a higher value.

    A global network of legally autonomous companies, PKF International Limited is the parent company of PKF UAE. Members of PKF International Limited are committed to quality, integrity, and bringing clarity to a complicated regulatory landscape. PKF International Limited is a global network of companies with legal autonomy.

    • Statutory Audit
    • PKF Risk Advisory Services
    • Accounting Advisory Services

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