Top 10 accounting software in Saudi Arabia

By | January 17, 2024

In Saudi Arabia, managing a successful business might be risky if you lack the resources to keep an eye on your earnings and outlays. Other than locating the top accounting software in the KSA for VAT, you are essentially stunting the expansion of your organization if the majority of your time is spent on spreadsheets and manual labor.


The majority of accounting software is expensive, and understanding its workings may require a significant amount of labor. Meticulously keeping and routinely monitoring expenses can undoubtedly reduce your tax liability. Therefore, in addition to ensuring timely payment and issuance of invoices, VAT Accounting software in the KSA also aids in estimating cash flow, maintaining comprehensive financial records, and assessing financial status.


The goal of Elate accounting software in KSA is to help companies make bookkeeping easier. Elate offers bank reconciliation solutions that let companies handle all master data in real-time, improving productivity and accuracy.

Elate, a SaaS platform, now provides cloud-based accounting software in addition to CRM and ERP Cloud. The objective is to create a comprehensive platform that effectively replaces all laborious tasks to reduce costs, time, and resources. It provides real-time data access on any device and allows people to transition to automated work through the usage of integrated business intelligence.

  • Customized chart of accounts, Monitoring the progress of invoices
  • Bank statement import and automated bill reminders
  • File import and export for data
  • Using a single enterprise cloud platform, streamline all business operations.
  • Integrate many cloud services to conveniently utilize them in a single hub.
  • At any time and from any location, monitor data and get precise forecasts.

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    Odoo Software

    Odoo SA actively develops, maintains, and organizes the open-source Odoo suite of integrated business apps. This software is comparable to many other open-source projects in that it is supported by a network of active partners and an active worldwide community that provides customized programming and other services. With over 1,500 active members, the community has contributed over 4,500 modules to Odoo’s continuous enhancement. The system is locally implemented by a network of certified partners, which has been developed in over 120 countries. The software is one of the most widely used business suites in the world, with over 1,500 downloads every day.

    • Odoo includes CRM, Sales, Accounting, WMS (Warehouse Management), HR, Project, Events, and Marketing.
    • It facilitates Integration with other applications
    • Any retailer with an integrated e-commerce app in their Point of Sale (POS) system or website builder can utilize it.


    With more than 20 years of consulting and business experience, ITSS is a preferred Temenos partner, providing integrated global banking software services to more than 240 banks and financial institutions in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. Through their collaboration with the most reputable banking software provider globally, we create and supply a wide range of services, including application development, product upgrades, customized software, testing, and application services.

    ITSS is the leader in full-stack development, managed services, and cloud migration.

    • Use Temenos platform-specific system integration for transformative digital and core banking solutions
    • They emphasize the retail, corporate, and wealth verticals.
    • Leading the fintech and banking industries’ digital transformation,
    • They use Temenos Digital Front Office to drive customer-centric procedures 
    • They give banks a competitive edge in implementing more humanized banking practices.


    Among the best accounting programs is Intuit QuickBooks.There are three distinct editions of this program available: pro, premium, and enterprise. Large industries that need all-in-one packages for accounting, reporting, sales, inventory, purchase, payroll, and accounts payable & receivable frequently utilize QuickBooks Online. Multiple consolidation entries allow access to multiple firms for a single organization at the same time.

    • Automatic payment reminders: notify the client when their invoices are about to be paid.
    • adds the PO number to the letter subject, saving the client time.
    • Quick and easy administration
    • of quick observations of the documents

    TallyPrime 4.0

    With Tally Prime, you can create bilingual reports and invoices in both Arabic and English. TallyPrime allows the user to automatically reconcile bank statements with books of accounts. A comprehensive automated report on sales orders, outstanding payments, stock analysis, and payment administration is available to the user.

    • Create an invoice in many languages.
    • One-time login Switch users without modifying content Access from any location at any time
    • makes using a login and password easier
    • Taking on multiple tasks at once
    • GOTO function
    • Inventory control

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      ERPNext in KSA is a user-friendly, cost-effective, all-inclusive, and powerful solution. It can be hosted on their servers, on the user’s server, or even on a mobile device by utilizing a mobile app. It might be hosted on-site or in the cloud. Also, satisfied customers in more than 150 countries trust it. It is a sizable ERP system with support for more than 30 languages that helps businesses efficiently handle all types of company activity.

      ERPNext in various domains

      • ERPNext Retail
      • ERPNext Healthcare
      • ERPNext Agriculture
      • ERP for the Manufacturing Industry


      Zoho Books is accounting software in KSA that complies with VAT regulations and allows users to track inventory, send invoices, manage expenses, and create accounting reports. With the aid of this program, you may quickly establish an account and maintain the necessary financial flow. Using Zoho books, business managers may simply file their taxes.

      • Make wise financial decisions, automate tasks, keep track of spending, and be paid on time.
      • Make use of the advanced integrations, analytics, customization, and multi-currency features.
      • A network of knowledgeable accountants to simplify money and manage records.

      Arabian Software

      At Arabian Software, their almost ten-year history serves as a reminder of the positive experiences we’ve had thus far. Their 99.9% success rate as an award-winning Zoho One partner stems from our catchphrase, “serve better,” which serves as a gentle reminder even during the midst of an incredibly enjoyable event. A group of committed, tech-savvy, and professional individuals with expertise in finance and software development are always ready. They are expanding quickly because they are dedicated to “doing it well if it is worth doing.”

      • Implementation of cloud ERP services for digital transformation
      • Whole-life ERP deployment
      • CRM deployment
      • HRM application
      • Implementation of financial applications
      • Industry-specific creation of business applications


      Oracle is a cloud technology company that offers software and computer infrastructure to businesses worldwide so they may innovate, increase efficiencies, and function more effectively. To better organize and safeguard the data of their clients, they also built the first and only autonomous database in history.

      • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides cost savings, increased security, and improved performance. 
      • Companies can easily shift workloads between on-premises systems and the cloud, as well as among the cloud, on-premises systems, and other clouds by designing it to be simple.
      • Oracle Cloud applications give corporate executives access to cutting-edge tools that support their ability to innovate, achieve sustainable growth, and build resilience. 


      The goal of wave accounting is to help companies make bookkeeping more efficient. Wave offers bank reconciliation tools to assist companies in managing all master data in real time, improving company accuracy and efficiency.

      • Personalized chart of accounts
      • Monitoring the progress of invoices
      • Bring in bank statements

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