The best CRM for nonprofits in 2023

By | July 25, 2023

CRM software is a powerful component that can streamline and simplify all of your operations and contacts in one location to have a genuine social impact, even though nonprofit organizations sometimes neglect the need for it. We’ll go into more detail on the value of CRM software for nonprofit organizations in this blog. Also, we will look into the top characteristics you should look for in a non-profit CRM and how to pick the best CRM for nonprofit in 2023. 

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Additionally, we’ll showcase how Elatesoft CRM can be an ideal tool in 2023 that will let your non-profit manage donations, personalize interactions with sponsors, and assess the success of marketing initiatives all from a single place.

What is Non-profit CRM software?

Non-profit organizations employ CRM software that is specifically developed to handle the interaction between non-profits and constituencies such as contributors, volunteers, and members. Non-profit CRM software aids in luring in and keeping members who are eager to contribute financially or through volunteering. Employees at non-profits who are in charge of fundraising, marketing, public relations, or outreach typically utilize this type of software. Managers use non-profit CRM to monitor the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives and gauge the participation of their members in various events.

Criteria for CRM for Non-profit

A product has to meet certain criteria to be eligible for the Non-profit CRM category.

  • Offer tools for creating, managing, and tracking marketing campaigns.
  • Include lead management features to organize your marketing campaigns.
  • Provide members and donors with online portals so they can manage their profiles, make donations, or sign up for events.
  • Encourage constituents to communicate with you using their chosen ways (email, phone, social media)
  • Manage a constituent’s profile information and their participation in fundraisers or activities.

Features to look for when choosing the best CRM for NGOs.

Automation of work

Users may automate tasks and save hours each week by using the correct CRM solution. When the CRM system you’re using offers automation as a major feature. Difficult tasks that require time and resources can be completed without much effort.

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    Reminders for tasks and contact information

    Building relationships and keeping track of the relevant data is crucial if you want to grow your donation base. With solid CRM software, you can easily manage both existing and potential donors while staying on top of every one of your donors as they develop. A CRM system streamlines the process of contacting new contacts and facilitates relationship management.

    Access and storage of data

    As previously indicated, dissatisfaction is a typical side effect of not having rapid and easy access to information when needed. It is crucial to be able to keep and retrieve donor information at any time, regardless of how big or small your organization is. In addition to keeping all relevant information, a CRM system will make it simple to obtain it in an emergency.

    Data analysis and reporting

    Of course, analytics and reporting capabilities are essential to any CRM system. Features include:

    • Tools for managing, creating, and evaluating marketing campaigns
    • the administration of donor contributions and profile information
    • the addition of lead management features to organize marketing initiatives

    List of the best CRM for Non-profit Organizations


    Bitrix24 is an online workspace with 35+ business tools, including the most potent CRM in the world that can handle anything from lead generation to creating invoicing.


    Kindful Solution is designed to link the tools you employ. Along with financial information, email performance data will be displayed. This will give you a clearer view of which constituents need nurturing and which are willing to contribute. Additionally, a developer can connect their apps to an open, flexible API, allowing you to see everything in one location.

    Elatesoft CRM:

    Non-profit organizations use CRM software to track and analyze client contacts. They also provide reports that show what factors are driving sales growth or decline. They will be better able to judge and decide for the advancement of your business as a result.

    Elate CRM is a CRM tool designed specifically for non-profit organizations to promote the growth of client connections throughout the whole client experience. It includes tools for sales communication as well as statistics for growing teams.

    Maximize your reach through donors

    Reach your fundraising targets quicker: Easily plan, monitor, and launch fundraising initiatives.

    Obtain, plan, and involve volunteers: Create a rewarding volunteer experience that boosts retention and is ultimately advantageous to the organization.

    Keep track of information easily: Keep track of any pertinent information, such as the donation type, the donation amount, the tax deduction for each donation, the donor, and so forth.

    Relationships: Keep a record of the connections that the contributors and the organizations have with one another.

    Donor Records: Make sure to keep external documents like Word files, PDFs, Excel sheets, and so on.

    Integrations: The CRM works with Mailchimp, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Excel, Outlook, and Gmail.

    How can Elatesoft CRM be ideal for your Non-profit business?

    The CRM software for Non-profits will guarantee that you can keep a systematic record of all of your clients and future donors and will remind you to get in touch with them via emails, calls, texts, and social media.

    This ensures that you have positive donor relations, which will boost the value and reputation of your business. You may use the best CRM software for both small and large enterprises, and it can help you develop a clientele of happy clients and boost your revenue.

    You may set up automatic reminders with Elate CRM, for instance, to be notified once grants are accepted, when particular fundraising targets are met, and more.


    It requires a lot of planning, dedication, and hard work to run a non-profit. There are countless tasks on your to-do lists, from organizing peer-to-peer fundraisers to effectively marketing your internet campaigns. With the fully customized Elate CRM, you can make the most of your time and resources to have the biggest possible influence on your organization. Utilize Elate CRM to streamline operations, create social change, and increase the influence of your non-profit organization. With Elate CRM, you can transform your data into insightful learnings that will help you better understand your donors.