Tally Prime’s Simplified Security and User Management System

By | July 25, 2023

Tally Prime’s Simplified Security and User Management System

Business in UAE requires many managements comprising banking, payroll, inventory and taxation. Managing everything manually is a complex task and may lead to mistakes and errors. TALLY PRIME UAE comes with the solution of business management software for all types of business. While managing the data, there is always a fear of losing the information. Many entrepreneurs hesitate to automate the business due to data leakage and loss of data.

Tally prime UAE gives several measures to ensure the security of the business data that include:

  • Access to your data is restricted with multiple user levels and different security management.
  • TALLY VAULT ensures strong encryption of the business data which no one can break
  • We can create multiple security levels and provide them the access according to their role and responsibilities
  • Offers security framework for authentication, integrity, authorization and confidential of data

Two levels of security are mainly offered in TALLYPRIME which are owner and data entry operator.

Tally Prime’s Simplified Security and User Management System


When you are with user access, you can access all the data, create users and assign rights to them accordingly. For example, the owner can create a user called an accountant and give access to all the data. You can also view the modifications a user has added to the business data.

The owner also has the right to disallow the rights of the user. For example, if a user called operator has been given access to record the daily reports while creating. Anytime the owner has the power to disallow the operator the right to record daily reports.

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    In data entry operator, can record vouchers and access are limited to the data. The rights of the operator is always decided by the owner.

    The highlights of the security management framework are stated below:

    Single Sign-On

    UAE is a country of opportunity that is open to all kinds of business. There is always a possibility for extending your business and opening multiple branches. Hence, it Is important to keep track of all the data. Business owners detest complications to manage their everyday tasks. TALLY UAE comes in hand to offer the single sign-on solution. The owner can access the information of multiple companies using the same credential. For example, if a business maintains multiple companies, the same username and password can be used to access the information instead of providing credentials every time.

    While logging to the first company, you have to provide the username and password. The one-time login is enough to access the data of all the companies. After validating the user, the data can be easily accessed. This feature is useful when you have multiple companies to work on.

    Switch user without changing the content

    TALLYPRIME UAE allows user to create a password, define security levels and more feature to protect your company data. The admin/owner has the right to give access and permissions to other users. In previous versions, when you have to check if the right access is given to the user, you have to close the company, reopen and log in to verify the access right provided. TALLYPRIME UAE provides a solution with a change user option that gives the credential of different users and the company details are changed when login is done.

    Another feature is switch user. At the time of passing a voucher, you may notice to add a new item that you don’t have access to. In this case, using switch user you can request a user who has the access to login through their credential and add the new item.

    Anywhere anytime secure access

    In the growing technology, most of the work has become remote and virtualized. Business software needs to access anywhere anytime. The owner will always have the fear of the security of the data. TALLYPRIME UAE provides you the ability to view the reports in the comfort of your browser and always assures that your data is safe and secure. The framework also assures the remote access of the application to a certain number of users so that your business is always flowing consistently without stopping.

    Overall simplified experience while setting users/ passwords

    TALLY Dubai is designed is provide you a secured experience of handling business. Earlier if you have to access any security-related operation, the user has to go to company alteration but tally prime provides access to all the security-related operations from the top menu. This feature makes the job of a user easier. Based on the user role in the company, the administrator can provide the access to the user that is predefined in the software.

    Require an all-in-one accounting software to manage and increase your business efficiency? TALLYPRIME UAE is the best software solution that caters to all your needs.