Strategic Recommendations for ERP in UAE

By | December 30, 2023

Success in today’s ever-changing business environment depends on staying ahead of the curve. Enterprise resource planning or ERP solutions have been essential in helping companies of all kinds develop, increase efficiency, and streamline operations.

It’s critical to look forward and predict the ERP developments that will influence business software as 2024 draws near. We’ll talk about these developments in this blog post and how the top ERP software provider in Dubai, Oman, and Abu Dhabi, Penieltech’s Elate ERP Software Solutions, is leading the way in ERP software innovation.

By 2024, businesses will have invested billions of dollars in ERP software. Here are some suggestions for strategic planning regarding ERP selection and implementation if you will be one of them.


ERP Software’s Evolution

ERP software has changed over time, moving from conventional on-premises systems to cloud-based platforms that offer enterprises increased scalability, flexibility, and affordability. We should anticipate that this tendency will continue through 2024. With improved security, real-time analytics, and smooth connection with other software solutions, cloud ERP solutions will only get more advanced.

The greatest software business in Abu Dhabi, Elate ERP Software understands the importance of cloud ERP. We guarantee that businesses may access their vital data on any device, at any time, anywhere, because of our state-of-the-art ERP software. Decision-makers are better equipped to make wise decisions and spur company expansion because of this accessibility.

What’s new regarding ERP

Cloud structure

Although cloud ERP is not new, late adopters are beginning to use it. In 2024, it is projected that 75% of ERP software purchases will be SaaS-based. Businesses are using cloud ERP because it offers advantages including security, innovation, and business future-proofing.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

AI is a must-discussion topic while discussing the latest advancements in any technology. Real use cases for AI have replaced the hype phase of the technology. Fortune 500 firms have strong acceptance rates for AI, although they still have lower rates of large-scale use. There will be a sharp surge in the number of businesses implementing and growing AI by 2024. CEOs today think AI will save operating expenses, automate manual jobs, and boost efficiency.

Industry preparedness and Customization

The ultimate goal should never be a highly customized or modified ERP; yet, modern ERP technology allows the business to make use of features unique to your sector. Additionally, modern ERP simplifies integrations and lets you customize it to meet your company’s needs.

Optimal ERP procedures that are still applicable

The use of tried-and-true best practices in the selection and implementation of ERP remains unchanged. For anyone thinking of taking on an ERP project, contact Penieltech for expert consultants.

Explaining the business requirements

It’s critical to define and record your organization’s business case for a new ERP. Determining the internal participants for the project is the second crucial step. Who will oversee the project, who are the key players, and who makes up the project team?

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    Making use of important selection criteria

    Choosing new ERP software is a big undertaking. It takes a lot of time and calls for both internal and external cooperation. When assessing an ERP system, have a look at our list of the top 10 ERP selection criteria.

    Applying a technique for implementation

    Our project methodology, in addition to our highly skilled team, is the main factor that has enabled us to oversee hundreds of successful ERP installs. It is essential to have an implementation technique that is adaptable to your company’s requirements.

    Locating a trustworthy ERP partner

    Recognize that every ERP partner has a unique area of expertise, therefore choose a partner who shares your values on the most crucial aspects of your ERP project’s success as well as your overall IT and business strategy.

    What are the main challenges preventing us from getting a good return on our investment?

    There are several possible obstacles in the way of realizing the ROI we anticipate, but by using best practices for implementation, we can reduce these risks.

    We may accomplish our objectives, for instance, by taking the time to record our business processes as they are now and will be in the future, dealing with change resistance skillfully, and creating a plan for realizing benefits.

    We need to make sure the proper ERP experts are assisting us to further reduce risk.

    What about change management?

    You’re right that forcing staff to adjust is one strategy. But that’s limited in scope.

    Employee resistance to change may not be intentional or conscious, but if change management isn’t done well, the changes may be so significant that workers won’t be able to understand them or adjust to them.

    For this reason, basic end-user training alone won’t be enough in our change management strategy. Along with a plethora of other tasks, we also need to include communications, change effect talks, training material customization, and many other things.

    Wrapping Up

    Careful planning is necessary to ensure a successful ERP selection and implementation. You must establish your project’s objectives and organizational goals, unite stakeholders around them, and persuade executives that an ERP implementation or business transformation is the most effective way to meet these objectives.

    Long before you buy a new system, Elate ERP experts can assist you in achieving alignment and developing support for your project. Inquire below for a free consultation with one of our specialists.