SAGE 300 ERP that transformed SAGE as a Company and evolved over the years as a Hybrid ERP.

By | July 25, 2023

Whether it is budgeting, forecasting, or modeling for your company, you will need historical data and projections, so you can devise a strategy to overcome obstacles and maximize opportunities in upcoming quarters.  There are a number of software solutions for Sage 300 customers that dramatically expand your budgeting abilities, whether you design something yourself, rely on native Sage 300 capabilities or a third party budgeting tool.

Let’s start by pinpointing some of the main characteristics that should be avoided when selecting the right tool.  Maybe this is a given, but ease of use should be your number one priority.  Despite how commonsensical it may seem, there are marketplace offerings that do not make planning processes easier and more manageable.  Considering how often I hear about the tedium of budgeting processes, a planning solution should provide you accounting logic, a process that is efficient, and reusable budgeting templates.  Streamlining your planning tasks is really important when it comes to the requisite teamwork for a complete budget or forecast.

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    Solver’s BI360 is the real deal in terms of being fully integrated as a comprehensive BI suite.  BI360 offers third generation Excel add-in functionality, but is a hybrid because it also provides Web accessibility in planning.  End users can easily and securely collaborate in crafting templates you can reuse – both in Excel and on the Web.  You can go the Cloud-hosted route with various providers for Sage 300.  Because Excel drives both the add-in and the Web interface experience, implementation is typically more manageable for the business end user.  BI360 is only about six years old, and its modernity is obvious with today’s capabilities: multi-year budgeting and rolling forecasts, a Web portal, and other consumer-driven functionality for business user friendly, team-oriented, and secure budgeting.  Finally, mid-market companies can afford the solution, but pricing could serve as its own separate article.

    As you wade further into shopping around for the right budgeting tool for your team, you will likely have questions, but this article should give you a head start, so you can soon implement a solution that helps to streamline and turbo charge the collaborative process of financial planning.  Solver would be happy to answer questions and generally review BI360’s easy-to-use Planning solution for collaborative, streamlined decision-making capabilities for Sage 300 customers.