Medical Certificate for Sick Leave in UAE

By | February 9, 2024

What is a medical certificate in UAE?

A medical certificate is a crucial document that a doctor or other healthcare professional issues. It attests to the fact that a person has been evaluated and is either medically ill or damaged. This document often lists the condition(s) of the illness or injury and recommends a period of rest or time off from work or education. It acts as formal documentation that employers or educational institutions might use to support a worker’s absence for medical reasons.

Medical Certificate for Sick Leave in UAE

What is a Sick leave?

The time an employee is permitted to miss work due to illness is known as sick leave. The employee intends to use this time to heal from a medical ailment or recuperate from an illness. Recognizing that employees occasionally need to prioritize their health without the extra stress of job commitments, employers give sick leave as part of employee perks. Employees can concentrate on receiving the care and rest they need to ensure a quick recovery while on sick leave.

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    Why Does Taking Sick Leave Need a Medical Certificate?

    Is that anything the employer requires?

    Yes, in most cases a medical certificate is required for sick leave. Employers ask for this certification for several important reasons. 

    • Before granting a request for a leave of absence, employers must confirm that the worker is indeed ill and unable to perform their job duties. 
    • By taking time off when they are not ill, employees can help prevent the abuse of sick leave.
    • It can assist in shielding the company from responsibility if a worker has an injury while on sick leave.
    • Ensuring that workers aren’t infecting their coworkers with infectious diseases can be beneficial.

    Is it necessary as per UAE Labour Law?

    Yes, an employee has a maximum of three days to tell their employer of a sickness, as stipulated by Article 31 of the UAE Labour Law. and turn in a medical report from a medical organization detailing their illness.

    In addition to the UAE Labour Law, various other legislations in the UAE regulate sick leave. For instance, the Ministry of Health and Prevention must certify the medical certificate of every employee taking more than five days of sick leave, according to a guideline enforced by the Dubai Health Authority.

    Does it increase the possibility of acceptance?

    Yes, you can improve your chances of getting accepted for sick leave by including a medical certificate with your request. This is because it demonstrates to your employer that you are treating your illness seriously and that you are working towards recovery.

    Under what circumstances is a medical certificate valid?

    There are several situations in which you can get a medical certificate for sick leave. Among the most typical conditions are:

    • The flu or the common cold
    • Other respiratory conditions like bronchitis or pneumonia
    • digestive disorders like food poisoning or gastroenteritis
    • Muscle and bone injuries, like sprains and strains
    • Chronic conditions like asthma or diabetes
    • Mental health issues include depression and anxiety
    • See your physician or the human resources office if you are unclear if you require a medical certificate to take sick time.

    In the UAE, How to Get a Medical Certificate for Sick Leave?

    In the UAE, you must see a licensed healthcare provider, such as a doctor or physician, to obtain a medical certificate for sick leave. You will then need to undergo a medical examination and acquire a legal document detailing your ailment and how it affects your capacity to work. This certificate is the formal record that your employer needs to confirm your sickness and grant your request for sick time.

    Healthcare professionals who hold a license to provide medical care can issue sick leave medical certificates, such as:

    Hospitals: General hospitals, specialty hospitals, and hospital-based clinics can provide medical certificates.

    Physicians: Hospitals, private clinics, and individual physician’s offices can also provide medical certificates.

    Government Health Centres: Additionally, public health facilities run by the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) or the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) can provide medical certifications.

    The UAE allows any licensed healthcare provider to provide a medical certificate for sick leave. They must guarantee the authenticity and correctness of the credentials they issue by rules and professional ethics.

    What does UAE Labour Law say about Sick Leaves?

    Per Article 65 of the UAE Labour Law, employees receive entitlement to up to ninety days of sick leave annually. You may take intermittent or continuous leave throughout this time.

    Illness or accident entitles an employee to sick leave if it prevents them from working. It includes conditions concerning one’s physical and mental health.

    If an employee requires more sick days than the ninety days permitted by law, they may be entitled to take additional unpaid leave. But the employer has the last say on this.

    Is it possible to cash in sick leave or does it carry over to the following year?

    Sick leave does not carry over to the following year, sorry. Unused sick leave is forfeited at year’s end. The following table lists all of the UAE’s employees’ rights to sick leave: 

    For the first 15 days, the employee gets the full salary. The next 30 days are half-pay. For the remaining 45 days there is no pay.

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