Article: HRMS and Payroll Software in a Nutshell

By | July 25, 2023

In several organizations, 80% of the HR department’s time is spent dealing with employee information and answering questions. The HR manager faces a dilemma on whether to spend more time improving the overall work environment for the employees or assist the organization finds ways to save on workforce-related costs, finding better talent, and improving existing talent through training and development process. But most of the days they are trapped in just doing paperwork which drains most of the available time and energy by reducing the efficiency of the organization.

This is where HRMS software and payroll software come into the picture. HRMS system helps in simplifying and optimizing human resources management in ever-developing ways. By choosing HRMS and Payroll software solution that works well with your operations, can best manage its talent, keeping employees happy and motivating productivity. Efficient HRMS and Payroll software caters to their needs by automating the processes of the HR life cycle; including talent acquisition, Leave management, Time Tracking, essential accounting, and performance management by eliminating the manual work of organizational activities.

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    Want to Switch to HRMS and Payroll Software?

    Companies who want to follow the expansion will have to implement these sooner or later. The question is why companies must do it sooner rather than later. Though there is awareness about HRMS and Payroll Software, often the urgency with which the necessity to be implemented is ignored. Usually, this skepticism arises from a belief that such software is too costly to be implemented. 

    If the direct costs such as salaries of employees involved in payroll are taken into consideration, the HRMS & Payroll software seems to be expensive. But if the costs are taken collectively like direct and indirect costs such as server cost, stationery cost, telephone cost, and secondary expenses involved in it, and then it will be far more cost-effective.

    Smaller organizations or start-ups need HRMS and Payroll Software as much as a large organization does. HRMS or Payroll implementation early on can drive a company towards a more organized work atmosphere and save time for its HR to look into things it should. 

    Before choosing this software the company should be clear what a company wants out of software. One important point is to study the module of the HRMS and Payroll software one is opting for. The module of the HRMS should preferably cover manpower ledge, recruitment process, induction process, attendance management, leave management, loan and advance management, income tax management, performance appraisal, training management, employee exit management, etc. Similarly, payroll software should offer incorporated bio metric attendance, salary computation, compensation management, leave management, management of arrears, management of disbursements, bonus, gratuity, etc.

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