How to Import transactions into QuickBooks from Excel

By | July 25, 2023

Excel Import tool for QuickBooks- Elate QB Addins excel import tool allows seamless flow of the data into the QuickBooks from excel spreadsheet saving hours of data entry and reducing errors for the user

Elate QB Addins import tool has capability to import all transaction data from purchase bills, sales invoices, payments, receipts, credit notes, debit notes, journals, quotations, purchase order , sales order etc. into the QuickBooks with a click of button. All the data gets seamlessly ported in appropriate vouchers inside the QuickBooks application.

  • Open the QuickBooks database file.
QuickBooks Import Tools
  • Login into the QB Addins application by providing the authenticated username and password.
  • Click on the import button on the top menu and choose the appropriate voucher.
QuickBooks Import Tools Excel
  • Select the excel template you wish to upload.
QuickBooks Import Tools UAE
  • Example choose tax invoice and click select file to choose the excel template and click OK.
QuickBooks Import Tools Dubai

It will start populating all the transactions in the excel template and then the user can click on insert button to upload the transactions directly into QuickBooks. Once completed it will also display the total number of records that have been uploaded.